There is also a white aPad that is designed to look like an ebook reader for $100, some are calling it the ebook Touch. Same core machine as the aPad. No web cam, half the price, twice as ugly. Of course, having more buttons like the white one would probably be more practical.

Mom found the iPed

Called the aPad, its all over eBay. You can get one shipped direct from Hong Kong for $200.
Yup, the baby's sick :(


Any luck finding that Palm Pilot? ;)


Seems a good time to remind everyone of the parental controls on their PCs, cable boxes, and video game consoles. Phones too, I'd imagine.


ATTN: Lou/Lisa

Wanna come over for grilling tomorrow?

Free Apps

Since everyone in NJ has an iPhonePod, let me pimp this site:

I just follow their Twitter via RSS.
GameStop has three other active coupon codes, delivering 15 percent off used video games (PPLAY 15), 15 percent off new games over $29.99 (2D15) and 25 percent off new game orders of $100 or more (25DEAL)

Funimation Up for Sale?!

The anime fad has been dying for... oh I'd say about 6 years or so now. Funimation has been the only company out there pushing large volumes of well supported product (not to mention buying up everyone else's IP as they closed). Now Funimation's parent company is looking to sell.

This will probably end "mainstream" anime in America. Hope ya like fan subs!
BG is very stuffy and probably has a cold. No temp (yet)

Cheap vid cam

Big Lots, Sun & Mon: 5mp video cameras are $25. Probably need SD card too, but there ya go.

Chloe went to work

Elizabeth was in the area to get day care paperwork done and decided to take Chloe to the office for the last couple hours :) Funny stuff.

New AC is now installed. True enough to its name, the new Friedrich Quietmaster Programmable sounds like the hurricane room at MOSI.

Old, but in case you missed it

My Pipboy 3000

Got this on Buzz, so figured "free blog post":

re: Today's pic of iPhone armband

Diane Krutzler - Nice arm band! :)

da Toad Krutzler - Thanks! I plotzed when I found it in Best Buy. It makes me feel like Buck Rogers. Can't wait until they get a FAST "go anywhere" Internet connection. It is also drool proof and chew resistant!
Friggin' make that last one myself> Very happy with the armband!

iPhone stand

Here's another:
Goin' to the park


Just when you think it can't get any worse, check out this quote:

There 420,000 employees based at its Shenzhen plant alone. Foxconn has taken measures to counter the suicides by installing nets around the company dormitories where the employees live as well as the factories. According to the company's CEO, "Although this seems like a dumb measure, at least it could save a life should anyone else fall." Other measures include a contract in which employees promise not to comment suicide or sue the company.

Late Night Reflections

Can blogging make you wiser? Almost certainly not. It can, however, make you more... thoughtful.
I wasn't listening to it on my iPod. Using my little Sansa Clip I got in a Woot Bag of Crap. Wanted to use a MP3 player I knew would work while I mowed the lawn. Don't have stupid proprietary iPod headphones and it wouldn't pair with my bluetooth headset. Grrr

Costello Music

The Fratellis' album Costello Music is easily the most enjoyable album I've heard since Greenday's American Idiot.
Man, that iPod is constantly raping my WiFi! No wonder colleges were afraid of these things.

Norton Online Family; Review

You see this? This looks like important stuff for anyone with a kid:
Dork Tower by John Kovalic
Played a little Sim City on the iPod. I would really love to Maxis to do a full OS skin based on the Sims/SimCity interface. Just so elegant and pleasing on the eye. Would also definitely have to include jazz music!


This! This was all I wanted. No one at Radio Shack or Best Buy thought this was useful?! I had a damn iPhone for 2 days before I realized I needed one.

Baby Update

Let me just whine a bit about my busted-ass AC. There. All done.

BG has really, really advanced in the past week. She knows when she's tired and knows she needs help getting to sleep. Putting her in her crib to sleep is now a normal and acceptable thing.

Walking is the primary mode of movement, but she nearly always has to drag some one with her.

Chloe will now pick up an item, bring it to you, and say "This?". This is your cue to "do the thing". Usually reading a book or putting on this one particular shoe she likes (even though its 2 sizes too big).

Despite my initial concerns, she is very pleasant and "well behaved" (by baby standards), except for one thing:

She is greedy. Anything your using that catches her eye will be desired. She'll ask, then grab, then throw a fit. Even putting said object in her lap so you can "use it together" is unacceptable. Highly annoying!

Oh, and she's fat. This would be only the second time Chloe has looked "fat". She's so tall (I'm told) that its kinda hard to get some meat on her bones.

Rock Band 3 Speculation

Looks like Rock Band 3 will be adding vocal harmonies (a la: RB: The Beatles) and (finally) keyboards.

Pfft, nursery. Shoulda cleaned out that room for plastic instruments.

Guest Blogger

Elizabeth did my work for me today. Here's an email I got:

I love it - drop side cribs have been around since the 50's - I used them with both of my daughters and now congress wants to ban them. Maybe instead of banning them, manufacturers should build them with better quality materials and higher standards - like they used to. If the cribs are too expensive for consumers they can just stop making them for that reason. We don't need an act of congress for this.

OK, that is my rant for the day.
MS Live Messenger has been offline. Fixed.
Chloe Has pretty much abandoned crawling for walking today. Socked feet make much, much less noise than bare hands :(

Liz babbled something about the blog being hacked. I'll check it later. I don;'t see it in my iGoogle, just push posts. Run virus scan if it looks bad.
For being a, ya know, iPod, the iPod Touch is a horrible MP3 player.

Revolt NoW!

No moar lil hats!

PIR8 Kw33n Chlo3

$5 Amazon MP3 giveaway

Woo! I get to do a giveaway! Want a $5 code for Amazon's MP3s. First one ask gets it!

How's that for blogging!
Now Liz is gonna be up working @ 2 AM all weekend too. WOnderfull

I hate DCF

Got a new guardian coming over tomorrow. ON A SATURDAY! The nerve. Of course its another female. Doubt there is 1 man working for DCF. Would put money on it.

Now we have to explain the whole damn situation AGAIN because no one ever knows what's up and listen to some wanna-be do-gooder lecture about how great they are because they're "just doing it for the children".


Many, many expletives deleted.


2TB drive for $110! Teratastic!
Blog looks good on the. iPod . Blogger doesn't work but igoogle widget does

PvZ iPhone

Is there anything better than the sound of peas thumping against rotting flesh?

Blogged (slowly) via iPod

No wonder they're killing themselves!

Seems Foxconn is making Wiimotes as well as iPhones. Glad I bought my Wiimotes used too ;)
Yeah, that was the best pic I could get today...

There's an "illegal" app for that!

Let's see what's in the Cydia app store that Apple won't let you have if you follow their rules:

SNES emulator
Caller blacklist
Force Feedback for tapping/typing

Here's the best though: An app that lets you use the old iPod video out cables. Yep, the old cables work fine but have been DISABLED BY APPLE SO YOU MUST BUY THEIR NEW $50 CABLE!

Its not just about free stuff, its about using the tech you paid $100s for to its fullest potential. Shame there doesn't seem to be a Flash enabled browser :( Wouldn't want to get all the free, legal games, movies, and music on Internet now would we?

Also, with all the news out of the Foxconn plant making these thing, I sure am glad I didn't give Apple any of my money.

New Pics

New pics added to Chloe@9mo album featuring S&J w/BG (feel the wrath of my abbreviations!) and a couple shots of the blooming gardenias ('cause Mom always wants garden shots).

Everyone Laugh at Lou

Speaking of Lou, he apologized for using the word "boobies" in a comment. He was concerned about Brandon reading. XD
I keep having to put BG in her crib and let her fuss to get her nap done. It is very stressful on me.

Stress. Lou was right. Such a freaking overused term these days. Think I'm gonna see about cutting it out.

For this post, think I'll go with... upsetting.

iTunes Sucks

Installing iTunes has BUTCHERED my file associations on both a system level as well as a browser level. I don't want anything to open with iTunes as a default, let alone EVERYTHING! This was even after unchecking the box to associate files durring the install!
Screw all the chores, Granpop & BG went to the park for the afternoon :)

Jailbreaking the iPod

yeah, I went there.

It was a breeze once I figured out what I was looking for. Lots of hardware variants & OS versions complicated this. This is obviously a Scene that has matured. Software was GUI and worked flawlessly. Even cleaner than the modern Wii hacks (the old ones I used were barbaric).

iPod Touch Pwnd!

Scored a 3rd hand iPod Touch! Let's check this thing out after about 3hrs of use:

The screen- Amazing! Bright, good color, amazing viewing angle.
Interface- Touch interface works as well as advertised. Takes a while to get used to the glass screen vs old school mushy touch screens
OS- Its much faster than I would've expected. Google maps almost seems to run better than on my PC (probably due to a much lower resolution)
Feel: This thing feels sturdy. Very solid.

No Flash support: yeah, I'm gonna kick that dead horse!
iTunes: Ugh! what a PoS. No 2 way synch! You've gotta be kidding me.
No SD slot: unforgivable & dumb

The meh:
Need a stand.
Speaker a little quiet.
Virtual keyboard kinda sucks when not in landscape mode and you can't tilt to change once you open the keyboard up.
The web browser is the best I've seen in a portable device EXCEPT IT DOESN'T SUPPORT FLASH!!!

*I'll be editing/add to this as time permits

Empire Strikes Back, The 1950 Production

Got a new friggin' DCF case worker today. This case has been going on so long no one can keep their stories straight anymore. Why do we even need to bring anyone up to speed? First I hear that Pinellas and Jackson country DCF don't share records and now it seems that a new person doesn't even have any of the damn info we've been telling the last case worker. WTF!

Yeah, these are the kind of people that should be in charge of "protecting" children.

Oven Fixed

Tech says this model has a known bad power inverter and the company has never bothered to redesign the module. 5 minute fix.

The Pirate Bay now a political refugee

The Pirate Bay (TPB) was taken offline again by the MPAA yesterday. They're back up today (as usual). The kicker? The Pirate Party of Sweden is providing the bandwidth! Yep, the site that launched a political movement has just been embraced by that movement in return. This is gonna get even bigger before we're done. Check out this statement from the Pirate Party:

“We got tired of Hollywood’s cat and mouse game with the Pirate Bay so we decided to offer the site bandwidth,” he adds. “It is time to take the bull by the horns and stand up for what we believe is a legitimate activity.”

The Party adds the attempts at censoring The Pirate Bay “is an attempt to silence one of today’s most important opinion makers in matters of civil liberties and rights on the web,” adding that it is “nothing less than political censorship, and something that any democratic-minded person must reject.”

What do I think? I like to get free stuff! However, I am also a strong believer in unrestricted and unmonitored Internet usage. Oh, and art wants to be free!

*Edit to add: Before anyone snickers at the Pirate Party, it is interesting to note that the party already has European Union Parliamentary seats in both Sweden and Germany.

Bathed in Blood

Gonna be a craptastic day. BG got a nasty paper cut from one of her books this morning. I've been through 3 band-aid, but she keeps sucking on 'em and they fall off. Got a lot of blood on the both of us and it hurts whenever she touches anything.
I just watched a show in the DVR from Feb! Egads!

Update on Chloe and Dinner

Turns out Elizabeth is actually making some kind of fancy "steak salad". Looks good.

BG has been a... problem the past couple of days. The Change is here! Run for the hills!

Public Service Announcement

Summer is here and you need to clean your electronics. Dust everything that plugs in, vacuum out all fans/vents (in a couple short sucks; DO NOT allow the vacuum to spin the fan for long as this could burn out the motor), and check all power plugs (they can wiggle free).
I've gotta be the only guy in the country that sees what his Mrs. took out for dinner and goes "Steak? Meh." ;)
You know the other problem with raising Not Your Child? You HAVE the option to get rid of them. Not just an idle threat, but very real alternatives. It really adds to the whole "why am I putting up with this" stuff that I'm sure all parents go through.

Free Game for DSi

Brandon may want to check out the DSi store (or whatever its called) for the game Photo Dojo. It should be free until June 11
Got the oven part. Tech coming tomorrow 8-noon.
Been raining since yesterday afternoon. Good to keep temps down. Not so good for yard work.

Sounds like a win/win to me ;)
No pic yesterday. Spontaneously decided to take the baby to the zoo.

Time Lapse Video of Eyjafjallajökull

Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull - May 1st and 2nd, 2010 from Sean Stiegemeier on Vimeo.

Geez! 4hr baby nap! Nearly got all my work done for the day, and lemme tell ya, Friday's Clean Up for the Weekend chores are nothing to sneeze at!

I really need to stop doing so much on Fri. Liz is always looking to drag us out all night. Besides, Friday is supposed to be a day for slacking.

Who's Your Favorite Blogger?

Damn right! Out here producing all this content for YOUR entertainment. Wondering what would make a great "Thank You" present? Maybe a 5', $3400 Gundam model!
Buy A 5-Foot Tall Gundam For ,400
Because if you don't, this here little baby may end up like this:

Think about it!

Free Game

Portal is free on Steam (supposedly until the 24th). Link on the main Steam store page (
I think I realized I wasn't holding anything back for BG, but I was afraid I was.

blog, blog, blog

Damn you guys will read anything!

Feeling Better

Dunno if its because the stress from court is wearing off or if I actually got something that mattered off my chest, but I feel better since the Not My Kid rant.

I should really make an effort to blab about the good stuff more. Its just... Ya know... Who the hell bothers to drag out the soapbox to tell people that things are just fine ;)

What the Heck Do I Do All Day?

Partly for "the record", partly cause I thought my mommy would enjoy it, I present My (ideal) Average Day:

6:30-7:30AM Chloe & Mike wake up. Liz readies & leaves for work.
7:30AM Baby feeding
8:30AM Tea & Internet
10:00AM Morning nap time; Projects & chores
11:30AM-12:30PM "Lunch Time Show" (dishes; Lunch; Bath; Baby dresses)
3:00PM Afternoon nap time; Video games & chores
5:30-6PM Liz home
6:30-7:30PM Dinner
8:30PM "Babyriffic Bedtime Show" (Baby changes to PJs; Snack; "Bullshit Nap")
10:00PM Liz & Chloe go to bed; Mike cleans & prepares AM supplies
12:00AM-1AM Mike goes to bed

Mmmm, that's horrible blogging ;)
BG has learned to feed Granpop a graham cracker.

God, I hate graham crackers :(

Happy Baby!

Almost forgot! After yet another secret pregnancy (WTF!) Katherine's Dad & Stepmom had a baby girl.

Shoulda just asked me. I've got a spare.

Strike Witches

Liz asked about this show. Today a I saw a review for a crappy game based on it and figured I'd nick their quote:

To the unfamiliar, I could introduce Strike Witches as the perfect example of everything wrong with modern anime, but the truth is that far too many other things could share that description. So I'll just say that it's a show about cutesy, pantsless teenage girls flying around with aerial engines on their legs. Each of them is based on an actual plane and/or a famous pilot, and there's even a blonde pseudo-American girl named after Chuck Yeager.

Katherine @ the Beach

Dork Tower #829 by John Kovalic
BG has more hair to work with now. This has made her hair even more unworkable than before :(

Baby Birthday

So, Chloe is usually a month ahead in growing into a new phase. Hmm. Did we ever get a birth certificate? Secret birth coincidentally happens on Sarah's birthday? Possible of course, but...
Chloe's been eating a lot. She's getting ready to change again. Usually happens 1 month before the next "phase". Shame. I really liked 9-12mo Chloe. At least we had a couple months of months sleeping thru the night...

Gamestop Screws Up in Granpop's Favor

I got the "new" Ratchet&Clank game with the 25% off code and Diane's birthday giftcard. Today I get 2 (?) packages from Gamestop.

The first one contains the old game in a generic case that says its the new game. The other package has a retail case for the new game with the new game, but no manual.

Pfft, Gamestop. Thanks for the free copy of a game I already own. Good thing I got an extra otherwise I would've gotten the wrong one. Should be able to get a couple bucks back in trade for it :) Sorry folks, PS3. Wait. I think the S&J have PS3. Maybe I'll kick it their way.
That new towel rack I just put up fell down, so that suck too.
Raising Not Your Baby is odd, to say the last. You've been reading, you know: the DCF & sheriff's office visits, the paperwork, potential babysitters must submit to a DCF interview and background check by the police, etc; but there is one MUCH bigger problem: The Love.

Sarah was upset at the brand of formula we were using. What happens when her kid keeps calling me daddy? Seriously, where do kids pick up this kind of language ;) The other way is a problem as well. How much can you commit to a child that is perpetually leaving (possibly to never been seen again)?
Funny, I thought there would be a lot of blood involved in growing teeth. Guess not.

@Google & YouTube present A Conversation with Conan O'Brien

daily picture gallery fixed

Happy Mother's Day

I love you, Mom!
Brandon's last name is misspelled on his email ID. I don't know if this is on purpose or not (I'd do it :)
Oooo, check out the new Google results page!

Lords of Ultima

LoU is MUCH bigger than I thought. I got this mail:

Hey there,

Dark Hand of Valor is a top 20 Alliance expanding from Continent 14(South of yours) and looking for new members to help us get a foothold on Continent 4. End game will require every Alliance to control and dominate areas of up to 8 different continents and we are looking to expand to yours. Most Alliances do not realize this and seem to focus only on one continent, join one like DHV which will help you enjoy end-game play.

We are a mix of casual and hard-core players and offer members a full range of in-game forums with many help files and an active player base that helps each other out. We also offer optional access to a high-end guild website consisting of more than 200 players active in various MMOs and corresponding forums.

If this Alliance sounds like a good fit for you,let me know and I will send you an invite.

DHV Commander

Other continents?! Yep. Turns out there are ALOT. DOZENS! DHV? They're actually ranked #16.

Big Game Worlds

Funny that a game from 1990 still has the largest world. Gotta love The Elder Scrolls series!

Quackers is Red

BG's stuffed duck from Easter is from Kids Corp of America. Made in Nanjing, China. No joke, its on the tag.
There is a live stream of a manga artist doing his daily work. The camera just shows a closeup of pages he's drawing cool stuff!

Mother's Day

Big plans for Mother's Day and I'm not invited! I've never been so happy!

Cult of Motherhood

This kinda shit pisses me off:

Hello Michael,
Happy Mothers Day!
Thanks, Mom for all that you do.
On this special day, check out the tribute that Pampers has for you! Come join us and other moms on Facebook and YouTube, and take a moment to share what you love best about being a mother.
BG has been a complete douche about everything today :(
Bg has learned she can tear things this week...

Let's Compare!

From Chloe 3mos

From Chloe 9mos

Lords of Ultima

Things are going nicely. I'm certainly managing to stay in the top 10% or so of people in my area. Got a good grip on how to boom resources and cut production times. Still need to get military production up, but trying to tech up through the units first. Had a big enough army to drop a level 2 boss dragon tho! Time to upgrade Town Hall to level 7 is 6hrs @ %225 production speed! Love the pacing and the fact it doesn't even need a program to work.

I'm shopping for alliances now. Found good one advertising its "gearing up for war" (vs. the "we're a social guild looking to help" pansies)

Here's my in game email to Darkyn, leader of Tiste Andii:

I have received an invite from a rival alliance. It seems I would find more worthy foes with Tiste Andii. I request to join your alliance.

The high and mighty Ultimanator

Court Update


Nothing happened. Next date is June 11.

Court Update


Nothing happened.

25% off used @ Gamestop

Use code 25pre

Only on used games, online only. Stacks w/%10 off from Edge card

Writing in the Margins of My Life: An Ode to Blogging

Cross posted from Geekdad:

Writing in the Margins of My Life: An Ode to Blogging: "
"Urg-onomics" Etch-a-Sketch by Jonathan Liu

"Urg-onomics" Etch-a-Sketch by Jonathan Liu

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to blog about it, does it make a sound?

If you’re anything like me, you spend a good deal of time every day online, and at least part of that time is spent somehow documenting what you’re doing, what you’ve recently done, what you’re about to do. Maybe it’s a blog of some sort, or comments on a blog. Maybe it’s through your Facebook status updates, or Twitter. Maybe you simply email somebody about your day. Back in the analog days, perhaps we used a day planner or a diary or jotted things down on a wall calendar. But now it’s so easy to just broadcast what you’re doing or thinking at any time, and many of us do. I mean, sure, we expect somebody to be interested in everything, say, Neil Gaiman does. He’s a celebrity, a literary superstar, who could start a bidding war over a stick-figure doodle. But the rest of us can just as easily start up a blog or a Ustream webcast, whether or not we have any followers.

Why do we blog?

According to Margaret Wente, it’s because we’re guys and we suffer from Male Answer Syndrome, meaning we are quick to spout opinions about things we know nothing about. Never mind the fact that there are a lot of women bloggers, or that not all blogs are opinion pieces—the very name “blog” is short for “weblog” which is basically a diary. Or that Wente states this opinion from her regular online newspaper column with a comments section … how is this not a blog again? I couldn’t help laughing about her comment that “Opinionizing in public is a form of mental jousting” that she’s clearly not interested in doing.

For me, I’m sure it is somehow tied to my obsession with recording and documenting things. It’s the same compulsion that made our parents shoot hours of (mostly unwatched) home videos of us; the same motivation behind countless bad vacation slideshows. It’s what we’ve been training for since kindergarten Show ‘n’ Tell. As I admitted to Shannon Proudfoot for her article on “life tracking,” I don’t necessarily do it because I think other people are going to find it interesting—and if I stop to think about it, maybe I’d have to admit that most people probably don’t.

Sometimes it boils down to this: If I don’t blog about it, it didn’t happen.

Not convinced? Do a quick search on the phrase “I blog, therefore I am” and see how many blogs with that title you turn up. (There’s even a blog-based book by that title.) I blog because it’s the current incarnation of the diary. It’s my way of processing my day, thinking out loud, getting my thoughts in order (or at least throwing them all out in a pile so I can sift through them). It’s the running commentary, the footnotes, the little scribblings in the margins of my life.

Yes, Ms. Wente, I do have opinions and I like to spout them. But I’ve also been keeping a personal blog for family and friends for about eight years now, and it’s mostly not opinions, but just news. Since I’ve moved several times in the past decade, it became my way of keeping in touch with all the friends we’d made and left behind, of letting them know what we’re up to. It’s not monetized, search-engine-optimized, or branded. It’s not even on Google. Living in the rural Midwest, blogging has been my connection to rest of the world at large, my “voice crying in the wilderness,” so to speak. I also started blogging about books I’ve read basically so that I could keep track of things and remember what they were about. I have a readership that maybe numbers in the teens.

But now I’ve been writing for GeekDad for a year, which obviously gives me a much broader readership. Does it make me more convincing, what I say more true? Nope. Probably it just makes me louder, actually. What I love most about it is the camaraderie I enjoy with my fellow GeekDad writers—getting to know them via email and Twitter and the posts they write, and suddenly discovering that blogging doesn’t have to be this solitary activity, an one-way conversation. People talk back! And they talk to each other, and when I list my reasons for blogging, I can add this: it expands my world. I’m a stay-at-home dad with co-workers and colleagues. I’m just some guy, sitting in my house, who happens to be chatting with the world.

Baby Lamp

Got the Woot lamps. Got 2 of the blue ones w/sheep instead of 1 of each. No biggie. Surprised it was even an option to get 1 of each (especially during a woot off). at $10 for 2 I'm just glad it didn't catch fire immediately.
BG now has top front teeth to go with the bottom front ones. Curiously, she is now eating book 4x as fast.

State of the Homestead Address

You shoulda seen that post. So full of metaphor and passion! The best thing ever written by man? Yes, perhaps. But its gone now. Let's see if I can summarize such a whirlwind of honesty and true emotion that lies at the very core of the human condition:

Court is tomorrow. No one is feeling very happy.

Oh... That was easy.
BG is wound up this morning. Its been getting harder to get her to sleep.

Lords o' Ultima

Digging LoU. Just the kinda thing I've been looking for: keeps running and doing stuff on its own, but I've only gotta poke it a couple of times a day. Looking forward to the 7-day forced peace to wear off to see what can REALLY happen. I'm surrounded by n00bs all under the 7-day startup grace period too (probably all drawn in by the same episode of the MMO report too)

One MAJOR complaint is that I can't get a good overview of the area. I keep raising the resolution or using Ctrl+- to zoom out to see.
C wat eye did thar? That's why I get those 6 hits! Quality blogging!


I should really just email the shopping list stuff. I had been thinking you'd have more free time when checking the blog than when doing email. That and there are, like, 6 visitors on a VERY busy day ;)

Um, doing it again. Whoops! Add deodorant too ;)

Attn: Elizabeth

Time to put paper towels on the shopping list

Grab the Humble Indie Bundle for $[insert amount here]

Grab the Humble Indie Bundle for $[insert amount here]: "by: Chad Smith
NEWS - It's all about getting five indie games and supporting a good cause. Click here. Oh, you need more details?

The Humble Indie Bundle contains five games: World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD and Penumbra Overture. If any of these interest you, you can choose to "pay what you want" for the entire package. The games are presented DRM-free and are compatible with Mac, Windows & Linux. Plus, whatever amount you choose to pay will go straight to the developers, Child's Play charity, Electronic Frontier Foundation, or a mixture of all three.

Again I say, "Click here." You can get more information or make your purchase right away. I am personally very excited about this offer and am happy to support both the developers and the good causes involved. It's only available for the next week so be sure to act fast!

Sid Meier's Pirates! goes Wii

This game should be amazing for the Wii! Half of it was already minigames! As long as they don't do something obviously stupid (waggle controls on ship combat or (God forbid) trading), this will be a winner.
Damn, is Twitter ever busy these days

Best Buy Sucks

Forgot. This is hysterical. I went to Best Buy this weekend and asked the salesman standing next to the Dreamscreen display if they had gotten the Sony Dash in. He said no. I actually found the Sony Dash demo set up on the other end of the store by the Leapster systems XD. Also, Best Buy had the dash listed in their new sales circular I found in the store. Morons.

Need to put this on Twitter!
Otaku (おたく/オタク?) is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga, and video games. Female otaku are occasionally referred to as fujoshi.

Building Stuff From Duct Tape!

I saw this and thought Brandon might enjoy:

Might just do some of these myself for that matter :)

Attn: Mom

I know we only touched on it, so I figured forgotten and decided to nag ;)

Hooked on Phonics?

Baby's First d20

Yep, that's BG with her first polyhedral gaming die in the daily pic. I think I deserve to loose the -ish at this point.

Funny, she's not too good with a ball, but she'll roll that die for 10 mins straight

ATTN: Elizabeth

Forgot. Put carpet freshener on the list. Thanks.
You ever make one of those little jokes that hits a little too close to home? Yeah... That sucks...

The time around court dates is always tough. Emotions surge and everyone else is on edge as well. I;m not gonna get into what I was planning on. Think I'll just keep my mouth shut (for once!). Its all such a waste of time considering how this is all gonna end up. There's no Emerald City at the end of this road.

LEGO Bugatti Veyron.

Lords of Ultima

Started EA's new free, browser based MMO RTS recently. Nice game. Very reminiscent of Impressions city builder series (Casar, Zeus, Children of the Nile) but slowed down greatly (A level 5 upgrade will take 2hrs). The tutorial is waaay too long, but does an okay job of breaking in new folks to city building games. Oh, and before you ask, it has NOTHING to do with Ultima. They're just cashing in on the name.

I am playing on World 5(US East coast). Look for Ultimanator in the city of Ultimaville.

Today's baby pic features Froggy Footsie PJs on request from Lisa
HOT today. Liz's car's thermometer showed 95. Google says 91. HOT