Who is da Toad?

I received an email from Elizabeth's Aunt Anne wondering who I was after the last batch of pictures went up. I thought everyone else might find the below anecdote amusing, so I have re-posted it here for your entertainment:

"As for the why? I've been "plugged in" long before the days of the Internet. It was a digital Wild West when we all used slow, noisy modems to dial into local PCs and no one used their real names. Everyone had a "handle", kinda like truckers on CB radio. I vaguely remember somewhere around 1990 or so when I was starting up a new BBS (old dial-up server that would probably equate to a single web site today) and I wanted a new handle/nickname. Later that evening I received a phone call from a former co-worker who called me a "toad" for not having kept in touch. I added the "da" portion to give a slight twist and ran with it. Today, most of my Internet accounts are so old I haven't bothered to put in my real name. Being a PC tech by trade also makes me very aware of how much risk is involved when posting real personal information in a public place. My birth date and address are usually off by one number unless I'm buying something online. Just a little healthy paranoia.

I also use as other aliases :)

Its a little "old school" and probably a wee bit paranoid as well, but I gotta tell 'ya, I've never had any problems with identity theft (knock on wood)."

I left out the part about serving pirate data for the past 20 years ;) You probably wouldn't get quite so many movies if I was myself all over the net.

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