Why why why can't I get Arby's sauce in a bottle? Anyone know a BBQ sauce that comes close?
Coulton's song "Code Monkey" is on Rock Band now :)

Free Comic Day Tomorrow!

This one snuck up on me. Go get yer free funny books tomorrow! Last year even had Clone Wars. I'm sure BG would find many of them delicious as well ;)

Sony Dash ready to hit the market

Mmmmm. Sony Chumby! Don't know? Google Chumby. Do want! Needs Hulu tho.

Sony Dash ready to hit the market: "

Back at CES 2010 we saw that Sony unveiled the Dash during their press conference, and while this was never going to be a game changer of any kind, it was still nice to see yet another touchscreen device ready to hit the market. Well, a good 4 months or so has elapsed since then, and it is finally good to know that Sony will be introducing its Dash Wi-Fi touchscreen device to the market at last, where you are able to receive real-time, personalized Internet content that is pushed to you regardless of whether you are at home or at the office. The Sony Dash has been tagged with a $199 price tag, where you can purchase it online from SonyStyle.com or pick it up from other Sony Style retail stores and authorized dealers nationwide.

You get a 7″ color touchscreen display to view all the relevant information being shown, where the Dash will rely on a current wireless internet connection in order to receive a continuous display of your selections from more than 1,000 free apps, where many of them are offered via Chumby Industries, Inc., where among these include news, calendars, weather, sports, and social networking. Not only that, with the use of BRAVIA Internet Video, the Sony Dash is able to let you be entertained via TV episodes, films and additional video content and music from a host of other providers such as CBS, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and Slacker amongst others.

You will be pleased to know that the Dash will boast a playlist of your own personalized internet world which is constantly refreshed and pushed to you, hence helping you save time since there is less need to search for your favorite content or to log onto your favorite sites. Apart from all of the above mentioned, the Sony Dash also doubles up as an alarm clock, letting you wake up through your favorite music videos, internet radio or other video content instead of the standard alarm clock buzzer which is old hat by now. Nice to know that multi-tasking is also supported, which means you can refer to a recipe in the kitchen while having some MP3 files playing in the background.

Press Release

No Wrong Notes Strumstick

No Wrong Notes Strumstick: "

Hitting the right notes all the time does not come naturally for most folks, which is why the No Wrong Notes Strumstick comes in handy for beginners who want to give this three-stringed instrument a go. You will not need any kind of musical training beforehand to handle this 29″ long instrument which is more or less similar to a ‘dulcitar,’ where it relies on a special diatonic fretting of an Appalachian dulcimer. The strings have been specially tuned in a drone relationship in such a manner where there are no wrong notes, letting one play a major scale by simply fretting just one string and strumming like a guitar. It comes with a pitch range of 2 1/2 octaves, featuring a sound that might be mistaken to a banjo and mandolin to the unseen eye. Nice to know this $199.95 purchase comes with instructional DVD to guide you right out of the box in a step-by-step manner alongside two- and three-string melodies as well as folk classics.

Check out the Coolest Gadgets 2008 Gift Guides, Christmas shopping made easy.
[ No Wrong Notes Strumstick copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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BG is very chewy today

No More Men

Looking at a press release about Via's new tablets (EVERYONE has one coming out. Look for daToadPad soon!), I noticed this line:

VIA launches 6.5 inch and 15 inch VIA VIPRO touch screen panel PCs for next generation Human Machine Interface applications

Ugh. Behold the death of MMI: Man Machine Interface. Now we're just human... Wouldn't be in this position if they hadn't changed the intro to Star Trek :(


Don't know if you're still looking for a camera, but I saw this in the new Big Lots ad: http://www.biglots.com/Specials/item.aspx?cid=17&scid=223&iid=7871&r_em=datoad42%40gmail.com&zcp=1000

Kudos to the Mrs.

Elizabeth got a call from DCF after reading my last blog entry and took my issues to people that matter (a little). A certain guardian ad libem is gotta get a little smack for being a busybody :)

So, in conclusion, F U Steam and your *really good explitave deleted* Rockstar games sale! Never been so pissed about getting a game I love for $2.50 before! Grrrrrrr!!!!

*cunty. Sorry, too good to leave out ;)
Tired. Couldn't sleep. DCF guardian visited last night & got me worked up. Too many women in DCF. It all just degrades into gossip and finger pointing. No one in the whole damn organization has EVER attempted anything even vaguely resembling and investigation. Kinda moot now that it has been over a year. Still, you'd think that someone would be attempting to HELP the situation rather than muck raking and attempting create multi-generational family in-fighting.

Somewhere along the line someone fucked up. Bad. Obviously no one is going to own up at this point and there (seemingly) is no evidence finger the culprit. It seems to be that any parties involved should be re-educated, monitored, and reunited. Second chance it for, as DCF so often quotes, "for the good of the child".

Way Bad Shopping

The new Episodes from Liberty City finally went on sale. Friggin' $22.50! only 25% off! Everything else has been 75%. Damnit! Shoulda just got the pack. Pfft! Get it for $10 next sale...

Woot Off!

Picked these up:
Luv n’ Care Baby Nursery Lamp

Vice City

Sure is a pain in the ass to keep running now tho...

Bad Shopping

I reaaaaaly should've just bit on the $42 Rockstar pack in the Steam sale. Now I gotta babysit the 2hr "special sales" to check for the couple I want and everything thing else is "well, it would be nice, but do I really need PC version of Bully for $7.50?" I can't go back now, cause I've already dropped $5 on games in the Rockstar pack, so that'd be a waste...

On the upside, it has been soooo cool to play Vice City again :)
BG was is the porta-crib while Granpop opened up some windows. She managed to snatch a full cup of Granpop's Tea from the table, pour it over her crib, and bonk herself in the head with the cup. She's okay (ie. not burned).

Good thing we have these cages to keep the baby safe...
Something screwy is going on with Steam. Never a good sign after a new version is just released...

Free Light Bulbs!

Thanks Mom. Pass this one around.

Did this whole iPhone prototype/Gizmodo thing make mainstream news?

Baby's First Swear

BG was crawling around with a drumstick. She tripped herself with it and fell on her face with a softly muttered "damn".

End of an Era

Sony will stop manufacturing floppy disks. Go figure.
BG slept thru one heck of a mean electrical storm last night. Guess she's not as light of a sleeper as we thought. 6-9mo baby just didn't ever want to sleep. Thank God that seems to have passed. 9mo baby has certainly been a lot easier to deal with :)
BTW, blogging this from within Team Fortress. The new Steam client is awesome!

Baby Corral Set Up

Step into The Octagon! Its like the freaking MMA in here :(

Big Fish sale on Steam

I'm sure you have all these, but Steam has Big Fish games -%10. Most seem to be $8.99.

Microwave Replaced

Found the perfect machine at Target. 2.2cu 1250watt w/chrome buttons. Panasonic. You could fit a turkey in this thing! $140! We hadn't seen anything like less than $200. It was $20 more than we were looking to spend, but it sure is one sexy monolith of cooking power.

Baby Talk

Liz & I were just talking about this re: the word duck :)


Attn: Elizabeth

We should get more socks with grippy bottoms.
No comment from Mom on the baby's first steps? Really? I need to check in w/NJ and make sure things are okay.

Spying on the Kids

Katherine's account shows 0hrs in the past two weeks. She's studying all right. Her boyfriend shows 7hrs/2wks. Very good, but Kat said he was a Call of Duty junkie. Don't know his Gamertag.

Nolan Bushnell Returns to Atari

Go figure. Of course Atari isn't even the same company, but still cool to see the father of the 2600 return.

First Steps

Chloe just walked her first 3 steps and promptly fell head over bum
Sometimes you just have to realize that the world doesn't revolve around you. I hate those times ;)
Elizabeth said something wonderful today. "If she old enough to run, she's old enough for day care." Woo Hoo! Florida is gonna pick up the tab to boot!

..or at least the company Florida pays to take care of abused children. Am I the only one who finds it hard to believe that something like this has been privatized?

ATTN: Lou/Lisa/Liz

Remind me to get Lou CD burning software & disks for his backup. I've got plenty of blank DVDs here.
If a post is deleted and no one read it, did it ever exist? Guess that depends on when Google cached it.... We're "off the grid" here. Google doesn't crawl this page ;) So...no?

Baby Pics

Liz wanted me to email these to Mom, but it seems easier to post here:
From Chloe 9mos

From Chloe 9mos

From Chloe 9mos
The Sims doesn't teach baby proofing. It sure the hell taught me how to rearrange furniture though.

All Fall Down

Ya know how you spend a couple months setting up all the dominoes a few at a time, then the day comes to knock 'em all down? That's today, but with chores. Don't expect to hear too much from me in the next couple of days (email too, I've got like 4 emails from Mom alone).

Elizabeth, your job is to price and size baby corrals. I'll also need ETA if we are gonna be waiting on the EBT card.
Had to have the cat put down. Been a little somber 'round here today. Calm, quiet, overcast. Poetic :) Even BG's been sleeping a lot today.
I saw 2 of those puffball dandelions out back. I decided not to blow on them because it was cliched.

Granpop blog good today ;)
...and smoking. and shopping. I like to do those too ;)
We all deal with grief in different ways. Me? I like to rant ;)
Now that's good blogging!


Its tough. Gotta go earn that payola. Tough gettin' yelled at & beaten down by the man. Only got 1 free hour for lunch then its back to sit through another powerpoint presentation with 4 of your buds. Then the hour sitting in a car listening to the radio to get back home. "Dad's" got a lot to do to get that cold hard cash. Without dem dolla's everyone would just stop moving, breathing, and feeling. The entire universe would cease to exist. Lotsa responsibility keeping the universe running! Yep, only gonna be good for scratching and watching TV. Damn, is it garbage night? Hrmp! Can't believe people still expect "Dad" to a chore once a week!

Then tragedy strikes. Just gotta go! Get out! Don't you know how much "stress" "Dad" has already. Didn't you see that decision he had to make back there! Jeeze! "Mom" can hold the fort. "Mom" "just" takes care of the castle. Pfft! Sweeping. Doesn't hold a candle to powerpoint. "Mom" doesn't have real "stress". "Mom" spends 10 times the amount of time with the Tragedy, and can't be that affected because "Mom" spent that much more time involved. Like callouses on your mouse clicking finger. Oh so many clicks in powerpoint! Too much "stress"! Just gotta go. Now!

Michael Krutzler
with a jolly eff yoo for all the "Dads" out there ;)

Exclusive Baby Pics!

This is funny. For the first time ever, there were 2 VERY different 'baby pics of the day'. The funniest part is that I managed to forget to post either one of them. Let's fix that, shall we:

From da Toad's Pad

From da Toad's Pad
There is an Alpha Centauri mod for Civilization 4! Trying it for the first time now. Even been patched for several months. Looking very good.


No meat out, so not doing meatballs (won't thaw in time now). Still got the sauce ready. Ziti? Gonna have to be quick with DCF coming tonight.

Cat problems cont

I think the cat doesn't have much pressure in peeing either. Don't know how else to put it.

Attn; Diane: Vet Help

Cat's been sick for couple of weeks. Her poop is small & very dry. She goes in the litter box often and whines a lot. She coughed up a large hairball 4 days ago, but nothing else odd.

We have switched her to canned cat food. We also had her eat Vasoline a couple times last week. she seems slightly better. Any ideas?
Lost some of the larger bushes in the back over this brutal winter. Looks like my staring bush is dead (the bush I stare at while smoking) :( On the upside, I haven't seen any vines yet. They would've usually started by now.
BG just ate most of the insulation off of my Guitar Hero drum cable. Don't know how thats possible. Guess dry rot? Cheap POS ;)

In the interest of "Fair and Ballanced" reporting

Elizabeth now seems to have my stomach problems from last week :(

Game On

I've been playing a lot of flash games after finishing Just Cause 2. Be sure to check out http://armorgames.com/. Its all free and doesn't even you to sign up for an account. Ad-block friendly too!


I'm blogging about how much I don't feel like blogging.

Worn out

baby checkup went fine. Had her iron levels double-checked (WIC said they were low) and they are fine as well.

Taking care of the baby all week then doing all of Elizabeth's heavy lifting chores are really taking a toll. I'm in pretty bad shape (nothing major; sore, tired, stressed, etc). Having to take care of everything while sick hasn't helped. Probably not gonna do well this week. Overdid last week so maybe balance out? Pfft. Chores don't stop. Ever. Wish I had help with...um...anything. Playing cabin boy for 2 helpless women is exhausting and I don't think my 1hr break at night is quite cutting muster.


Still wanna try DJ Hero? On sale @ Toys R Us for $50. Might be able to find a coupon.
Baby checkup today

Chloe's Lullaby

Still NOTHING like roots reggae to mellow out the baby :)
Do you think BG will appreciate that her first smile was Tweeted? Of course, so was the color of her poop XD
Photos are muuuuuuuch better in the digital age. Not quality wise (that's for sure), but just so very much more convenient with developing film and storing all the crap. It's nothing to burn through 100 pics these days and the resultant data won't even fill a CD.

Easter pics should be up by the time you read this. Maybe. Baby just woke up ;)

Random Stuff

Don't worry about me seeing comments on the blog. Every comment posted is emailed to me and shows up on my home page.

Stop leaving knives coated with peanut butter on the counter. Sink or dishwasher please.

Got dinner with Elizabeth's Aunt & Uncle tonight. Really hope I have a chance to shower first ;) Will try to remember to get a pic of Chloe in her dress before we head out.

A Moment of Clarity

Okay, so while cleaning the garage in prep for the hot water heater move, Granpop decided to take a close look at The Shelf rather than panicking. Turns out that the sagging drywall that caused me so much distress is not, in fact, holding up the water heater. There is a wonderfully stable (I hope!) solid wood shelf there with just a drywall "skin" covering it for appearances. Yay! Threw a few drywall screws in the bottom to improve appearances, and I think I'm good. Now it looks like when I moved in rather than the vomit inducing terror I noticed last week.

Plus Granpop re-learned an important lesson. Regardless of babies, courts, cops, wives, and household disasters, ALWAYS make some quiet time for objective analysis of problems.

Um, sorry. I'm sure there was a better, more cliched way of saying that, but I'm sore and tired.

Happy Birthday!

Thanks everybody! Gonna got eat me some Japanese Steakhouse now.

Lou Speaks

Lou says:
"Hi, from the other side"

Flying F@CK Machine!

Must see! Safe for work!

Bah, who cares what I'm up to. I know why you'r here:

BG is dangerously close to discovering the cat pan :(
Thanks for all the b-day loot. My big plan for the day? I wanna get the vacuum cleaner unclogged.


How the hell do people store quilts! Buy a Shed? They're huge! they don't fold well. I don't know.
Somehow I was expecting a longer nap...
I'm really sick of doing things for other people. Being sick doesn't help probably.

Not related to this post (just bad timing), the toaster is fixed.
BG is finally down for a nap. rather shocking since she's been up since 6:30. Can't believe it took this long.

How am I today. 50%. Still feels like my guts are gonna pop, but better than past couple days. Headache also down by about 50%.

Thanks for the e-cards. I'll find time to look at them soon. Know that your thought have counted ;) Easter baby pics now on hard drive. Up over weekend at the latest

Help me!

That hot water heater problem has gone from keeping me up at night, to making me vomit in fear. Who do I call? Plumber, handyman, carpenter? Could I do it myself? How much does an empty hot water heater weigh?
Hot this morning. First time this year. Pretty damn far from the last...
Lou just popped over. Great timing, huh?
Not gonna make it today. If that offer for you to come home in the afternoon is still open, I'll take it.

Oh, and despite what WIC says, no fish for the baby. Duh. Even trace amounts of mercury stay in the brain FOREVER. She's getting more than enough mercury from the vaccinations :(

Double or Nothing

If 3rd hand DCF gossip is to be believed (usually not), Baby2 is being pulled from her home (drugs). The court wants to keep baby2 & 3 together, apparently even if it mean putting them both up for adoption together.
Teaching BG to situp & roll over taught me that you REALLY can't guess when those new skills are gonna kick in. Still, wouldn't surprise me to see Chloe walking by the end of the week.
UGH. Grandpop does not feel well...
That guy playing Asteriods live on Justin.TV? He broke the record! 58hrs on 1 quarter! The old record lasted for 28 years.


Everyone okay on the new blog template?
BG is really starting to say "Hi" a lot. Sometimes even in the correct context :)


Was gonna post on mom's comment, but thought I bust it out for general information:

Re: Will It Blend?
This is actually very popular series on the web. It is technically a commercial. Blendtec is a real company selling high end blenders. They put out video of them blending various geeky gadgets so they get front page on Youtube. Viral marketing. "Will it blend?" is now an Internet meme. Check the comments on any Woot item for evidence ;)
Also of note, today was the first day in weeks that the baby wasn't awake at 6:30. Sure glad we went and woke her up anyway. That'll teach her! Stupid...
Just got back from a baby check-up at WIC. Sarah showed up :rolleyes: She was supposedly sick and didn't touch the baby. Thing went smoothly, but the whole time was rather distasteful. Stupid idea to go. The cargiver assistance covers the baby food expense. All we did today was give Sarah a shred of power to lord over us. Told Elizabeth not to do this, but she just snapped at me.

Not feeling good today. Lower abdominal pain (gas probably) and pulled something this weekend in my lower back. Just in time for yard work! Yay!
Seems like all of BG's pox are gone now. Baby zits look pretty good too. Hair still sucks ;)
Skimmed today's email pissing contest between Sarah & Elizabeth. You should schedule a hug for Diane today :) GRANPOP HAS SPOKEN.

Nothing Special

Not much here. Grandpop hit burnout last week (duh, its all down there ;) and took Easter weekend off. Today's a chore catch up day, so busy, busy, busy.

Sorry I didn't do ecards or anything. Feel like I just barely got my breath back from The Hollidays. Easter baby pics up "soon".
Don't forget you can click on a pic to make it bigger. Actually, it'll take you to Picassa, but whatever. Still bigger.
It is the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Deluxe Playard if your interested. Got a great deal: -$20 for the sale and had 20% off coupon ;)
got new porta-crib/play yard for BG courtesy of the government! She had bounced the bottom thru on the last one. Cheap POS. Got a nice one w/padded sheets to go on it. Yay Florida tax payers!
Soooooooooooo Friggin' sick of cute. So much cute all the time...
There's nothing obviously wrong with the baby tonight. She's just getting up every 2 hours.
Tried to use Internet radio for lullabies tonight. No difference vs. quiet. Definitely want to test a few more times tho.
After all day of trying to get the baby to sleep, FedEx dropped off the baby crib conversion kit and woke her up after 15mins.
Gotta stop making idle threats on the blog. You should see the ones I delete! This was actually nicer when no one was reading...

Happy Easter

Both the baby and the cat have been crying for hours. I'm pretty sure that the shelf for the hot water heater is bowed in more than last time I noticed it. Lawn looks like crap. I'm damn near ready to pawn eveything I own and walk away. Just... whatever.

ATTN: Elizabeth

BG had Tylenol, Mylocon, & vapor rub @ 12:30AM.
nope :(
Will Granny make it hope in time to change the big poop?
We need to start keeping the baby in hats. Her hair sucks anyway. 2 bird, 1 stone.


This was the top story on CAG today:

daToad Under Investigation for Selling Stolen Goods
By CheapyD, Today
I felt it was important to alert the community that CAG daToad is currently under investigation for selling stolen goods on our trading forum. All current transactions that involve daToad should be terminated immediately.

I know its very shocking to hear these allegations as daToad has previously been an upstanding member of our community, however certain evidence has come to light which cannot be ignored.

For more details, or if you have been a victim of daToad, please contact us at tradescam@cheapassgamer.com.

Funny April 1 joke (I assume :) and a nice bit of scripting as well

Toshiba Tube Top!

Baby Stuff

Seems like things may finally be coming to a head in the kids' baby case. Just got interviewed by Sheriff's department and Chloe has a evaluation of some kind on 4/6 with WIC.

I keep telling ya, this is way more than "just" taking care of a baby. Thank God Elizabeth does all the paperwork at least.

Hidden Object Game

I know Mom likes these, so: