Gamestop Screws Up in Granpop's Favor

I got the "new" Ratchet&Clank game with the 25% off code and Diane's birthday giftcard. Today I get 2 (?) packages from Gamestop.

The first one contains the old game in a generic case that says its the new game. The other package has a retail case for the new game with the new game, but no manual.

Pfft, Gamestop. Thanks for the free copy of a game I already own. Good thing I got an extra otherwise I would've gotten the wrong one. Should be able to get a couple bucks back in trade for it :) Sorry folks, PS3. Wait. I think the S&J have PS3. Maybe I'll kick it their way.


  1. I am never surprised when Gamestop online screws up. But it is nice when it is in your favor

  2. I'm glad you got some use out of your present! :)