Baby Update

Let me just whine a bit about my busted-ass AC. There. All done.

BG has really, really advanced in the past week. She knows when she's tired and knows she needs help getting to sleep. Putting her in her crib to sleep is now a normal and acceptable thing.

Walking is the primary mode of movement, but she nearly always has to drag some one with her.

Chloe will now pick up an item, bring it to you, and say "This?". This is your cue to "do the thing". Usually reading a book or putting on this one particular shoe she likes (even though its 2 sizes too big).

Despite my initial concerns, she is very pleasant and "well behaved" (by baby standards), except for one thing:

She is greedy. Anything your using that catches her eye will be desired. She'll ask, then grab, then throw a fit. Even putting said object in her lap so you can "use it together" is unacceptable. Highly annoying!

Oh, and she's fat. This would be only the second time Chloe has looked "fat". She's so tall (I'm told) that its kinda hard to get some meat on her bones.

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