iPod Touch Pwnd!

Scored a 3rd hand iPod Touch! Let's check this thing out after about 3hrs of use:

The screen- Amazing! Bright, good color, amazing viewing angle.
Interface- Touch interface works as well as advertised. Takes a while to get used to the glass screen vs old school mushy touch screens
OS- Its much faster than I would've expected. Google maps almost seems to run better than on my PC (probably due to a much lower resolution)
Feel: This thing feels sturdy. Very solid.

No Flash support: yeah, I'm gonna kick that dead horse!
iTunes: Ugh! what a PoS. No 2 way synch! You've gotta be kidding me.
No SD slot: unforgivable & dumb

The meh:
Need a stand.
Speaker a little quiet.
Virtual keyboard kinda sucks when not in landscape mode and you can't tilt to change once you open the keyboard up.
The web browser is the best I've seen in a portable device EXCEPT IT DOESN'T SUPPORT FLASH!!!

*I'll be editing/add to this as time permits

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