This is the week Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 comes out for PC, PS3, & Xbox. It is expected to shatter all current video game sales records.

Me? I don't actually care that much. I know, shocking. I loved Modern Warfare 1, but... I just downloaded the latest batch of guitar games (seems like I just did that with Guitar Hero 5 & Beatles Rock Band but whatever]. There are very few things I find more satisfying that sitting on the couch strumming my little plastic guitar. Even if its playing music only a tween girl could like (Band Hero & Lego Rock Band].

I honestly have no idea how they expect to sell so many band games this Xmas. With at least 5 new games this year while last years band games being less than half. What would you rather get: Band Hero kit (drums,guitar,mic] with 65 songs for $200 or last years Guitar Hero World Tour (or Rock Band 2] kit w/85 songs for $80-90?

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