Microwave Replaced

Found the perfect machine at Target. 2.2cu 1250watt w/chrome buttons. Panasonic. You could fit a turkey in this thing! $140! We hadn't seen anything like less than $200. It was $20 more than we were looking to spend, but it sure is one sexy monolith of cooking power.


  1. It must be a guy thing but who the h--l needs something that big. How big is your cup for tea?????? LOL

  2. "Guy thing" my ass. I've seen you shop for electronics :)

    It also has true power levels (rather than just cycling the oven off and on).

    Besides, doubling the amount of oven we get for $20 is a no brainer!

  3. Are we going to compare electronics Mr 65" tv, or the one who drools over tb drives, or how many times have the computer been rebuilt? Should I continue Mr.Kettle? LOL We could have a real match going on, me and my 40" tv.

  4. Yeah, let's keep going ;)

    How much was your TV? Mine was free with $100 delivery charge. What you get for the price of a laptop, I get in a $500 upgrade.

    Don't blame me for being a better/luckier/more patient shopper ;)

    BTW, this microwave is only slightly larger than the one you left here :P

  5. Can I help it if my son is in Fl and can't upgrade my laptop? Wait, he'll be getting my old one to fix and upgrade, then we'll see who's the smarter one. I'll have 2 state of the art laptops! :) We could keep this going forever, you know that don't you?

    Love ya!

  6. Yeah, I know. This is why I wanted something more like a message forum.

    Also, you can't upgrade laptops (much). That's why I keep telling you to get a desktop LOL

    We can skip the laptop debate this time ;) I know all your reasons and you know mine, so lets just blow raspberries on this one.