Wireless headphones seem like such a great idea these days...
Why the hell haven't I been embedding videos? I know I tried w/a flash game, but it sucked due to page layout.

...and more

Awesome Awesomeness


Turkey smoking day

Ugh. Setting up a grill at 6:30. Who's stupid idea was this. Oh, mine. Pppft! Like I don't have enough to do! Stupid past Mike! That guy is always getting me into trouble!
BG can now climb. OMFG.
Grandpop needs to get some pajamas or boxers 'cause there's no more sexy for Grandpops ;(

Scooped by Mom

Newegg has 2 TB for $134. Drooltastic!
Dude! Did you see that epic curling game between Sweden and Canada? Battle on the ice man! With brooms! Its was so... ugh.

This is why no one cares about the winter Olympics.
So I've been doing this blogging stuff for.. what? Six months? I think we can all agree on one thing:


LOL! Gotcha again! Some people never learn ;)
TV messed up. "The Fix" not working, but appears to be usual problem. So tired...

Freedom Watch!

Okay, read this article:

Doesn't this sound bad to anyone else? Sure, Waledac is a problem, but doesn't this set a rather alarming precident? And what exactly is Microsoft doing to "unplug" them? Shouldn't that be under the jurisdiction of ICANN or something.

All Your Future Are Belong To Game

Dice 2010 is starting to wrap up. Still don't like how the media swarms over these dev only conferences. Doesn't matter much these days anyway; few people left in the industry who actually care about the art anymore.

Anyway, the big topic this year? Farmville. I guess when a free game makes 3 billion dollars, people notice ;)

One plus with having press: G4 has a lot of the keynotes streaming online. The "Design Outside the Box" or "Is Your Life Just One Big RPG?" is all the rage on the net. Rightly so. Not just a good talk on the business, but finishes with a great rant on the future. If you're not up to all the industry talk, skip to about the 20min mark (only 30min long).

Looks like the baby is back to not sleeping :(
Right now is Woot Off time!
Wish I could find some way to keep the baby from crawling up the cat's ass...
Chloe sure does have Granpop's smart-ass look down ;)
Nintendo did something right for a change. The DSi XL will have an ebook package for it. US release next month.

I always said that the DS would make a great ebook.

Deleting History

Fist Geocities, now this. At least Geocities was shut down for good reason. This...This is just more RIAA crap. Its a good thing we have a copyright Tzar now :(

YouTube removes original "Rickroll" video due to terms of use violation
So a song that almost anyone younger then 25 would have never cared about has gotten untolds amount of free advertising, has become an internet legend and some one some where decided that their copyright was being abused???

4chan is gonna be pissed. I may need to see what's going on over there.
BG can just about crawl now. Not fast, but definitely forward.
Looks like the cat puked on the baby's playmat. Just washed the damn thing yesterday...
The news Steam beta is awesome! Steam has always been such a slow, ugly, archaic piece of crap.Its nice to see Valve finally update the largest digital distro service on the web to look, well, modern.

Quote of the Day

As newly promoted DC Entertainment co-publisher Dan Didio explains in the crisis-centric Justice League DVD featurette “DCU: The New World,” the idea of battling villains quickly lost its luster after Sept. 11. Instead, we started battling ideas — abstractions like freedom and terror, good and evil. The 20th century proved beyond argument that one man’s terrorist was another man’s freedom fighter. In the 21st century, we have much bigger celestial fish to fry.
Gamestop is giving +%50 on all game trade-ins for this week.

LOL @ Pampers Spam

Pampers Village™ where we grow together™

Free shipping* on new Pampers® Cruisers with DRY MAX—limited quantities available online!

Try them before they've officially launched! At 10 a.m. (EST) on February 24, a very limited number of new Pampers Cruisers with DRY MAX will be available for purchase. This is a very exciting opportunity to try our first high performance diaper. But don't be late, because quantities are limited!

New Pampers Cruisers. Now with DRY MAX.
TV screwed up again. Used "The Fix" and its okay now
BG has figured out how to clap.
Chloe fell asleep @ 10:45 last night. She seems to have slept through the night. She was up @ 8:30, drank 4oz. and dozed back off. I wasn't expecting her to continue sleeping, but I've managed to even get her back in the crib.

Dropped a Pop

Just a heads up. Got this email last night:

Just wanted to let you know that your Grandfather Krutzler passed away today.
He had been living in an assisted living center for a little over a year.
He was 89 years old & had Alzheimer's.
These Gummi Monkeys are NOT the same thing. Also, if these are made with "real fruit juice", what are the blue ones?
Peggle Nights even has 3 free add-on level pack. You'll be prompted for the download after quitting the game for the first time.

Deal below also good for the Mac version.

Free Peggle Nights


Sign up for Popcap Passport and get Peggle Nights gift free
BG flopped onto her stomach when I put her in bed. She's old enough and (finally) fits all the criteria (able to roll) to be able to sleep like that. I wonder if she will sleep like that for long or if she'll be up crying in 30 mins.
LOL! Might be our first family picture!
Not much happening around here that's new. Been pretty prolific the past couple weeks, so enjoy the silence while I work on new material ;)

Been taking some baby pics with the good camera. Will get those up in the near furture. The flash washes everything out too much and the auto flash setting doesn't seem to stick after a power cycle so don't expect perfection (from Pops? Never!).

Big Lots 20% off Sunday

Buzz Club coupon out. 20% off Sun. 2/21 from 5-9PM.
Civilization V announced! Gonna have hexes & art deco style!
Is there some reason we never got a flash cart. for the DS? Seems odd.
That 200GB H/D I was looking to use as a backup/media drive? Dying. Better to find out now than after I'd been trusting it as a backup
Me? Why, I'm wiping oatmeal out of the baby's hair. Thanks for asking.

Driver's Lic. Renewal Info

Got a card about renewal info. I know Mom is worried about this, so I scanned/OCR the card and am posting it here:

Your Florida driver license expires on 04/09/2010. To renew your license, please visit your local driver license or county tax collectors office. You may schedule an appointment at one of our state office locations or locate an office near you by visiting our web site at www.flhsmv.gov. Some tax collectors offer driver license services. An additional $6.25 fee may be assessed for services provided by a tax collector. Additional fees apply if you renew after the expiration date. Please visit our web site for complete list of fees.
U.S. Citizens: Please bring a certified 1) birth certificate or valid U.S. passport, or naturalization papers; 2) marriage certificate or court order ver tying all name changes, if applicable; 3) proof of social security number, and 4) two documents showing your residential address.
Non-U.S. Citizens: Please bring 1) your valid Department of Homeland Security documents; 2) proof of social security number, if you have one; and 3) two documents showing your residential address.
A full list of acceptable documents is available on our web site at www.gathergoget.com.
If you have a commercial driver license, also bring your Department of Transportation medical card (if required).
You will be required to submit to a vision test. You may be required to submit to hearing, written, and/or road skills tests. If you have a physical disability that requires special accommodations, we ask that you contact the driver license office in advance.
Military personnel or civilians who are out of state may contact us via our web site or write to: Division of Driver Licenses, Processing & Issuance Section, Neil Kirkman Building, MS 92, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0575, or call (850) 617-2000 for assistance.
HSMV 871070/F71070 PRW1 DC1050/55/100 {REV 01/27/2010)"
Just had to delete Elizabeth's comment due to spoiler. LOL! Behold, for I am Webmaster, your God! Feel the wrath of my censorship! HaHaHa!
Finished Bioshock2 last night. REALLY beautifully written ending.
Did BG sleep thru the night?

Its funny to see her in the new bed. Its like if you put your goldfish in the bathtub.
The actual building of the crib went very smoothly except for trying to do it within the short time periods the baby let me work.
The crib is up and operational. I've never heard anything about a "bed transition phase", but I can't see this going well.


Hey! Those Gummi Bears (staring P.J!)? Yeah, I need more of those. Those things are the freaking best!
Its nice to work on a piece of furniture that isn't a cheap piece of crap ;)

Baby Bed

The crib is here. Just pulled the box in the front door. We'll see how much I can get done on this.

New Pics

Added new pics of Chloe in Valentine dress to 6mos album
Just a quick note to congratulate Lisa & Lou on their 7th wedding anniversary today!
I forgot to synch Picasa for that last pic. It us up now

Guardianship Update

Kids' psych eval rescheduled for mid-March sometime. New Judicial review set for a month or 2 afterward. Don't know what to do about baby shower. Good thing the kids kept Chloe's birth secret otherwise there might have been problems...

New Pic

Liz took a really dark, blurry picture of Chloe in a restaurant high chair for the first time. Its in the 6mos album.
Looks Iike the kids emailed us a $75 gift card. For when you care enough to do the very least...

Still a nice chunk of change tho

Form Elizabeth:

Katherine just texted me - she is in the middle of a snow flurry right now in Pensacola. She is so excited - it is her first snow day.

I asked her to send a photo with her phone - but the flurries are too light right now - if she gets heavier snow she will send a photo
Still no word from the... whoever on the guardianship issue. As usual we're left with the forgotten baby to twist in the wind.

Chloe still isn't making it through the night.


So so so so good. Hard! Combat finally clicking. Big fights! Some nice peaceful walking cinematic-type things to break up the tension too. Upgrades! Lots more Plasmids & Tonics.

State of the Tea Update

Granpop's tea is cold and weak. I'm thinking I may have actually forgot to heat it. I guess that's one way not to forget it in the microwave ;)

More Buzz

Chloe started screaming when I took away the cord she was playing with. Not surprising, but this is the first time I've seen this behavior.

Google Buzz?

Anyone interested in using Google's new Gmail Buzz service?


New Baby Pics

Elizabeth took new baby pics for mom. They have been appended to the Chloe @6mo. album. I am no longer syncing daily baby pics to that album either. Kinda dumb to duplicate such bad pics.

Chloe's Sleep Schedule

So BG went to bed at 12AM. Was up at 3AM. Up again at 4:45. Sleep 5:15 and up for the morning @ 9.


NJ Weather Report?

So hows the snow up there? Brandon sick of it yet ;)
At this very minute, Baby Girl is learning to pull the Wii games out of the DVD rack...


I suppose I don't have to explain the irony of playing a Big Daddy in Bioshock 2. Now I get to spend my game time carting around Little Sisters and keeping them safe too.
Where's Granpop's tea?
The baby has been up for a 4AM feeding every night this week so far. Elizabeth has been working that shift this time.
She didn't make it home in time. It gets worse...

Chloe had the squirts. It gets worse...

She wasn't done.
Hope Liz gets home soon.BG just started baking a big batch of brownies ;)

Greatest Game Name Ever Changing

You wonder why I call the copyright system broken? 'Cause crap like the KEEPS happening. Oh, and information wants to be free.

The PSP strategy game series that kicked off with the brilliantly titled Holy Invasion Of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do To Deserve This? will get a new, less legally conflicting name, according to its publisher.

NIS America said in a statement today that the Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman series "had a conflict of interest with an existing IP" and will henceforth be known as What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? The unnamed intellectual property is presumably, you know, the Warner Bros. owned Batman franchise.
With all the Modern Warfare sales number hype, we kinda forgot about Assassin's Creed 2. AssCreed 1 was a surprise smash, so how did the sequel do?


Not looking like such a childish form of entertainment now. Santa Monica is gonna rival Hollywood. Actually, it already is.
BG is cranky today :(


It is good.

One thing is really bothering me tho. The game sets up guns on left/spells on right buttons. Normal. But your character model is setup the opposite. Makes sense for a console gamepad where fire button is usually right trigger, but feels wrong with the PC control setup. Would have liked an option to mirror the character.
Bioshock 2! He he!

I'm not gonna say anything at all about it. I managed to avoid most of the press and don't wanna blow anything before Lou plays it.

...but, yeah, I played it. Ha Ha.
CD Ripping complete! Death to physical media!

...until I have to re-rip them all as FLAC files in 3 years.
Had one of the baby's plushies get a leg torn off in the wash and had to clean all the little beanies out of the machine...

There are some things that a parenting class can never prepare you for.
2 System Restores and a reinstall of AGV later, and the PC is looking better. No detected issues in the usual places. Will run full system scan overnight.
LOL! Samurai Dwarves minis:

Ya know that news bar over there no one uses? I've added articles for Bioshock 2 reviews and the anime TV ratings from Japan for the interested parties.

How Psychotic Has Apple Gotten?




Should've known. This morning was perfect. Afternoon? Installed a new virus scanner that locked my CPU @ 100%, the baby was on an hour long scream-a-thon, and the laundry load needed to be changed all at the same time. Meanwhile I'm getting an sarcastic sounding email from Liz about how busy I am because she's apparently unable to click the "Scan Now" button on her own laptop.

Don't try "Panda Cloud Antivirus". Opera will be down for the day (at least) as I try to sort out my system.
Bioshock 2 drops this week :) The sequel no one wanted now with multiplayer no one asked for. Ironically they kept the DRM everyone hated.

Tech Tip - Firefox

You can Zoom the page using Ctrl + and Ctrl -. Ctrl 0 will reset. You can also use Ctrl MouseWheel.
Just checked the size of my Music folder. Just under 40gb with a couple dozen more CDs to rip.
Cheated on today's pic. This one came from the Blackberry. Gonna get this blow up poster size when Chloe is a teenager ;)
Looks like a full moon tonight! Get it? Because the picture... With the... Bah! You don't know funny.

Drive Thru RPG Haiti Relief Total

from TMP:

"As far as I know, and as far as anyone I've talked to knows, there's never been anything like this accomplished before.
We raised $178,900.00 USD.

That is the amount we wired to the fine folks of Doctors Without Borders. When I spoke with their representative about this recently, she was literally moved to tears (as was I). And now I want to point out each and every one of our incredible publishers who contributed to the package that accomplished this incredible feat:

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming, A Terrible Idea, Adamant Entertainment, AGES Gaming, Applied Vectors, Arc Dream Publishing, Art Fantasies, Bards and Sages, Basic Action Games, Berengad Games, Better Mousetrap Games, Black Snake Studios, BoxNinja, Brave Halfling Publishing, Cellar Games, Chaotic Shiny Productions, Crafty Games, Creative Conclave, Dane of War, Day Dreamer Interactive, Dork Storm Press, Encompass, Erisian Entertainment, Evil Hat Productions, Fabled Worlds, Fat Dragon Games, Fiery Dragon, Fire Ruby Designs, FJ Gaming, Flames Rising Press, FSpace Publications, Fuller Flippers, Game Monkey Press, GameVein, Generic Universe Publishing, GMC, Grasshopper Games, Green Ronin, Greg Stolze, Gun Metal Games, Hex Games, Highmoon Games, HinterWelt, Jessup Games, Jon Brazer Enterprises, Justin Achilli, Kallisti Press, Keck Publishing, Knowledge Arcana, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Machine Age Productions, Magique Productions, Malcontent Games, Marcus L. Rowland, Margaret Weis Productions, Mesozoic Press, Mystic Ages Publishing, Nevermet Press, Nomadic Delirium Press, Open Design, Open Game Table, OtherWorld Creations, Palladium Books, Paper Make iT!, Pelgrane Press, Peryton Publishing, Planet Thirteen, Point of Insanity Game Studio, Polgarus Games, Prince of Darkness Games, Red Anvil Productions, Rhallen Enterprises, Rite Publishing, Rogue Games, Shield of Faith Studios, Silent7Games, Silver Gryphon Games, Skirmisher Publishing, Skortched Urf' Studios, Sonic Legends, SPQR Studios, StoryWeaver, Sword's Edge Publishing, Tabletop Adventures, The Le Games, Thenodrin Presents, Third Eye Games, Tricky Owlbear Publishing, Troll Lord Games, WorldWorks Games, Wydraz, Ye Olde Gaming Companye"

State of the Guardianship Update

Let me try to take care of some of the big questions I'll be getting:

Permanent guardianship is not official yet. Soon. Supposed to be a "Judicial Review" today. Don't know the status, as usual.

This is nowhere near final. The kids can continue to appeal the decision. The odds on them being successful diminish with time. After about 3 years the chances of the winning approach zero (especially with infants). This is always subject to a judge's whim.

Adoption is not an option. The court would have to terminate parental rights. This involves a much longer, nastier trial. Its easier for The State to take your kids away by making them a ward and assigning guardianship. The exception would be for unwanted children.

As a ward of the state, Chloe would be eligible for "free" college (no details yet). Medicaid, and paid ($200) "child care". There would also be some support for us ($180)

"The Man" gets off my back! No more inspections from DCF or the guardian ad libem. Time to bring back No Pants Thursdays ;)

These are the answers I received speaking with the DCF case worker last night. I cannot guarantee their accuracy, but its what I've got.

Stay tuned for baby registry information suckers! Baby needs a media server!
This article indicates that terminating parental rights is better to create stability for a child:


It is a shame that no one has created a means of preserving language or history so that we can have consistency in our laws. If only there was some way. Something like... I don't know... language, but written down.

Guardianship Update Coming "Soon"

I'm gonna work on this through the day and get it posted when I finish. BG is quite the handful today.
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (the new series) will begin airing Sat. Feb.14 at midnight. Get ready to setup the DVR.
P.S. - FREE Domestic Shipping on $40+ with the coupon code CABLE
Probably shouldn't mention this since I don't think we've even gotten to our last batch, but:

It's here! The Winter Steals sale from TFAW!

The first STEALS sale of 2010. For those of you who don't know the deal it looks something like this.

Feb 1 - Hundreds of items added to sale and marked at 40% off!
Feb 8 - Even more stuff added to sale, and everything in the sale drops to 50% off!
Feb 15 - Still more stuff added to the sale, and everything in the sale is marked at 60% off!
Feb 22 - No more additions to the sale, but everything in the sale gets marked at 70% off until the end of February!


Disappointment Incarnate

Elizabeth brought home a spare sandwich from work yesterday. What kind? No one knew... Oooo, mystery sandwich!

Fast forward to now. This'll make the perfect baby nap snack. Let's see... um... Cucumber? Cucumber is not a type of sandwich! Stacks of cucumber w/lettuce, tomato and too much mayo. At least its got a piece of cheese...
Yaaaawn. Stretch. Judgment day. I have many questions for DCF. I'm sure, as usual, they won't have many answers.

Thanks for all the words of support. Get those wallets ready 'cause we're gonna cash in on that baby shower thing ;)


This is just a blog post to comment on the fact that there were so many blog posts today. That'll teach ya to read ;)

Don't know what I mean

The drop side crib was, in fact, discontinued. The retailer is upgrading up to the stationary side for free.

Scribblenauts Sells A Million

Yay! Sequel time! And more blog posts about Scribblenauts!

Why won't the friggin' cat stay away from the baby?! How many times does she need her ear pulled or tail eaten before she learns?

Ebook light


Really? Is there some reason a $600 gadget need to have an add-on SO YOU CAN SEE IT? Did no one think that not having a back light means YOU DON'T HAVE A BACKLIGHT? I'll just add this to my list of reasons why ebook readers are dumb.

Check out the new baby digs

Crib ordered:


Must Own Mugs!


Finished Far Cry 2

OMFG! Amazing, crazy game! Its gonna be years before they make anything like this again, and when they do its gonna be a half-assed Euro release. I played Boiling Point on Gametap that tried to do this, but that game barely worked. Let's look at what I learned on my African tour of duty:

If you hear a car engine rev up, jump to the side.
Money can't fix Africa, only bullets.
Anyone wanting to lead a political party should just be shot in the head.
Russian guns are built to last.
There is a briefcase full of conflict diamonds under every bridge.

..oh, yeah, and AFRICA SUCKS! ;)

Congrats! Its a girl! Again...

Just been told we've been granted permanent guardianship because the kids didn't go to their psych eval today. God help me...

DCF coming Thurs. to "answer any questions".

You can rent tetbooks!!!


Doubt they're the only one either.
...or not. Sale is actually b2g1 on select titles. Says on main game page. good prices tho. ratchet&clank for $36
LOL! Now mom is scoping me on game sales :)

gohastings.com - buy one get one free. Nowhere on the site does it say this until you get to the checkout page then it will show one game free.

Fun Fact

Zamfir's first name is Gheoghe
BG can slowly crawl backwards now. Forwards still seems to elude her.

Game News

A lot of rumblings going on over at Take2 Software again. Wouldn't be surprised to see another attempted EA takeover in a couple of months.
Don't know why I'm ripping all these CDs. I mean, is it really worth 200mb to store a 'Best of Opera' CD?
This should piss off Elizabeth: Sherlock Holmes is the most downloaded movie on BitTorrent for the second week in a row.
Last week: Very, very bad baby week (even with Elizabeth home 2 day). Here's hoping this week is better. Maybe she was just cranky about getting old ;) Chloe turned 7 months on the 30th.

Yesterday was the first day I missed taking a baby pic.

Pushed around furniture to widen living room. Found 3 pacifiers, 2 chewy toys, and 1 chocolate chip under the couch.

Started digitizing CD collection this weekend. Over the next week, keep watch on Opera/Media Player for tons of new music. If you want anything for yourself, email me and I can move the MP3s to the File Share for downloading.