Yeah, I know you're reading this upsidedown...

but, even that metaphorical music videos are full of FAIL. Shouldn't #2 have poured out the water in front of 6 AFTER he put the grenade in 6's mouth?

What's even the point anymore? Ooo, 6 saw [mystery something] working for a CCTV company and was snatched away...just like in 100 other movies. The original has 6 as a former secret agent who resigns and asks "What would happen to James Bond if he quit". Ironically, that's not even one of the comments on society the original series made; Its just the setup.

Oh, and I've only seen 2 out of the 6 episodes. I'm just gonna watch the last one and call it quits. Lets face facts, the ending of the original show, while artsy, sucked ass anyway.

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