The Fam Departs

Well, they're off to Orlando. We will be following tomorrow. Things went okay. Tired as hell. Diane was being a bit of a brat. Kinda depressing looking around the house and noticing that everything looks... normal. After all the extra work I put in. I guess most of that was outside. With BG I only had an extra hour or 2 per day without killing myself.

Didn't get picked on about anything. Probably because of all the whining I've done on the blog over the past couple weeks ;) Gotta remember that :) Hell, I'm pretty sure I did more work while they were here. Cooking a big dinner for 6 was dumb. I also ended up cleaning out a close full of everyone's old paperwork. Yeah, fun times. Happy I got to play a little Rock Band tho. Doesn't happen much anymore.

Liz seems to be spearheading the packing. Still a lot of stuff to do. Just to add insult to injury, it looks like I need to replace the toilet flapper today before we go to. Always something...

Not looking forward to dealing with BG in a hotel for nearly a week.

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