Video Game Concert

Hey Lou! Here's some internet class video you don't have to worry about hitting your cap: Video Games Live is a concert featuring orchestral interpretations of video game themes (Mostly Final Fantasy stuff).

Florida Tampa WEDU Sat, Jul 31 10:00pm


*Edit* Cable guide shows also on Aug.1(Sunday) @ 1PM and Aug 12 @ 2:30PM PBS also:
WUSF Aug.1 2:30AM. Aug 11 @ 2AM, Aug. 12 2PM

Don't quote me. You wouldn't like me when I'm quoted.

Don't get all my bitching wrong. This is the way it has to be. It just sucks is all ;)

It's been really hot today
Pfft. Listen to me bitching about going to a ...theme park(?) Somethings messed up. I'm just so tired and pissed off all the time
Surprise trip to Wikki Watchi (or however its spelled)

I'm really starting to hate weekends. Don't even know why I look forward to 'em. Proabaly little bit habit, probably little bit nothing else to look forward too.

Can't believe I wasn't even warned. Nope, Just extra long car ride and Ta Da. I wouldn't have minded if I had any kind of notice or chance to prepare.

Explain Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is like Hulu but for anime. They now have "simulcast" series that are translated, subtitled, and available for streaming one hour after the TV premier in Japan!!!! Amazing stuff. Fun fact: Crunchyroll started as a pirate anime site hosting fansubs (anime translated and subtitled by fans)

Call Me Mr. Wikileak

Got this email on how Elizabeth spent her morning:

I got this new ID : LeeS44. I am slightly superstitious as most of us don’t like the number 4 as when it is read in Chinese, it means Dead. So here I am getting double 4, which is even worst. And also this ID is a permanent thing as long I am still working in Jabil, therefore I really hope you can maybe give me a new ID.

Welcome to life in IT!
Hmm. Got a lot of content out today ;) Seems like that should be worth a $3400 Gundam statue, right? Who's yer favorite blogger? Huh? That's right! Gundammmmmmm

I'm Late, But Still AWESOME!

Machine that turns itself off!
Looks like Liz had a failed feeding this morning. There was a full bowl of great smelling, disgusting looking, grey mush. BG inhaled it. Grandma is much better at baby cooking than I ;)
Mom's old laptop is starting to come together. Still overheating after more than 1hr under full load. Gonna have to do a full teardown. Motherboard is a bitch to get out of there :(

Got a shiny new load of Windows 7 running on it and my PS3 media server software is almost fully functional (just got web streaming working). After 2 horrible days using Ubuntu (linux), its a nice change.
Ooo, its Thursday. That's a day later than I though. No wonder I hit the wall yesterday afternoon!

Crap! My cleaning schedule is off! Never should've touched that laptop. Having not chosen to have kids (much to the contrary in fact!), I frequently forget that I have to give up EVERYTHING.


5 fucking feedings every day is a huge drain on time and patience. I don't know how much of this I can take before I start slapping.


Busy as hell these days. Still, much better than it was. Before I was busy but chained down. With a toddler I can at least MOVE and do something about all the crap piling up.

Things are starting to come back together around the house. That makes me feel better. I've won the visible bug war. Gotta try to get the invisible war won by next spring. Porch is nice and clean. Front yard looks okay. Still gotta get post painting done and that lazy mailbox. Back yard still a mess, but at least I'm keeping up with the summer growth now. Still kinda beaming about getting the nursery looking nice :)

TONS of work left to do (always was since I moved in), but at least I feel like I'm making progress again after being chained to my desk for the past year.
Figured out how to work on a PC w/BG. Just have to work on a table piled with boxes and stand the whole day. She only got a hold of the tray once and dumped all the teeny, tiny laptop screws all over the floor.

Let's Compare!

You thought you had it bad?

Dude, what a friggin' nightmare it must be to be Elizabeth these past couple of years. Just kinda hits you every once in a while...
I seems to remember signing up for another online car race game a little while back. Also remember getting the "account deleted for not playing" email couple of weeks ago. Wonder how that game was. Never even got around to trying it out...

Need for Speed World

NFS:World open tomorrow! Free online car racing. All signed up and looking forward to giving it a try. May want to cue Brandon in on this one! Heck, Bob may want to know too.

*edit: should probably wait. These things are always a train wreck at the beginning XD


Ray Bradbury is still alive? Yep! 90 years old and still writing, touring, and giving lectures.

Think of this as a reversal of a celebrity death announcement ;)

Only @ Comic Con

Princess Vader

I Thought this was a cool song

Those Disney Princess Mega Block The Fam brought down from NJ have been a big hit. She plays with them several times everyday.
Sounds like Chloe is on the edge of a speech breakthrough. She has some new, clear vocal patterns. She also has teeth, so that helps ;)
BG seems to be feeling better. She sure does stink tho. Never put a gassy baby in a full body sleeper.
BG has a light fever, the squirts, and is teething. She's taking it all surprisingly well, but still not the most pleasant.

I got ants in my pants today. Yes, really.

Lego Cthulu

And its official! part of their Atlantis line:
Squid Warrior

New Motto

Less bitching, more fixing.

Much better than the old motto of "Shut up and leave me alone" ;)


Removed excessive whining ;)

Free Realms

Free Realms (a micro transaction MMO Brandon & I liked, while Liz didn't) has an odd offer:

Become a Lifetime member for $30. Probably info on their site if anyone is interested. Too tired/lazy to link. Sorry.


BG took 2nd nap today. Rare! Enough chores done, so went to go play a game I got last week. Had to run from a boss fight and level up/resupply. Went back, boss gone, plot critical reward gone. Need to restart. Sigh.

I only had 4 hrs or so in it, but that was a week's worth of playtime!

Welcome to the backlog Deathspank! Maybe you'll be patched whenever I get back to ya.

Court Update (such as it is)

I am so sorry for not sending an email on Friday. The judge did not make a ruling and he stated he would put it in writing. So as soon as I find out something I will call u.

Coltena L. Smith
Dependency Care Manager
Big Bend Community Based Care

The Wii

Is there anyone with ANY interest still holding out on the Wii? The new bundles are amazing. For $200 you get the system, wiimote + nunchuck, motion plus add on, TWO Wii Sport titles, WiFi, and its now in black. A little modding even gets ya media center capabilities!

In the current market I couldn't recommend anything better for gaming.
Finished the nursery last week. Forgot to mention it. There are a few (4) boxes in the back of the room stacked on the toybox, but, yeah, done! Only took...what? Six months. Sigh.


Getting to the point that its hard to even move my legs. Had to drag that washer around late last week. Yard work over the weekend. The past couple of days sees me dragging the fridge around.

Yeah, the fridge was overheating. Not "not cold enough" but the device itself was overheating. Kudos to the rocket scientist in my family that thought between the fridge and counters was a great place to stuff "keep food warm" bags! On the side with the compressor no less! The back exhaust vent was also completely clogged and there is... either BBQ sauce or Terriaki sauce under it as well. Been working on this at night once everyone is asleep.

Not even supposed to be here. I was only house sitting for a couple of years. Not supposed to have a toddle either, so...

Probably for the best.

Crime Time!

Indianapolis police arrested a 31-year-old father of two after finding his children, one naked and one wearing only a diaper, wandering the streets as he played a computer game.

Timothy Hausaman's two children were discovered wandering around the apartment complex in which they lived near a busy road Saturday night. A neighbor kept an eye on the children for 20 minutes before calling police. When officers arrived at Hausaman's apartment they found the door open. No one responded to the door so they went inside and found the father playing Atlantis on his laptop.

The man told police that he left his children downstairs to play and was so into his game he had no idea they had left the apartment.

Hausaman told police during his arrest that, "I am obviously not very good at watching children".

His wife was away on business during the incident.

We've played this game before. What do we call people like this?

That's right! Heroes!

Court Update

Nothing new. The judge "wasn't feeling well". We might hear something "next week".

H@ppy C0Ur+ D@y

Elizabeth has already testified via phone. Sounds like it didn't go well.

Also, since I didn't hear 1 word of thanks for posting links to dozen of vids featuring a half naked hunk, I shall endeavor to use more l33tsp3@k. It is a well known fact that women have trouble with 'leetspeak as their brains confuse it with shoe prices ;)

Apple's Vista

In case you missed it in the news, a rep from Microsoft called the iPhone 4 Apple's Vista.

Funny in so many ways!

Doctor's report

Everyone went to the dr. this week.

Elizabeth is "okay" and does not have bronchitis.
Mike's thyroid is at %50 of normal.
Chloe's stats are :(don't remember numbers, just percentiles)
Length: %90
Weight: %50
Head: 80%
BG is feeling fine again today. She has been busy making up for lost time. Well, lost meals anyway.

Old Spice Nailed It

Watched more of those videos. Great ad campaign. I love the idea of a mascot that talks back. They do it in the commercials, but its obviously fake. This is a great use of the technology for viral marketing.

That production crew must have worked their asses off today. I doubt they can do this more than the 1 day, especially now that word is out.

For Teh Ladies

Old Spice is posting tons of video replies the seemingly anything sent to them via Twitter using the Shirtless Man from the latest ad. End result: Lots of mildly funny ads with hunky half-naked man in the shower. Here's the channel:

Just browse for a reply that catches you attention. I'll start you off with Alyssa Milano:

Starbucks is also amusing:

get your own damn links.

Your welcome.

Washer Fixed (probably)

Looks like there is some kind of plastic exhaust hose (vent air from pump?) that fell off the back and was clunking around inside left. Popped it pack on and put a screw through 1 side to hold it in place. Looks like it should've had a lock ring, but its missing. Center top screw also not in "perfect". Washer has obviously been worked on before.

Looks fixed now :)
No clunk on empty spin or during drain. Not bearing or pump. Had a bundle of towels this load. Need to try small load. Hopefully not as bad as I thought. Looking good so far. May just need to cut back on baby towels ;) Still probably gonna have to get in there.

Washing Machine Broke

Loud clunking past couple loads. Seems like something hitting on the left side. Probably not the most advanced thing in the house. Gonna look myself.

Brandon and Clone Wars

Almost brought this up several months ago, but...

After reading this article:

Kinda feel I need to bring up Clone Wars. I'm pretty sure no one is watching this with Brandon, but... There are a few things I should point out:

-The whole Anikin/Vader thing. Duh.Probably not healthy for your sci-fi hero to grow up and enslave the galaxy.
-The clones. The series brings this up once in a while, but we're talking about a race manufactured and enslaved for war.
-In the second season, there are no less than 3 incidents where Jedi torture or intimidate prisoners for information.

Not saying Brandon shouldn't watch, just wanted the adults to be aware that this is going on in case any of these issues should be discussed.
I'm always looking out for iThing apps for the baby to play with. Wanna find out how I know what to delete immediately? Well, if you put a ladybug on the main screen withe the caption of "ladybird" under it, your deleted. If you click on the ladybug, it even says "Ladybird" :rolleyes:

Wait! What?

Read this on Kotaku re:3d is too expensive:

"The prices are getting lower. Right now Best Buy is selling a 3D-ready 60-inch 1080P DLP television for $999, which is a nice price, but it could be a lot nicer."

Really? REALLY?!

How is $1k for a SIXTY INCH TV too much?

*edit* has it for $917 w/free shipping! I think Kotaku just sold a TV.
BG woke up before I made it to the pie :(
Both the girls taking a nap. What's that? Oooh, a blueberry pie cooling on the windowsill! Er, well, cooling on the stove anyway. Muhahahaha!


I did a lot of whiny "I told you so" BS today. I'm sorry Elizabeth :)

Pop Culture Watch

There were no music video games setup in Best Buy today. This is the first time since the original Guitar Hero release that this had happened. So...5 years or so.

Band games are officially on the out.

iOS 4

Oh, and just in case you wanted my opinion on the new OS for iTalk/iTap/iWhatever, don't upgrade. There is a reason they put nearly 1 gigahertz processor in the new devices. Fortunately I haven't upgraded my device simply because I spent so much time customizing it (and adding features that, ironically, are in the new OS).

if you already upgraded, don't sweat it. They'll get it patched up next year ;)
Been busy this week. Even busier next. Updates may be slow. Also with BG as a full blown toddler it seems the smartest thing to do is never sit down.
Sorry if everyone got an odd note labeled Chloe and listed toes and dots. I entered something into the wrong app.
Thinking about the end of Durarara!! and its pissing me off. They really need to do a second season. Some REALLY BIG plot points were not concluded and at least 1 character in the intro wasn't even really introduced. Supposedly there will be 2 additional episodes on the DVDs, but I'm not expecting much after Bacanno!'s OVA.

How to Fix Lost

Thinking about the end of Durarara!! and can't help but wonder how great a show Lost would have been if they only had to fill 30 minutes.


Durarara!! (the followup to the anime Bacano!) is getting a dub after all! Negotiations are also going on for the next series Working!! (all excalamtion points are part of the title and not added by me. Yes, really).

Vuvuzela Hero

The Muppets: Stars & Stripes FOREVER!

On the Dell lawsuit

I gotta stick up for Dell on the new suit that they knowingly shipped 13mil PCs with bad motherboards from 03-05. Everyone had bad motherboards then. There was an industry wide move to try new, cheap, Mexican capacitors rather than the usual Asian market. The Mexican caps sucked. 03 seems a little early, but maybe Dell was just ahead of the curve. Went through sooo many power supplies then.