No Wrong Notes Strumstick

No Wrong Notes Strumstick: "

Hitting the right notes all the time does not come naturally for most folks, which is why the No Wrong Notes Strumstick comes in handy for beginners who want to give this three-stringed instrument a go. You will not need any kind of musical training beforehand to handle this 29″ long instrument which is more or less similar to a ‘dulcitar,’ where it relies on a special diatonic fretting of an Appalachian dulcimer. The strings have been specially tuned in a drone relationship in such a manner where there are no wrong notes, letting one play a major scale by simply fretting just one string and strumming like a guitar. It comes with a pitch range of 2 1/2 octaves, featuring a sound that might be mistaken to a banjo and mandolin to the unseen eye. Nice to know this $199.95 purchase comes with instructional DVD to guide you right out of the box in a step-by-step manner alongside two- and three-string melodies as well as folk classics.

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