Lords of Ultima

Things are going nicely. I'm certainly managing to stay in the top 10% or so of people in my area. Got a good grip on how to boom resources and cut production times. Still need to get military production up, but trying to tech up through the units first. Had a big enough army to drop a level 2 boss dragon tho! Time to upgrade Town Hall to level 7 is 6hrs @ %225 production speed! Love the pacing and the fact it doesn't even need a program to work.

I'm shopping for alliances now. Found good one advertising its "gearing up for war" (vs. the "we're a social guild looking to help" pansies)

Here's my in game email to Darkyn, leader of Tiste Andii:

I have received an invite from a rival alliance. It seems I would find more worthy foes with Tiste Andii. I request to join your alliance.

The high and mighty Ultimanator

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