Baby is bitchy as hell today. Liz and I are both frazzled.
Be sure to take a couple minutes and check out the Xmas train spread for this year. I know, you just wanna look at the baby, but do it anyway. I think it was our best ever.
Christmas pictures are going online now. Invites will be emailed shortly. I trust Elizabeth will forward invites to wherever I miss, as usual.
Chloe turns 6 months old today!
The baby can finally roll over. She's been doing it for a week now, actually.
Today is Elizabeth's birthday!
Check it: ))(((())()()))))

Thanks for the keyboard!
Christmas is very long and very difficult on the other side.
NORAD just reported that Santa hit Jersey. Hope all the good boys there were in bed!
Been tough to watch Elizabeth do all of her holiday baking by hand ;]
Santa just arrived at Cape Canaveral. BG made it to bed with just 15 minutes to spare!

NORAD Tracks Santa

Just a reminder that Santa has already began his voyage. Here's a link to the NORAD site:

More Santa tech

How Santa executes landings in bad weather at the North Pole:
BG squealed with delight when she got up and found Diane's new stuffed doggie on the couch this morning.
In case anyone hadn't noticed yet, Steam is doing its annual holiday sale on everything. You girls will probably want to check the "Indie" category.
Oooo! The PS1 version of Wing Commander IV just showed up on PSN for $6.
The baby seems back to her usual bouncing, upside down self this morning.
Chloe seems to have hacked into Mom's email in order to send ecards. Gonna have to warn Mom to change her password.

How & Why NORAD tracks Santa

It all began with a call on the "red phone" from a little kid. Amazing article:
Everybody loves a baby in a Santa hat. I don't think its possible to spread more Xmas joy than taking a baby to the grocery store with that little red & white cap.

See Norway by Train. From Your Laptop.

The Norwegian broadcasting company does it again! I love these people and their embrace of the future.
The baby's sick. 3hr screaming fits striking at random. Took her to the doctor, but that was useless. We're between insurance plans too, so $65 out the window. Seems like some kind of stomach trouble.
Love those new pop top aluminium cans, but can't they get these things to stack right?
Last night was actually a lot of fun. Kat and her boyfriend visited, Elizabeth made pizza, and we played some Rock Band. Been quite a while since I had a full 4 piece band together. Even Chloe throttled back on her 4 day streak of teething terror.

I think that hour nap in the afternoon helped me out too.
Just sneezed and scared the crap out if the baby, causing her to cry.
The AC may not be as bad as I thought. Turning up the fan speed [usually on low] seemed to help. It also may be might just need a recharge according to my research.
The baby's a total nutjob all week. She's frantic & teething. Don't have time to write much.
The baby is trying really hard to crawl today. Never seen her quite so determined.

VZ Media Manager Update

This might be what's new. Still have not found official readme.

Also coming up with version 1.7 is bidirectional side-loading of devices. What the frak is that? Verizon FiOS already lets you browse media (videos, music and photos) from computers on your home network; now you'll be able to browse media on devices attached to those computers via USB ? portable media players, cameras, phones or whatever. There's no software to install, no delay; just plug them in and they'll show up in your FiOS Media Manager menu.

Babies should not watch TV

American Acadamy of Pediatrics recommends no TV for children under the age of 2 and only 1/2 hour for kids over 2. Period. Anything else is an excuse. I'm sick of debating this point. There are mountains of research on this topic; More than most other things I look into. Am I gonna follow this? Nope, but I'm sick of arguing the point. Its not okay to watch together. Its not okay to watch a little. NO TV. Get it? Do I need to print out the studies?

eBook on sale this morning

Newegg has the Jetbook lite on sale for $117 for AM Shell Shocker. Linky.
New pics added to Chloe @ 6mos album
Try getting me on Google chat before MS messenger. The Google window pops up, but IM does not
Oh, and teething. Lots of baby teething pains.

Too Much Drama

I'm not up to being social right now. Between the hollidays, court case, and latest kid drama, I'm kinda... socialed out.
Fed the baby oatmeal on my own today. Not as hard as Elizabeth makes it look ;]

Shopping List Update

Need to add cotton balls to shopping list

Hot Deal Today Only

Photoworks is offering their mugs with personalized photos for $5 with free shipping after applying coupon code 5DOLLARMUG

Slappy the Clue-by-4

Repost from 11/4. Don't make me keep posting it:

Ya know, its kinda funny to have to explain myself when its just Mom, Liz, and Brandon here, but... whatever.

Just like how most of what I say should be taken with a wink and a smile, so it is with my writing as well.

Newegg has a 1.5TB external Western Digital drive for $90!

Verizon Response re: DMCA notices

Not official, but the best summary I've seen so far:

"Dont forget. For Verizon, this is really not a change. Verizon is not monitoring your usage. They are not tracking anything. All that is happening is that the RIAA notifies Verizon that there is a violator using a Verizon IP address. The RIAA will send a warning letter to Verizon and then Verizon will forward that letter to the offender. BUT will NOT share the offenders information with the RIAA. They have been doing this for years. The only change is in the test market, is that they are sending a more strongly worded letter. And all the threats of cancelation and other "penalties" that the RIAA wants included have been removed because Verizon does not want to play the roll of "Internet Monitor". It is too expensive to monitor and manage this type of system and none of the ISP's want to fork out the money to do so. The RIAA wants ISP's to start booting customers off the networks for infringements and Verizon and the other ISP's are not willing to do this, so Verizon offered the compromise to send a more "strongly worded" letter. Nothing is changing. This has already been happening since the demise of the original Napster."
Gotta yell at Liz for putting baby clothes that were too small on the changing table. It was a miracle I got the baby's fat ass into those pants, but it sure isn't going to say there.
Tylenol given@ 10
It does now appear that Verizon is sending DMCA violation letters on behalf of the MPAA as well as the RIAA. Verizon has stated that they will not be revealing user's information to these organizations and there is currently no threat of disconnection for repeat offenders.
BGs been up with teething pains since 4AM. Liz took the bullet on this one.
I can NOT get the baby put to bed anymore. Elizabeth can practically drop her into bed from 3 stories high and be fine, but she just will not stay asleep for me these days.
Added pics to Chloe@6mo.s album. Now with Xmas Snuggley action! Specially taken for Mom :}
Secret Thanksgiving went perfectly. Turkey: perfect. Easiest smoking/grilling ever. Sides: perfect. Homemade cherry pie: perfect. Even BG was great today [and mercifully slept through all of dinner].

So nice for things to right. Been a long, long time.
The turkey smoking began at 6AM today. Thing are going surprisingly smooth. Did as much setup work as possible last night. It was a miracle the thing lit on the first try. The real trick is to keep it going for 10-12hrs tho. Never fight with a charcoal smoker. SO not worth it.
BG's sick. Nothing serious. Just a cold.
Okay, so maybe I've cut back, rather than cut out, the swearing
Another thing to consider: Most people have 9 months to come to terms with having a baby. I had 1 day notice and have been a parent for less than 5 months. And not just a normal parent, but the full-tilt stay at home kind. I also have to live with the fact that she's being taken away. I think about a lot of stuff, but this is one scenario that has never even crossed my mind. It certainly calls for a lot of soul searching. When your closest point of reference is '3 Men and a Baby' your some deep shit.

Maybe I should be on the lookout for gangsters...
I don't get the "flying fig" colloquialism [thank god for spell check]. I mean, wouldn't a flying fig be extremely valuable?

Thanksgiving Epilogue

So let's touch on the Thanksgiving rant-a-thon briefly while I listen to the baby snoring on the monitor.

We run a full service blog here at Da Toad's Pad. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll roll your eyes. Who am I addressing? No one, usually [or perhaps everyone]. I usually keep and internal monologue going. This is simply an extension of that. I've never really cared about my public image, and certainly don't give a flying fig now. Sometimes I'm deep, sometimes I'm funny, usually I'm just a tech obsessed geek. This is just me, take it or leave it. At least you know where I stand. The only concession I've made has been to cut out the swearing because of Brandon.

Do I want to talk about it? Meh, not really. I feel like I already have. Your free to ask tho. I think I responded to Mom's direct query on The new Prisoner series with "I think I've said everything I need to say". I don't mean offense. It just takes while to put these blog posts down [especially with the little knee bouncer] that it can feel like I've already discussed something ad nauseum.

Seems like a good time to point out a feature you may not be aware of: At the bottom of both the blog entries as well as the news, there is a link that will take you to older posts.
New baby pics are up and added to new album "Chloe at 6months". Link added to sidebar. Sarah took the Thanksgiving pictures, so we will probably never see them.
How much does Gamestop suck this week? Let's take a look at their latest deal:

Shop at Gamestop and get a coupon for $5 off of $25 at PAYLESS SHOES!
After all my bitchinng about the baby, I find myself hoping I have her through Xmas. Of course, even if I did have Xmas, I wouldn't. The kids would be here and I'd get pushed to the sidelines.

Lose/Lose situation...
Somebody REALLY doesn't want to take a nap today. Hint: Its not me.
Don't know if this is a new low, but newegg now has a 1.5TB drive for $90! Pure awesome!
Babies and thunderstorms just don't mix. Kinda shocked this hasn't come up before.
I heard the cat throw up, but can't seem to find it. These are the times that try men's souls...
My shoulders and knees are killing me. The baby is getting heavy. We were up 3-5AM last night.
Read an article on what reviewers complained about in the latest Prince of Persia game. Seems that if your a hero whose a whiney asshat people still hate you.

...bad news for Granpop ;}
I think its dog tired because dogs used to work. Cats never did.

Dog Tired

Don't expect much here today. BG was up 2:30-4:30 AM.

Don't understand the expression "dog tired". "Cat tired" seems more appropriate.

Chloe Level Up

Its the 30th. Chloe is 5 months old today. Time to level up.

Chloe has learned to sit up and earned 650XP. She has is now a level 5 Newborn and gains 3 skill points. She has allocated 2 points to Speech [she's loud now!] and 1 point to Locomotion. Chloe gets to choose 1 perk @ lvl5 and chooses "Toe Sucker".


$17 on Amazon lightning deal.
BG is pushy and pissed off today. Cammi is back home after a 1hr drive each way.

Be thankful I still have all my limbs. Isn't that supposed to be the mantra of the day?
Ya know, I'm not the first guy to lose the lifestyle he loved on a roll of the dice either. Maybe I should just shut the hell up and roll with it; Be glad I still have all my limbs.

Sucks everyone has to read this upside down.
Ya remember that guy in the Twilight Zone who just wanted to read books all the time? It's really no different. Only the format has changed.

Confessions of a Small, Petty ManChild

Yeah, I know how petty is sounds. I try not to lie to myself [or anyone] that I'm some super guy. I try to do the right thing, even while bitching about it; but come on! I chose not to go down this road. I was happy living my pointless, little petty life. Yeah, sure, sometimes I get a little down that I'll be left alone and forgotten on my death bed but that's just the end of the life I wanted to lead. I didn't want to give up everything to further the next generation. I liked what I did. It was nothing great [or even good], but I was happy.

I even tried to give back in my own way. I used to go Black Friday shopping at ToysR Us and pick up all the cheap stuff just to dump it in the Toys4Tots bin. I'd give money to pan handlers. I'm not a bad guy. I just don't want to give up my life for... I don't even really know what parents think. I don't care. I just wanna fix PCs and piss away the money on video games. I know most people would spit on this; Call me a waste of O2. That's okay. I make no apologies, no excuses. It was my choice.


...and at the end, I knew I'd have to lie in that bed I'd made. No excuses. But at least I would know how I got there. Regrets? Maybe. I can't say. Probably.

The Grateful Dead sand "I may be goin' to hell in a bucket, but at least I'm enjoying the ride"

I might not be a good guy, but I'm sure as hell not a bad guy either. Just not productive to society. Whatever that means. Whatever that's worth.

Totally just rambling now. Don't even know what the point was when I started writing this. Gonna go play a video game.
Missed a frickin' deal on a Dualshock3 controller for $30. Radio Shack went live early and they're all gone.
So baby1 is asleep in the back room and baby3 is in the Florida room. The kids are gone [surprise]. We're left with another fine mess [tm]. The last baby that spent the night here never left. I'm blowing a gasket.

Elizabeth asked what it takes for a mother to disown a child. I told her I didn't know and never thought about it because I never expected to be in this kind of position. Told her to call my mom and ask.

John overheard Sarah talking to a girl at work and saying she wants to have more kids. I'm ready to stroke out just typing that.
Ahhhhhhhhhh! A glass [or 3] of red wine and playing The Grateful Dead on my plastic guitar. These are the things I used to live for. The smell of turkey dinner is just gravy. Erm...pardon the pun.
Turkey in the oven as directed. Liz should be finishing lunch w/her mom and picking up kids. Got a guitar to work. Should have 1hr to myself :}
So that present deal on Amazon [see below]. Sold out instantly. I think it was only $10 less. Not gonna get into more on the blog.
Thanks to a Playstion 3 firmware update, my Nyko guitars for Rock Band no longer work :{
So I'm watching the video game lightning deals because they have Brutal Legend coming up [was $35 BTW. Passed. Was in if under $30] and I noticed they also have a DS game deal going live @ the same time. The DS game turns out the be 'the littlest pet shop'. Guess which one sold out first. Yep. Littlest Pet Shop :} Sold out almost instantly. Brutal Legend is still available.

Happyish Thanksgiving

Baby's been screaming bloody murder since 5am. Who the hell expects the people with a newborn baby to be making the dinner anyway...
NOW we're talking! Steam has the entire THQ games collection on sale. Red Faction series, Company of Heroes series, Titan Quest, Dawn of War series, Saints Row, STALKER, etc.
Cost of all games: $389.82
Bundle on sale for : $49.99

Nothing you guys would be interested in, but what a cool deal.

The Black Turkey

I haven't seen this for a couple years. This this the legendary Black Turkey recipe that circulated newsgroups looong before the internet, back when we all dialed into BBSs:

This is still a fantastic read as even the stuff you get drunk on while cooking is horribly complicated :}

An oldie, but a goody from before it was hip to be square.
I hope Amazon's just getting warmed up. Last year they had damn near everything @ crazy prices. This year...not so much. There are some great deals running up to %40 off, but they the prices are still kinda high.
So Big Lots has some great stuff on sale this holiday. Not so surprising. What did surprise me: Big Lots is open Thanksgiving day and having doorbuster specials.
We definitely need a new flapper for the toilet
Added 2 pics to Chloe @ 3mo. album. I figure at 5mo, I'll start a 6mo album and stuff misc. pics there.

Well, it made sense to me!
All 4 episodes of Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures for only $9.95. That's apparently a $25 savings. Don't know when it ends, but its for a limited time.
Plants vs Zombies is now $4.99 on Steam.
Chowder just did a "the cake is a lie" joke
Gamestop's B2G1 finally starts tomorrow. In slightly more shocking news, I couln't care less. Between coming up $20 short in trade credit, the baby, stress of the holiday, and that I have downloaded games I've not gotten to...
I just want to slap people who say "they grow up so fast"
BG is getting quite good at sitting, pushing over 20 seconds.


So now that we have a baby, do we have an excuse to get Kota?
Amazon has a 1.5TB drive on sale for $100!

Yeah, I know you're reading this upsidedown...

but, even that metaphorical music videos are full of FAIL. Shouldn't #2 have poured out the water in front of 6 AFTER he put the grenade in 6's mouth?

What's even the point anymore? Ooo, 6 saw [mystery something] working for a CCTV company and was snatched away...just like in 100 other movies. The original has 6 as a former secret agent who resigns and asks "What would happen to James Bond if he quit". Ironically, that's not even one of the comments on society the original series made; Its just the setup.

Oh, and I've only seen 2 out of the 6 episodes. I'm just gonna watch the last one and call it quits. Lets face facts, the ending of the original show, while artsy, sucked ass anyway.

The Prisoner Remake Review

Let's get this done. The new version of the Prisoner SUCKS. It fails on nearly every level. Do we really need to spend 10 minutes of every episode watching sand blow around while #6's interview with a Village shrink reduced to 2 lines. Why is #6 even paranoid that every one in The Village is an agent when he hasn't been betrayed yet? What is up with all the dialog being whispered? Worst of all, who let monkeys edit this thing together? The Prisoner was sometimes confusing because the plot demanded it. The new Prisoner is confusing because reality, flashbacks, and metaphorical music videos are randomly edited together.

This is a sham. They've taken a thoughtful, FUN, scifi [syfi?] series that is MORE relevant that when it was created and turned it into an amateur rip off of Twin Peaks with no soul. And edited by monkeys.
Just like the rest of the weekend, teething is bad :{
OK, I've posted about this before, but mom brought it up so:

BG's not a big fan of music. We only play recorded music once a week or so and try all the genre's I can think of [internet radio rules all!]. In the car she loves Bob Marley and Dire Straights. She is also a fan of punk rock oddly enough. Other than that, its just me singing made up songs about what we're doing [I actually have 2 ditties about burping]. The real songs I sing to her include:
three little birds: bob marley
here comes the sun: the beatles
the rock show: blink 182
pick me up before u go go: george michael

She's also pretty good about putting up with whatever I play in guitar hero/rock band because she likes the rhythmic clack-clack of the controller.
Chloe just pet the cat. Went well for a couple pats before she grabbed a lock of hair. Cat took it well.
Baby's got 4-5 teeth coming in now. Guess that's unusual. There are a lot of random wake-ups. Gotta find some way to clean up for Thanksgiving too...
Added Amazon Filler Finder to Deal Links in sidebar. This site will find a list of items on to buff out an order so you can get free shipping.

Elizabeth, did you get the free trial of Amazon Prime set up yet?

Anyone Need Plates?

16-piece Corelle Dinnerware Set $18
There is another big clearance at Gamefly. No PS3 stuff, so I'm out:
2 new things have really caught BG's attention this week: the cat and Guitar Hero controllers.

Coming out of the closet

Let me let you in on one of my darker gaming secrets. There is a type of crappy Wii games I just can't get enough of. Hint: Its "better than mama".

Yup. Cooking games. Love 'em. Shame I haven't seen a new one for a while other than Cooking Mama 3 (ironically, my least favorite series]
Turkey incoming! Now: to smoke or bake?
Sounds like a Cheech & Chong joke :}
Looks like the "verdict" was to move the court case down here. At least that's what we're being told today.
Gametap just updated again. It only took a browser restart to make it work again! Sub accounts are now back online as well.

PS3 in 3D!

Turns out that all PS3s will be getting a firmware upgrade that will allow the system to display games in 3d with the use of shutter glasses! All you need is a 3d capable TV!

Wait... What?
Elizabeth is PISSED. Seems that the kids want to move back in with her brother Carl "because he misses them and seems sad". Oh, and to save money for a lawyer in spite of the fact that a verdict has been rendered and they don't know what it means.

BTW, DCF Pinellas has nothing entered into their record keeping system re:this mysterious verdict. Sarah still has not forwarded anyone this enigmatic email that states there was a verdict.


Look, buy, borrow, or steal a Nintendo DS and play Scribblenauts! I'm only gonna go over this a few dozen more times.
Here's an interview for Elizabeth: Its Baiyon [composer/art:Pixeljunk Eden] talking with Takahashi [Katamari/Noby Noby].
BG is starting to reach for things this week. We've been learning to play with toys. There is even a rubber pacifier teething thing that she can [usually] use by herself.
WTF is it with everyone's printer dying right now?

Visualize This!

Turns out Elvis was a HUGE fan of Month Python's Holly Grail. He would regularly act out the fight w/the Black Knight.

Pop culture implosion!
DCF visit complete. Nothing new. False alarm. Just standard inspection.
I loved this line of minis when it was introduced several years ago, but I never dared to dream of the cavalry they've just released. Click the link to find out what the heck I'm talking about:
Something is going down in baby news. The kids claim that a judgment has been entered but they don't know what it means. Sarah has neglected to forward us the email from her lawyer. The DCF social worker is on her way over tonight to discuss what is going on.

New Baby Pics

5 new pictures added to Chloe @ 3months album on Picasa. Like the last batch, Elizabeth snapped them from the Blackberry and sent them to be to be emailed to Mom. Its easier to send 'em to Picasa, so... there ya go. Link in the sidebar
Sorry about not having much today and missing some chat requests. I'm exhausted from the weekend.

80s Sitcom Moment

I picked up Chloe and put her on my lap facing me. "Are we having a babyriffic morning? You 'talking' and playing with your toys. You happy today?"

She smiled and emptied her stomach all over the both of us.

Free Game

Ricochet Xtreme is for free! Ddownloadable game on Its a Breakout clone.
Gamestop's coupon this week? 20% off Gamecube games :rolleyes: Kicks to the crotch are 2-for-1!

BTW, my trade-in run got me almost $2 less than what I thought it would :{

Deal Alert is doing a "mega sale". All BluRay & DVDs are 40% off. Books & CDs are 30% off.

I've used 'em several times. They're a great company to deal with.
The baby's been up every night at 2am except for 1.
Its kinda depressing to see my gaming rig slowing being turned into a family communications center. I need another PC. That'll teach me to give 'em away ;]
Got our baby supply drop yesterday after all. It was just left on the porch. Box of diapers is cool, but 1 large can of formula is hardly the monthly windfall I'm used to seeing :[
Newegg now has a 1TB drive on sale for $85. This is getting unreal.
Added 4 pics from Elizabeth to Chloe @ 3months album. Link in the sidebar.
Oh, and don't loose any sleep over it. I know exactly how to handle these things.


Verizon will begin sending RIAA "copyright infringement" notices to alleged file sharers. If Verizon is now in the pocket of the RIAA, you can bet they'll also be selling out to the MPAA. Fortunately, I am a fan of software and the ESA can't afford to purchase politicians [at least not yet]. In the meanwhile, I'll be staying away from high profile "acquisitions" until we see where this goes. I'm also going to look into a private VPN service.

3 Liter Root Beer for $1?

Have you seen soda prices lately? They are asinine! I haven't had time to make soda like I used to. Imagine my interest when I found a 3 liter bottle of root beer in the $1 store. What does such cheap soda taste like? A lot like diet cream soda actually...
Its now 12:30 with no sign of the kids dropping off baby stuff "Thursday morning"
Tylenol given @ 11am.
BG slept through the night!
I love free Google stuff!

I was reading an article on Google new programming language and it occured to me that people don't know about one of my favorite Google services. This one doesn't even need a computer: 1-800-goog411!

Its just like calling information only smarter and free! You don't even have to pay if you let it connect you! Hit the link for details:
Dang baby girl loves that The Fratellis album!
BG was practicing sitting up when she fell baxkwards & scared the crap out of herself :}
don't even know what I'm typing anymore...
I think I'm about ready to apply for custody. Granted, this is the first baby supply run Sarah & John have missed, but its not like they've been spending much time with her anyway. So, here's the story:

Er, I mean the truth:

Chloe ran away. These things happen Que sera sera. But I have good news! Elizabeth & I secretly had a baby! I'd like everyone to meet Toffee Krutzler! She's a 15.5lb 4mo. old baby girl. Send presents! Sorry for the secrecy, just didn't want it to interfere with the DCF stuff.

And if anyone knows where I can pick up a social security number on the cheap, let me know. Its not related, of course.
Big poop, double poop, extra feeding, teething pain; We are most definitely looking at a growth spurt. Now seems a great time for me to... umm... go visit my grandmother. Yeah! That's it! So I'll be leaving for... um... Greece! Yeah, that's it!
Looks like its time to upgrade the diapers again. BG just overflowed one with a MASSIVE poop. I know we just got a bigger size a little while ago but... maybe it was a fluke. Dunno. Gonna leave this one up to the women.
WTF! Windows STILL doesn't support Bluetooth headsets?! This is one project I'm not going near after dealing with getting BT working on the Palm.

So much for toning down the "geekiness" on the blog ;]
I'm getting pretty good at typing with just my left hand :]

Lego Rock Band

What a friggin' rip off! 45 songs?! No online multiplayer?! Granted its not Beatles Rock Band level of rip off, but still! The icing on the cake? Harmonix half-assed the Wii version. Again! You'd thing that the Wii would be the primary platform for this! If you don't own a Xbox, stay far, far away from all Rock Band games. They still haven't even patched the PS3 version of Rock Band 2. Play Guitar Hero instead.
Thanks to Elizabeth for picking up the late, late shift last night.
Tonight sucked! Screaming teething baby, cat who didn't think the litter box was good enough, and wife who... well, I just kinda blame her for the other two. Having been up with Chloe at 3am didn't help.
2 for Tuesday sale on baby poop!
Chloe just smiled in the bath for the first time. Seems the fear has passed.

Guilt Trip Post

BTW, since I'm working on this Beatles project for Mom, let me just take a quick moment out of baby nap time to lay down some guilt.

I'm truely heartbroken that no one could take 1hr. out the of the past month to help me troubleshoot the web server. I emailed 9 people and received 0 email responses. Elizabeth got a text from Katherine saying "It doesn't work" and John gave it a shot from his iPod touch once I pestered him. I mean...damn. Its not like I haven't fixed everyone's PCs for years.

Baby's up. You're off the hook.
There was a PestBear truck across the street this morning. Funny because its the extermintor co. the kids work for. Should've seen if he had any baby supplies. Formula alone is gonna break us. Liz REALLY should've taken over WIC...
Okay, she's not really eating much more, but still! Probably women rushing things again.

Wanna know why "It goes so fast" with babies? Moms are always rushing it!
"Get her on rice cereal!" they said. " She'll eat less & sleep through the night". Well since starting the rice cereal she stopped sleeping through the night and started eating more!
Well, today is not quite going as planned. Now I've got 2 girls that won't do what they're told.
This is the week Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 comes out for PC, PS3, & Xbox. It is expected to shatter all current video game sales records.

Me? I don't actually care that much. I know, shocking. I loved Modern Warfare 1, but... I just downloaded the latest batch of guitar games (seems like I just did that with Guitar Hero 5 & Beatles Rock Band but whatever]. There are very few things I find more satisfying that sitting on the couch strumming my little plastic guitar. Even if its playing music only a tween girl could like (Band Hero & Lego Rock Band].

I honestly have no idea how they expect to sell so many band games this Xmas. With at least 5 new games this year while last years band games being less than half. What would you rather get: Band Hero kit (drums,guitar,mic] with 65 songs for $200 or last years Guitar Hero World Tour (or Rock Band 2] kit w/85 songs for $80-90?
Oh yeah! Elizabeth is sick alright! Sarah & John both claim to have strep throat. Lets hope its not that bad. Speaking of which, they damn well better be sick because they haven't dropped off formula or diapers. Maybe I'll send a 'friendly' reminder email to 'em.
Nope keys are okay, just not working in the iGoogle widget I use to update the blog. Don't know what's stranger; the fact that they don't work in it or the fact I hadn't noticed it before :]
BTW, Chloe started rice cerial Sat. I've been aguing against it due to the baby's crap digestion, but... She seems to be doing just fine with it tho.

Looks like another bach of keys just went out on my keyboard :[ Arrow keys now.
Today has a 1.5tb drive fir $95! Un-freaking-real!
Liz is home today. Last night her ticker was tired so she called in. Today she sounds like she's got a cold. Glad to have an extra hand w/baby, but would've liked better circumstances.
Webcam is up now BTW
Now seems a good time to link y'all out to Microsoft's free Anti Virus. Just on case ya didn't know:

Anti Virus Showdown

...and the winner is... Microsoft & eScan?
She really has been a chatterbox today/yesterday.She's been babbling at me, Liz, the cat, her feet, and singing along with the radio.
...and now we're up. She needed a change & snack.
...and now she's starting to fuss.
BG is up. Trying to leave her in bed for a while to see if she's gonna go back to sleep. She's definitely not pissed; Just kinda babbling to herself. Not sure what to do.
Liz says we're gonna go get a web cam because otherwise Mom's just gonna send one ;]
BG's feeling...less good this afternoon :[
Hmm, there's some info on the web about using a digital camera as a web cam. So much for this being a quick & easy project :]
Just finished a video chat with the loony bin up north. That was a fun little project. It may also have been one of my easiest. Kudos to Google for making that painless.
Scared the crap out if the baby with a big sneeze.
Something struck me as odd during the last conversation with Mom. She says she never sang to me as a baby. I remember my mom always singing. Whether is was belting out a tune with the car radio the shrill "Ya gotta get up in the morning" tune, Mom always seemed to have a tune ready.
Chloe seems to be feeling fine. Only thing out of the ordinary would be that she slept in an extra hour.
Back from Dr. office for baby checkup + shots. Everything is fine except for the customer service. Even in a doctor's office men don't get any respect...
Just to not sound totally negative, I do get a lot of complements on my work with the baby too. Doesn't seem like a big deal. If you do the same thing for 12+hrs a day for 3 months straight, you'd be good too.
Running out of powdered gormula so we mixed up a bath of this concentrate stuff. The problem is BG doesn't so much burp it as she pukes up huge globs of it :[
But by all means, keep the baby care critiques coming! Even if it seems I blow you off, I think about it. A lot! I know just enough to know that I don't know much :]

Breakin News

BlueBeat, whom I just linked too, is being sued by EMI for selling the Beatles MP3s.

The Spoiling of Baby Chloe

Looks like I've got a lot of stuff to say today. Oh, well. You're free to click elsewhere...

I've heard a few times this week about Chloe getting 'spoiled'. I don't really care much. Let me lay out a few reasons why:

- She's 4 months old. 4 months just 4 days ago.
- She's alone. Have you ever seen a 3 week old baby taken away from its mom? They don't react well.
- The government. With DCF checking in on the baby, I'm paranoid at the slightest scratch. If any kind of accident happens do you realize exactly how fast the unemployed long hair guy gets sent up the river?
- Her future. As soon as she goes home that poor kid is gonna end up sitting in a baby chair in front of the TV until she can walk away to find something else to do. I guess the exception would be the time she'll spend in day care...
- She's my first. Temp or not, she's my first baby. She's cuter when she smiles than when she screams. As far as I'm concerned she can have anything she wants :] She's also good. Elizabeth has said that Chloe is the most well behaved baby ever.

So, how do I get full custody again ;]

Oh, and a name change form. Baby Toffee Krutzler needs a better name ;]
Ya know, its kinda funny to have to explain myself when its just Mom, Liz, and Brandon here, but... whatever.

Just like how most of what I say should be taken with a wink and a smile, so it is with my writing as well.
Corrected blog time stamp. No more postings from 4Am from me :]
As I am such a hi-tech guy, it may surprise you to know that I use very few devices in taking care of the baby.

Chloe gets .5hrs of TV in the afternoon and .5hrs of music every couple of days. That's about it. Elizabeth cranks up all the cool stuff at night, but during the day its just me singing, giggling & playing baby games with some rattle toys. Sure she sits at my computer desk a lot, but that is just text with a very few Youtube videos thrown in. Might just as well be a glowing encyclopedia on a book stand as far as she's concerned. We've recently started short trips out back to look at the flowers.

Beatles Remastered 4 Free

In case you missed the news story, hit this link to stream all the new remastered Beatles albums for free. Optionally MP3s are a steal [for those that don't steal music, anyway]. Legality of this is still kinda hazy. Here's the original Wired article:

You can really hear the quality difference in the new tracks, even when compressed and streamed. +Stereo!
Babies do not follow time changes. As a result, my day is now 1hr longer before the cavalry comes home from work.

Deal Rumor: Walmart

Walmart secret sale on Saturday rumor:

Lots of stuff I wouldn't mind having. Rumored specs on laptop:

HP G60-519WM Notebook: Intel Celeron 900 (2.2GHz, 1MB cache, 800MHz FSB) 15.6" HD, 3072MB DDR2, 250GB(5400rpm) HDD, Windows 7 Home Premium $298
teething troubles. after 2hrs of screaming, baby asleep by singing a Ramones song. go figure. really need a smoke, but not brave enough to move her off my lap to go outside.

did those pedialite pops make it to freezer?

Oh, and put soy sauce on shopping list.
Did I mention Scribblenauts also has a level editor and a do anything "sandbox" mode?

Okay, okay. I'll shut up now.
Have I mentioned Scibblenauts recently? Have you played Scribblenauts yet? Play Scribblenauts! Play it with someone too. Play it with someone in replay mode [solve the puzzle 3 times without reusing any words].

I really wish this game was on PC or the Wii. Being tied to the DS really kinda limits it. This is a gem for party play. Everyone shouts out whatever they think can solve the puzzle. Since I'm running it under an emulator on the PC, I can tell you first hand exactly how great this game is with a few friends.

Mom, seriously, get this thing for Brandon and play it with him. Also, with 200 puzzles to solve [+replay mode], he's not gonna blow through it in 6 hrs.
Baby Girl still seems to be having some of the gas pains (I guess] from last night. Nowhere near as bad, but she's empty right now. I'm gonna have her napping in the chair today rather than lying flat in the crib in the hope that being upright might help.
Seriously, know what Gamestop's best deal is? Used copies of Killzone 2: $39.99. Jeez! Wanna just kick me in the crotch when I walk in the door too?
Now Target is doing buy2 get 1 on Wii games! Hate you Gamestop!
Speaking of gadgets, here's a review of the new WD TV, one of my dream gizmos:
Okay, everyone knows I love funky peripherals but even I don't know about this one. Well, yeah
I do: its awesome!
Short baby nap today. Barely got pics done. Probably should've had a smoke instead :D
Just when you thing its all bad, you luck on to a silver lining. For example:

Baby puke feels good on bug bites!

Halloween pics will be up sometime this week.
The worst thing about being a man with a baby? You're always wrong...
got my mitts on guitar hero: van halen. you're not gonna believe this: its the world tour engine not hero5!

I mean *censored*! What *censored* *censored* *censored* the *censored* *censored*!!!! Couldn't *censored* *censored* the *censored**censored**censored* game for *censored* sake. *censored* *censored* *censored*!


*censored* *censored*

All you moms out there may not know this, but babies kick you in the balls.

A lot...

New Music

Let me turn ya'll on to some new tunes.

Sometimes you just get lucky. Mininova had a featured torrent from a band called Kalabi. It was labeled as electronica/trip hop. Normally I'd pass on this, but the baby digs this stuff. Good thing! This is a fantastic album. I'd class it more as world music bordering on atmospheric. Really beautiful stuff and perfect for playing in the background. The icing on the cake is that the band released it for free via Bittorrent.

I should have this streaming on my Unite web server by the time you read this. They also seem to have a bunch of their stuff on Youtube.
todays gonna suck big. bg messed up worse. same thing as before

Deal Update

Still no word on when/if Gamestop's b2g1 will be live. Did some rough math using trade ins vs. Brutal Legend + Katamari. Should be about $30. If gift card comes, $5. LoL! Love to walk out of there with 3 newish games for $5!

Gamestop seems to have their used games marked $5 lower online now. Bastards... Edge will make up difference, but still makes me mad. This also hinges on CAG's trade in value list being accurate. You'd thinks GS would post their own trade values already. Really kinda hate GS...
Wait...didn't the DSi just come out this year? Seems kinda early for an update.

Deal Alert Level Orange!

Okay, rumor has it that Gamestop will FINALLY be doing a b2g1 on used stuff "next week". I'm showing Brutal Legend in stock all over Clearwater. Also, due to Best Buy, Amazon, and Toys R Us having done b2g1 on new stuff this month, pickin's should be fantastic. I'm also expecting my GS gift card from epinions any second now. Be ready for the call to arms!
So, with the anouncement of the DSi XL @ $220, Nintendo prices a machine above the PSP. Good thing there isn't a global economic crysis or anything. Oh, wait...

Also with 4.5" screen I dobt it will fit in a pocket. Of course Nintendo is aiming at putting them in purses anyway.
Swing chair finally starting to work with Baby Girl. I suspect that the girls just decided to use this thing to soon. Seems to be a common problem...
for my own notes:

soviet grots! sooo amazing! also have commissar styled ork captains.
just gave bg a bath. of course she peed on herself right after leading to more cleaning. not the point. baby seems to have... dandruff? front of her hairline is kinda white & scaly less obvous when dry. will get Liz to check it out.
re: Warhammer 40,000

When did Terminators start getting mounted on 40mm bases? Those new Termie figs must be HUGE. I'll have to take a look at Lou's. I know my old 40k terminators would look dumb mounted on 40mm bases...
Lego Rock Band will include Europe's The Final Countdown. Finally! The rub? Harmonix didn't bother to chart any of the synth. You play rhythm guitar the whole time. Morons.
Lap full of pee. Irony is these are the pants I was wearing during last week's lap full of poop...
Industry analysts are expecting Netflix streaming to also show up on the Wii within the next year. Yay! Online movies for everybody!
Okay, no one is gonna choose to read this if I just link it in the news section so:

Be sure to check out this interview on a new Disney game being made by Warren Spector (Deus Ex, System Shock, Ultima Underwold: Linky

Lots of interesting about the history of Disney cartoons. Here's a cool excerpt:

"There’s that early phase where he was a rat. There’s just no two ways about it. He was a guy who smoked and drank and shot guns and skewered people with swords and threw Minnie Mouse out of a plane when she wouldn’t kiss him and abused farm animals. He was a badly behaved little guy. As he became more popular, I think Walt started saying, “Let’s make this guy more realistic. Oh, we don’t want to do things with this guy that the world isn’t going to like,” so they started taming him and taking different parts of his personality."

I NEVER identified with Mickey. I mean, what is there to identify with. Donald was always much more entertaining and intriguing. He had emotions, desires, and failings. He was a character. Mickey has always just been a corporate logo.
Netflix streaming is coming to the PS3!
Ya know, I should be able to access the Unite service from the Brew Garden. That would let me test from outside the LAN. And we could get antipasto!
Goecities will be decommissioned and deleted tomorrow-along with a huge chunk of the "old internet". It is truely the end of the beginning of the internet. My very first web site is, shockingly, still there. Well, for tonight at least. The date of my last site update is 3/10/1998. Its kinda misty-eyed type for an old tech hound like me.

Farewell Geocities. Thanks for giving everyone a chance to own their own corner of the net for free for so long.
Only had 2 bits of activity on the Unitie server, and no feedback at all. Well, Liz said the Fridge didn't work when she was at Jabil. Guess I'm trying to fill a need that doesn't exist.

Still, you'd think someone would have played around with it for kicks by now... No idea about system resources yet.
Went to meet Elizabeth's aunts for dinner today. I got to eat Kangaroo! It was okay. I wouldn't order it again, but I sure was glad I did it once. Kinda like bitter beef.

Okay, I know this won't mean anything to anyone except Lou and myself, but ARMADA 2526!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who knew that nearly 20 years later, Armada 2525 would get a sequel. Released in 1991, Armada 2525 was my very favorite 4x space game, tying Master of Orion 2 in my heart. I was still playing this game once in a while even while working for IBM. Hey! The night shift was long and boring...

When do they take preorders!
please add garlic to shopping list
CheapyD vs the Windows7 Whopper!
Think I found my tree topper!
Dog Bites Man's Live Account?
Baby Girl seems to have noticed that the netbook is just like granpop's PC...BUT HER SIZE XD
..and now I've got a knee full of puke. 2 pairs of pants in 3hrs. The day after laundry day. sigh...
day after laundry+cranky baby+fumbled diaper: lap full of poopie. /kills self
Check out the Japanese video game collector's edition that comes with boobs! Not Safe For Work! NSFW!
I haven't done one of these for a while, so...

Now Playing: Gotcha Footsie
Listening to: Myself singing
Had a good day with Baby Girl after 3 of the past 4 days were a total scream-a-thon. I think I found the problem. Too many rules. I've been so wrapped up in what is supposed to happen when and what skills a 3 month old should be practicing. It was too much. And wrong, if only slightly. It created a lot of stress and misery to the both of us. Today...Well, I just didn't care much. I went back to taking it as it came, working from the gut, and going on instict and my little bit of knowledge. Guess what? Good day!

So dear everyone-including myself-,StFU. Keep your lists and schedules to yourselves. There is no science. Everyone is different.
The twitter effect is a strange thing. You'll just pick up random followers. Some are spammers or virus-check out my crazy profile Other's just seem to join by keyword. I mention how much I hate to grill and GrillMaster starts following. A mention of SciFi -or is it SyFi?- and I get SciFiFan2001.
So Disney owns Marvel now. If I'm not mistaken, Disney also has a couple of small theme parks, right? Isn't Universal Studios the park that has the Marvel themed attractions? Hmm...
lol.If you summon "science" in scribblenauts it creates a large machine. When you activate the machine, it explodes into a black hole and kills everyone XD
some stuff