The Spoiling of Baby Chloe

Looks like I've got a lot of stuff to say today. Oh, well. You're free to click elsewhere...

I've heard a few times this week about Chloe getting 'spoiled'. I don't really care much. Let me lay out a few reasons why:

- She's 4 months old. 4 months just 4 days ago.
- She's alone. Have you ever seen a 3 week old baby taken away from its mom? They don't react well.
- The government. With DCF checking in on the baby, I'm paranoid at the slightest scratch. If any kind of accident happens do you realize exactly how fast the unemployed long hair guy gets sent up the river?
- Her future. As soon as she goes home that poor kid is gonna end up sitting in a baby chair in front of the TV until she can walk away to find something else to do. I guess the exception would be the time she'll spend in day care...
- She's my first. Temp or not, she's my first baby. She's cuter when she smiles than when she screams. As far as I'm concerned she can have anything she wants :] She's also good. Elizabeth has said that Chloe is the most well behaved baby ever.

So, how do I get full custody again ;]

Oh, and a name change form. Baby Toffee Krutzler needs a better name ;]

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