The worst thing about being a man with a baby? You're always wrong...
got my mitts on guitar hero: van halen. you're not gonna believe this: its the world tour engine not hero5!

I mean *censored*! What *censored* *censored* *censored* the *censored* *censored*!!!! Couldn't *censored* *censored* the *censored**censored**censored* game for *censored* sake. *censored* *censored* *censored*!


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All you moms out there may not know this, but babies kick you in the balls.

A lot...

New Music

Let me turn ya'll on to some new tunes.

Sometimes you just get lucky. Mininova had a featured torrent from a band called Kalabi. It was labeled as electronica/trip hop. Normally I'd pass on this, but the baby digs this stuff. Good thing! This is a fantastic album. I'd class it more as world music bordering on atmospheric. Really beautiful stuff and perfect for playing in the background. The icing on the cake is that the band released it for free via Bittorrent.

I should have this streaming on my Unite web server by the time you read this. They also seem to have a bunch of their stuff on Youtube.
todays gonna suck big. bg messed up worse. same thing as before

Deal Update

Still no word on when/if Gamestop's b2g1 will be live. Did some rough math using trade ins vs. Brutal Legend + Katamari. Should be about $30. If gift card comes, $5. LoL! Love to walk out of there with 3 newish games for $5!

Gamestop seems to have their used games marked $5 lower online now. Bastards... Edge will make up difference, but still makes me mad. This also hinges on CAG's trade in value list being accurate. You'd thinks GS would post their own trade values already. Really kinda hate GS...
Wait...didn't the DSi just come out this year? Seems kinda early for an update.

Deal Alert Level Orange!

Okay, rumor has it that Gamestop will FINALLY be doing a b2g1 on used stuff "next week". I'm showing Brutal Legend in stock all over Clearwater. Also, due to Best Buy, Amazon, and Toys R Us having done b2g1 on new stuff this month, pickin's should be fantastic. I'm also expecting my GS gift card from epinions any second now. Be ready for the call to arms!
So, with the anouncement of the DSi XL @ $220, Nintendo prices a machine above the PSP. Good thing there isn't a global economic crysis or anything. Oh, wait...

Also with 4.5" screen I dobt it will fit in a pocket. Of course Nintendo is aiming at putting them in purses anyway.
Swing chair finally starting to work with Baby Girl. I suspect that the girls just decided to use this thing to soon. Seems to be a common problem...
for my own notes:

soviet grots! sooo amazing! also have commissar styled ork captains.
just gave bg a bath. of course she peed on herself right after leading to more cleaning. not the point. baby seems to have... dandruff? front of her hairline is kinda white & scaly less obvous when dry. will get Liz to check it out.
re: Warhammer 40,000

When did Terminators start getting mounted on 40mm bases? Those new Termie figs must be HUGE. I'll have to take a look at Lou's. I know my old 40k terminators would look dumb mounted on 40mm bases...
Lego Rock Band will include Europe's The Final Countdown. Finally! The rub? Harmonix didn't bother to chart any of the synth. You play rhythm guitar the whole time. Morons.
Lap full of pee. Irony is these are the pants I was wearing during last week's lap full of poop...
Industry analysts are expecting Netflix streaming to also show up on the Wii within the next year. Yay! Online movies for everybody!
Okay, no one is gonna choose to read this if I just link it in the news section so:

Be sure to check out this interview on a new Disney game being made by Warren Spector (Deus Ex, System Shock, Ultima Underwold: Linky

Lots of interesting about the history of Disney cartoons. Here's a cool excerpt:

"There’s that early phase where he was a rat. There’s just no two ways about it. He was a guy who smoked and drank and shot guns and skewered people with swords and threw Minnie Mouse out of a plane when she wouldn’t kiss him and abused farm animals. He was a badly behaved little guy. As he became more popular, I think Walt started saying, “Let’s make this guy more realistic. Oh, we don’t want to do things with this guy that the world isn’t going to like,” so they started taming him and taking different parts of his personality."

I NEVER identified with Mickey. I mean, what is there to identify with. Donald was always much more entertaining and intriguing. He had emotions, desires, and failings. He was a character. Mickey has always just been a corporate logo.
Netflix streaming is coming to the PS3!
Ya know, I should be able to access the Unite service from the Brew Garden. That would let me test from outside the LAN. And we could get antipasto!
Goecities will be decommissioned and deleted tomorrow-along with a huge chunk of the "old internet". It is truely the end of the beginning of the internet. My very first web site is, shockingly, still there. Well, for tonight at least. The date of my last site update is 3/10/1998. Its kinda misty-eyed type for an old tech hound like me.

Farewell Geocities. Thanks for giving everyone a chance to own their own corner of the net for free for so long.
Only had 2 bits of activity on the Unitie server, and no feedback at all. Well, Liz said the Fridge didn't work when she was at Jabil. Guess I'm trying to fill a need that doesn't exist.

Still, you'd think someone would have played around with it for kicks by now... No idea about system resources yet.
Went to meet Elizabeth's aunts for dinner today. I got to eat Kangaroo! It was okay. I wouldn't order it again, but I sure was glad I did it once. Kinda like bitter beef.

Okay, I know this won't mean anything to anyone except Lou and myself, but ARMADA 2526!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who knew that nearly 20 years later, Armada 2525 would get a sequel. Released in 1991, Armada 2525 was my very favorite 4x space game, tying Master of Orion 2 in my heart. I was still playing this game once in a while even while working for IBM. Hey! The night shift was long and boring...

When do they take preorders!
please add garlic to shopping list
CheapyD vs the Windows7 Whopper!
Think I found my tree topper!
Dog Bites Man's Live Account?
Baby Girl seems to have noticed that the netbook is just like granpop's PC...BUT HER SIZE XD
..and now I've got a knee full of puke. 2 pairs of pants in 3hrs. The day after laundry day. sigh...
day after laundry+cranky baby+fumbled diaper: lap full of poopie. /kills self
Check out the Japanese video game collector's edition that comes with boobs! Not Safe For Work! NSFW!
I haven't done one of these for a while, so...

Now Playing: Gotcha Footsie
Listening to: Myself singing
Had a good day with Baby Girl after 3 of the past 4 days were a total scream-a-thon. I think I found the problem. Too many rules. I've been so wrapped up in what is supposed to happen when and what skills a 3 month old should be practicing. It was too much. And wrong, if only slightly. It created a lot of stress and misery to the both of us. Today...Well, I just didn't care much. I went back to taking it as it came, working from the gut, and going on instict and my little bit of knowledge. Guess what? Good day!

So dear everyone-including myself-,StFU. Keep your lists and schedules to yourselves. There is no science. Everyone is different.
The twitter effect is a strange thing. You'll just pick up random followers. Some are spammers or virus-check out my crazy profile Other's just seem to join by keyword. I mention how much I hate to grill and GrillMaster starts following. A mention of SciFi -or is it SyFi?- and I get SciFiFan2001.