Thru today, Telltale Games is offering Sam&Max Season 1 for $5
Soooo.. Lou has 'net connectivity? Can't believe Elizabeth didn't get the details. Did that cell modem I was given actually work? Can't believe that the account links to that thing is still active. Lou/Lisa, if you see this drop me a line in the comments.

And get an email addy for cryin' out loud.
...and thus the insurmountable task of baby proofing begins. Also note that I still have DCF inspections to deal with.
Elizabeth finally found the Logitech Tshirt. That's a good hiding place!

Did Brandon download his movie?

Gamers Helping Haiti Update

"We had no idea.

As of this writing, we've collected over $149,000.00 USD

We've never seen anything like it. No one in the tabletop RPG industry has. Dozens of publishers, 180 products, all worth almost $1,500.00 USD. Trust us, many more publishers wanted in after we started, but with the intense surge that literally crashed our servers, there was no way. "

Let's RPG

Here are some of the funnier titles from the Haiti Relief pack Mega Deal:

Breathe Life into #1
The book of dumb tables
Shaolin Squirrels: Nuts of Fury
Piledrivers & Powerbombs: Chokeslam of Darkness edition
Behind the Monsters: Skelleton
Pimp my Paladin
Somehow I don't think 10PM to 5AM counts as a full night's sleep for a baby...

Robot Backed Jazz band

Check out the article & video:

Then check out the music:
Got baby footsie pics just for mom :)
Baby up shrieking last night. Liz took the brunt of it. Bad day to bother us about stuff ;)
Time from bath to poop? 20 minutes.
Yay! Our Haiti Relief Bundle is ready for downloading!
Ya know the good part about that demo? We now have a benchmark that measures CPU power in horses!

Win7 Demo Fail

Watch as this guy shows how much better Win7 runs his little demo than Vista. What? It doesn't? The Win7 framerate hitches every couple of seconds and runs at a higher CPU utilization? Hmm...

Granted it looks like something was running in the background on Win7 before he started the demo (You can see Utilization on several of the cores), but WTF?! If you are going to RECORD THE DEMO you think you'd have your machine working right.


Who: Authors Jason Thompson (King of RPGs), Peter V. Brett (The Warded Man), Ari Marmell (The Conqueror's Shadow) and Diana Rowland (Blood of the Demon)
What: Live online role-playing game
When: TODAY, 2-4 PM EST
Where: (

Jason Thompson, author of the graphic novel series King of RPGs and a Level 14 Shaman/Oozemaster, will pit Random House fantasy authors Peter V. Brett, Ari Marmell, and Diana Rowland head-to-head in a live online role-playing game session.

The two-hour session, hosted by, features a real-time adventure illustrated with artwork, and featuring characters from the King of RPGs graphic novel series.
She's up again. Gonna wait and see what happens. Not optimistic.
Baby nipples. hehe. Still funny
Yay! Slept thu the night!

$1400 of RPG ebooks for $20

Gamers helping Hati pack available. Includes many RPG rulebooks, paper models, and other D&D type stuff.
Made it thru the night. She got Liz up for .5hr at 6, but then slept till 9:30.
BG's been up again. Woke with a big burp. Gave Mylocon, a little milk, and she went right back to sleep. Not as confident about making it through the night as I was an hour ago...
BG went to bed soundly with no meds tonight.
both of the arms of my chair are soaked with baby drool
Final baby bedtime was 4:30am. Woke up at 8am with a big poop(tm). She's still chewy but no other obvious problems.
No more mucus. She's teething a lot. Gave some Tylenol. I think I should've started working by no tho. Dunno what's wrong. She's had 2 naps, but just can't stay asleep.

The Blueberry Danon yogurt is okay. Maybe its just the Strawberry that sucks.
Elizabeth's cat wakes up Elizabeth's Granddaughter and I don't get to sleep. Then she turns off the light leading to the baby's room during a late night potty run. Its a good thing I'm pretty bored with being pissed off ;)
Pretty sure the baby's sick. Starting to leak mucus.
Now the baby's not sleeping and barfing orange (Pedialite) on the floor. I need a break...
"suspect tummy trouble". Right. In other news; the sky is blue, birds go tweet, and fish can swim.
Like yesterday, the baby isn't sleeping for more than 30mins at a time. Suspect tummy trouble
BG sounds a little congested too. Probably just the weather changes lately.

Houston, We Have Poopie

Dark brown golf ball with a medium amount of like colored mush. Thankfully before bath time.

Years of table-top wargaming (a primarily British hobby) makes the word "color" look odd without a "u" in it :)
That Dannon yogurt? Yeah, that's pretty bad. Think I'll stick with the generic stuff.

Tech watch

You an now get a blu ray burner for the PC forr under $200! 25gb disks are now $3 a pop.
Funny what people take for granted. Brandon was complaining about it taking 45min. to download a hour+half movie. Thats a miracle where I sit. Hell, that's twice as fast a streaming it! It wasn't very long ago that the thought of download a gig of data was inconceivable.
Liz was right. Baby in a walker IS dangerous.
Gotta find some way to quiet that front door...
Added pics od Chloe in her new car (walker).Liz wanted Mom to see. They're in the Chloe@6mo. album.
Ugh. Stealth puke. Ya know, that puke that you didn't notice until it started getting cold.

Ironically there was nothing stealthy about the puke that hit my lap while typing this...
BG's not handling the shots well so far. Lots of screaming, throwing up, and generally being frantic.
Found it! There is a button under the strap!
I have a larger car seat that I took apart to clean and get ready. I was getting it back together today and put the baby in it to figure out where the straps needed to be set. Then I realized I couldn't figure out how to open the chest restraint latch. After fighting with it for 20min, I called Elizabeth who claims she didn't know either. Finally, I loosened the straps enough to pull the baby out through the top. The latch is still closed and I'm still puzzled.
BG is "this close" to getting crawling working.
Chloe is off to get another round of shots this afternoon.
Finally! Sarcasm punctuation mark! And what a bargain (sarcasm mark)

Bayonetta Review Snip

from Anime News Network:

Bayonetta is complete trash. It is garish, self-indulgent, self-aware nonsense wrapped around a slinking heroine who wears guns on her feet and poses seductively at the touch of a button. It is a tribute to bad taste by Hideki Kamiya, the man behind Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry, Viewful Joe, and Okami, none of which was half as shameless as Bayonetta. It is also the best action game in a long, long time.

Netflix streaming is coming to the Wii! Nintendo finally allowed something cool and useful to happen to Wii? You can tell sales are down.
We should really brush our hair before the daily pic
DCF thinks we'll be keeping the baby. Elizabeth is applying for finacial assistance.

Just when you though it was over


Just, ya know, in case you forgot.

99 Free Games from 2009
I've put the baby to bed no less than 3 times this afternoon. She just won't sleep for very long before the teething kicks in.
BG's poop today looked like a raspberry.
There are snow flakes on the car this morning. It is currently 32.
BG just cleared about 3.5ft. by rolling sideways. And yes, it is early in the morning...
Um, as Mom pointed out, there wasn't a divorse recently. It was the custody case for Cami I was thinking of. Guess I'm more 'old school' than anyone thought ;)

How much is too much

So every daily baby pic is taken twice. Not unusual, I usually take all my pictures twice because I suck at it. In this case, the second one is the better one that I end up using. So what do I do with the extras? Local storage isn't an issue since they're only 360k or so. I mean online. Do people really care? Don't we have enough frickin' pictures already anyway? I'm not even a 'picture guy'. I just started this crap after the wedding, and now I've taken it upon myself to act as a media hub so everyone can have access to this stuff.

I think I'll just dump the daily pics into the 6mo folder once in a while.

Also since all the paranoia over Sarah's divorce is over, I may make the albums public so they can be browsed via Picasa rather than needing to link back here for each one.
I REALLY wish I could stop whining like a bitch about the baby thing. I just can't help myself. The circumstances are too messed up. There is also the looming specter of having her permanently. This doesn't seem too bad until you factor in Elizabeth health condition.
We've been trying to figure out the baby's new lip-smacking sound for a couple of days now. I think we've got it. She's blowing kisses :)
In case you hadn't noticed, the weekly "Best of Indie Games" articles are full of links to free games.
Speaking of the giant Rock Band library, I just added up all the songs after the last couple of track packs. We now have just over 300 tracks! Woo!

Attn: Elizabeth

Could you see if Bob has a spare 2.5" laptop HD lying around. I've got a 40gb in the PS3 now, so almost anything would be a step up.
Well it finally happened. Went to play the MAG beta on PS3-Not enough hard drive space. Damn you giant catalog of Rock Band songs! If laptop drives were as cheap as desktop drives I've replaced the thing by now. Heck, I've even got a spare desktop HD now!
Picasa album is up. Just click on the picture to go to it. Shouldn't have bothered. Seems Blogger uses Picasa for pic storage anyway. May change this later so as not to have duplicate albums. Don't worry, you'll never notice a change if I do.
Chloe sure is farting a lot today. Even for her.

New Feature

Added "Baby Pic of the Dayish" to the side bar. These will be simple pictures taken via the PC's webcam (so shut yer yaps about quality). I'll get a Picasa album synched up to store all the old ones as time/baby permits.
BG learned a new trick today: croaking like an asthmatic who can't breathe. Delightful. Too a while to figure out what was going on. She seems to find it pretty funny...
I guess there is one good sound babies make: Snoring.

Murphy's law to the Rescue

The baby hasn't pooped for a couple of days; Constipation. This afternoon, I gave her a bath. Guess what happened right after ;) So much for having a clean, nice smelling baby for a while.
You can tell the past couple of weeks have sucked. I'm worried that something is wrong with the baby because she's too well behaved.
The Pedialite (sp?) tints the baby puke slightly orange. After being used to white baby puke, this makes it gross all over again.
Lou is here today His father has cancer and has to make some calls.
The new mixer is fired up. Deep dish pizza from scratch for dinner tonight :) Hope its warm enough to rise the dough...
Elizabeth is thinking the baby may have a "milk intolerance". Its supposed to be common and temporary. We've switched to a soy formula and it seems to be working okay.

This is my last day of having her here. Not exactly looking forward to running the show on my own again :(
Was cleaning up my hard disk last night. Managed to clear just over 40gb of space.

Let's think about that for a minute. 40 gigabytes!

My first hard drive was 20 MEGABYTES! I'd be surprised if Mom has 40gb of data on her laptop ;)