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Browsing thru. Stats only start July 2010.

Most of the traffic is mine. Or rather my iGoogle plug-in. Huge trafic spikes are me responding to many comments. I read the email alert, link in, respond, then return to email. This is what that big 8 view spike in the graphic is.

Elizabeth's usage on the Blackberry is nearly zero the past couple weeks.

3 hits from Singapore? Hi Katherine! We should have tea sometime. A lot has happened and Baby Girl throws a rockin' tea party.

Either Diane and I both seem to check the blog via iThing once a month or iPhone/iPod browser usage is reported doubled.

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Chloe Starts School Thursday

Yep. Well, this is quite a surprise. Lot of things to... um... hmm. Not really I guess. Hmm. Short notice.

Battlefield Heroes

Was a comment to Lou, but long and interesting enough to put here:

Battlefield Heroes is strange. I didn't think much of it at first, but now I love the thing. I love playing the Gunner. Get this:

You have to buy or rent your rocket launcher!

Yeah, really. It sounds like the worst thing ever. See the RL is an store item for the Gunner. You can use real money to buy it or rent it for 1 day, 3 days, or 1 month. There are in game points (VP) that you can use to rent it (not own) for 1 or 3 days. You get VP by winning games.

So, the thrill comes in when I need to win 2 matches to cover the cost of my RL rental for the day. If I suck, no RL tomorrow. Also since the game is "dumbed down" with infinite ammo, I can spam rockets all day long. All classes have a weapon like this. I'm actually renting 2 weapons: My Tank Buster Rocket Launcher and The Cheezer Machine Gun.
I'm really enjoying the Free To Play model. I don't really play anything more than a couple of time these days anyway. Its a lot easier than downloading, unzipping, cracking, patching, re-cracking, and updating my video drivers to play a pirated retail game. Hell, its easier than playing a legit retail game.

Free Online Hardcore Games

This is pretty much for Lou and Future Brandon, so I'm not gonna bother to build all the links (Google it yourself (GIY)).

1st is easy: Quake Live. Its Quake3 with ads for free. You will like the online skill tracking.

Instant Action has a bunch of generic, but perfectly fine, FPSs.

For different stuff, check out my favorite: . Minotaur China Shop is awesome fun for anyone!

Oh, I forgot! There is also Battlefield Heroes. Gonna try that one myself now!
Katherine made her first attempt at Elizabeth's Chili:

Looks yummy and familiar!

Kill Me

So last year the hunt began to find entertaining, baby safe shows to watch. One Elizabeth followed was an anime Yumerio Pastisse' (spell it yourself) about a clumsy young girl who attempts to follow in her grandmother's footsteps and become a pastry chef.

Little did I know this show would run for FIFTY TWO episodes. Every week. That's a lot of hunting and download (I've posted on dealing with this show before). Now its nearly over. Finally.

Guess what was just announced? Yumeiro Patissiere Professional (spelled right). Picking up several years later, it follows the main character as an adult. ya.


Everyone on my street mowed their lawn today. First day this week without rain. Getting faster on the iThing.

Consumers Tweet Back!

Baby's still asleep. Lets talk about Twitter. I like to use Twitter to bitch about consumer stuff. Everyone is following, especially marketers. The trick is to use hash tags. Its easy. Just put # before keywords like this:

#BestBuy sucks! I couldn't use a coupon on a sale item at the Clearwater store. #fail

You can use search to see if a particular hash tag is already trending. For example :#bestbuyfail

Also, nearly every piece of content on the 'net has a retweet button. Clicking this will publish a tweet linking back to said content. This is how you can easily raise the exposure of anything on the web.

Followers matter. You will get random folks following you based on the topics you cover. Lap it up. Your follower count is your strength. It is custom to follow back (at least for a while).

Don't use your name. Use this as a tool. If you want to do microblogging, start another account.

Baby's up.

Eye of the Beholder

Check out this place I found:

Another angle:

And then punchline @ my downspout:

Quality Blogging for nearly one year. Video card.


Behold as I plant this song in your head for the rest of the day!

Brought to you by Jabil.

Chloe's Goin' to Jewish Day Care

And, really, where could be better! When? Soon. Don't know if they got the 2-3 days I wanted or the 5 days Liz thought we might have to be stuck with. Not looking to say anything 'till its done. I'll just bitch if I open my mouth about it ;)

Gigabit Internet

A Hong Kong ISP just offered 1 GIGABIT Internet service. The price? Sit down. Ready?

$26 a month

Still Kicking

Well, not kicking. Not gonna be kicking anything for at least a week.


I really busted up my big toe. The garage door was sticking, my hands were full, the anti-baby thing the baby loves to play with was on, and I was having a temper tantrum so I kicked the door!

Hurts to walk. Lesson learned. WTF? I'm not the guy who kicks things. Hell, I usually don't have shoes on.
BG is on her 4th diaper of the day. Its all been normal poop but, man, does it ever keep on coming. every time I have to take out another bag it seems to be raining harder.

Gotta get used to typing on the netbook again. I've only been using in for media playing lately ;)

Video: Insane 100-MPH Crash Caught on Tape

Video: Insane 100-MPH Crash Caught on Tape: "A driver survives when his car goes airborne and slams into an overpass. You've gotta see this to believe it."
Elizabeth's parenting has never been better. Sick babies are her forte'. Its been a true blessing to have her around this week. Makes for a crappy vacation, but sure made this a hell of a lot easier on me and the baby.

Baby Update

Fever gone. Poop normal %50 of the time. Liz had to make a midnight run for more pedialite. Rash coming along nicely.
Missed out on a lot this week. BG is a good deal better. Rash already down by ~%70. Another day should fix her up. Took up nearly all of our vacation week.

Baby Update

Sorry. Some of us want some distance for a second from all the baby joy.

DR. gave us some but cream to help the rash. Still has the squirts. Fever seems to have come to an end today (so far). Dr. didn't have much advice. Supposed to call if she still has a fever Monday.

Sick Baby

One month without government oversight and the baby's ass looks like a canned ham. Dr. apt today.
Chloe is still very sick. The smell is horrible.

Bought a Wii game

Its not often that I buy a Wii game. In fact, it has probably been over 2 years since Liz picked up Lego Star Wars. I tried to pirate this one several times but had no luck, so got a coupon code and picked up a used copy. What did I get? Sakura Wars: So Long My Love. Why? Let me just quote the back of the box:

It's an entirely new way to play SRPGs! (*means Strategic Role Playing Game)

The stars of Broadway battle against evil warlords of ancient Japan in New York in their steam-powered mechanized battle suits, spearheaded by a Japanese youth burning with the spirit of the samurai!

Oh, yeah...
This is only the second time the baby has been really sick. Its rather upsetting.
BG is very sick.

Never Go Back and Try to Make Up aTitlE

I guess I really have come a long way with this stuff. I mean, I started off with Twitter for crying out loud. Also been through 1 complete redesign (even if you didn't see part change, trust me, it was tried another way). Glad I never did the Geocities site this long.

Sigh... Farewell Great Gargant! May your data have been overwritten by something extremely viral and may your digital corpse feed the worm that destroys the Internet.

Parenting is easy

Why Why Why Why Why

Such a pain in the ass all this blog & server & picture stuff. Its been a fun hobby tho. I can't exactly build tiny model castles at the moment, can I? Still, sooo frustrating sometimes (like tiny model castles). Sometimes I quit for a while and stomp off like 2 year old (oh, shit! NOW I understand what that means :( ). Always one reason keeps me coming back:

I'm doin' it for My Mommy :)

Epic Poopy!

3rd poopy diaper tonight. Smells like brimstone in here! Elizabeth has, of course, jumped to all sorts of dire medical conclusions.

Speaking of poop, Happy Birthday to Lisa!

Um.. no, wait.. um.. Yeah, why not?

Facebook Guitar Hero Clone

All Free. Uses your music and claims to have lots of charts.
Other platforms (including embeddable flash version) "soon"

New Download Speed Record (for me)

Just hit 3 megabytes per second downloading via bittorrent! Never thought I would exceed 2.6MB/s. Really thought that was full capacity (and certainly is, "by the book").

Ran through converter just now. 3MB/s is 24Mbps. My service is 25Mbps. Still room to improve!
Logitech support site down for maintenance. Webcam offline for now.

Still gotta go through the hell of getting my blocklist working again :(

Sarah Concluded

Sarah called from Carl's house. She was pissed Elizabeth told Carl that a cop was looking for her. Sounds like things are back to normal.

Fun Fact: Sarah hasn't said word one about the baby or court.

Scenes from Publix

"Aw, she's so cute. How old? Two?"

"No, she just turned one."

"Oh boy are you in trouble. Lead shoes maybe?"

Random Web Stuff

I read this user review for Lego Rock Band on Gamestop and wanted to post it here for us all to enjoy.

I purchased the Lego's Rock Band and a Rock Band kit for my 15 year old son as a Christmas gift. I had read that Lego's Rock Band had a "Super Easy" mode and since I was not sure how hard Rock Band would be I thought that would be a great option to have.

My son is mentally disabled (just a little) and to my surprise this is GREAT for his hand and eye coordination. He plays on the super easy mode and does very well. Regular Rock Band does not have Super Easy so he does not do as good it boo's him off the stage sometimes. Although, he is able is get through some of regular Rock Band songs o.k. without being boo'd, Lego's Super Easy mode is preferred.

I love the fact that when I play with my son, I can put my guitar on "Medium" (that's harder than Super Easy), my son can play drums on "Super Easy" and yet we can both be playing the same song together.

Lego's let's you play a ton of songs from the Free Play mode if you don't want to do the story mode. That's what we do. Regular Rock Band band makes you play in story mode to unlock songs. Lego's lets you have access to the songs right away.

I was amazed to see how many songs i would like, and be able to download. I am little older (New Edition fan age) so when i saw downloadable songs from
Earth Wind and Fire, Average White Band and The Jackson 5....i just about lost my mind!!!

When my husband and I saw those songs (and others)...well..we kicked my son off and we "jam" all of the time now (even after my son goes to bed). We don't do story mode..just straight jamming!! I'm thinking about getting my own PS3 so I don't have to feel so bad about spending so much time on my son's.

This is the first game that has brought my family together. I NEVER play video games. Now we play as a family and have the best time ever!

And for parents of younger can download only family friendly songs and they even have some Nickelodeon groups like
The Naked Brothers Band ( "I don't wanna go to School" is a cute song)
Sponge Bob Square Pants songs

The game is very much like regular rock band..the notes come down the same, the sound is the same etc. Even though the characters are Lego's i don't feel like I'm playing a kid game - Medium level is kicking my butt.!!!

The Characters are cute and i love that, but most of all, my family "jams" together now for hours instead of everyone going to their own room and watching t.v.... apart.


YESTERDAY would have been a very good day to do a virus scan.


Oh, hey! Its Friday the 13th! Wish I would've known sooner, I really would've scaled back my online presence.

Friendly reminder: Today is a VERY GOOD day to run a FULL SYSTEM VIRUS SCAN. Understand?

Also, no one interested in Skyoshock (Bioshock Infinite)?
Came out of the bathroom to find Chloe had stolen a canister of raisins, opened it, and was shoving them into her mouth by the handful.

Sarah con't

Turns out they haven't been to work for 2 weeks and wont take/return calls. We've heard from her last week. Folks were concerned because Sarah told work she was supporting 3 kids :)

Forgot from last week:

BG has learned to put her toys in the toybox and blocks in the block box. And sometimes vice versa.

Like I wasn't having a bad enough day

from Liz:

Jackie from Sheriff's Department just called - Sarah and John have been reported as missing persons by their employer.

*edit* Obviously if you hear anything from the kids, let us know. Supposedly they just didn't show up for work this weekend. zzzzzzzzzzz

Next Dream Project

Been on a roll with the Pod and the Media Server. What's next?

I want a touchscreen wifi terminal in the kitchen ;) Something like the iPad mounted on/in the cabinet.
OMFG! The Dillinger Escape Plan will be in the new Guitar Hero? THAT is obscure. Ugh, the hell I went through to get some of their music.
Bg peed while changing diaper and got very upset
My upper body is cramped up now. The change is nice, but I think I liked it better in the lower half.

I think there's a dirty joke in there somewhere...

Guy at the door

Solar?! Solar power?! I have 2 gigawatts of home theater and you want me to buy solar on a rainy day?!!!??!?!?!!!

At least my life doesn't suck that bad. I could be trying to sell solar panels in the rain.

Even more shop talk

New server got me thinking about cloud computing.

If you want to build a file server with a back up is... what, like $400 on the cheap. Just heard an ad for Cloud storage for $55/year. So, that file server gonna last 8 years? Probably need more cloud space too. Hmm.

Fallout for Everyone!

It looks like the big Russian wildfire is heading towards the Red Forest. What happens when you set ablaze the most radioactive forest in the world? I have no clue. My guess would be a whole lot of radioactive ash flying through the air.

Spies Like Us

Video baby monitor seems like a better idea. BG now wears shoes, can climb, and is starting to put herself to sleep. I hear her fussing and don't know if she's going to fall asleep or not. Yeah, I know everyone else did without these things, but We Have The Technology. No one would recommend going back to cloth diapers.

What Languages are on a Romanian DVD?

I thought you might be interested. Some only seems to have Romanian and English. Some have several more. The common language options seems to be Romanian, English, Hungarian, and Czech.


Read the article? Didn't think so. Let me just shove some option down your throat then:

The coalition (MoveOn.Org Civic Action, Credo Action, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, and Free Press):

The Google-Verizon pact isn’t just as bad as we feared — it’s much worse. They are attacking the internet while claiming to preserve it. Google users won’t be fooled.

They are promising Net Neutrality only for a certain part of the Internet, one that they’ll likely stop investing in. But they are also paving the way for a new ‘internet’ via fiber and wireless phones where Net Neutrality will not apply and corporations can pick and choose which sites people can easily view on their phones or any other Internet device using these networks.

It would open the door to outright blocking of applications, just as Comcast did with BitTorrent, or the blocking of content, just as Verizon did with text messages from NARAL Pro-choice America. It would divide the information superhighway, creating new private fast lanes for the big players while leaving the little guy stranded on a winding dirt road.

Worse still, this pact would turn the Federal Communications Commission into a toothless watchdog, left fruitlessly chasing complaints and unable to make rules of its own.

This is not real Net Neutrality. And this pact would harm the millions of Americans who have pleaded with our leaders in Washington to defend the free and open internet. President Obama, Congress and the FCC should reject this deal, restore the authority of the agency that’s supposed to protect internet users, and safeguard Net Neutrality once and for all.”
P4 slings HD files just fine. Just doesn't have the power to transcode formats in real time. Small wonder. I remember how shocked I was that this kinds stuff is even possible. The BluRay RIP (BDRIP) of Howl's moving Castle brings my system to it knees. Moving it to a format the PS3 understands tho mean I can simply pass the file through. I don't keep too much HD video yet anyway. Too big.
Yeah, 720 video choked that 'lil P4 good. Gonna try to convert it to MP4 and see if I can just serve the file to the PS3. Hmm, might just be able to dump in onto the PS3's drive. Got the space in it now

Just when I think I'm out...

Didn't think there could be much to do with poop that could still gross me out, but then you pull a piece of hot dog out of the highchair that's covered with poop :(


foxconn's latest plan? Hire "mature" workers. Yeah, I mean they're already used to being crapped on and know they'll never get anywhere in life, but how are they going to keep up with that 34hr shift that killed the guy last month?


Been a good weekend for Elizabeth & Chloe to be together. I've been tired & crampy so the time off helped.

Becoming more of a woman every day :(
Elizabeth is making chili with Katherine today. She baked an apple pie w/Chloe last night. Someone is feeling domestic ;)

Because I Can

Watch me Beat Hazard with My Big Red Rocket of Love

*edit* LOL. I liked the above line so much I went back and changed the video's name on Youtube :)
Elizabeth & Chloe have been having one heck of a day together (in a good way). Its nice to see. Its not often that BG's best days line up with Elizabeth's free time.

Thyroid blues

Left shoulder started twitching yesterday. Leg and feet are all crampy. These changes always suck. Well the quick ones do anyway.

Babys been reall good lately tho
A loud VRONK! and the power was out. Would've sucked less if I hadn't just come back from a Snugglie walk w/BG. On the upside, I found a $40 rebate check from the new AC. Didn't even know we got one. Acme Air must have done all the paperwork :) Only took 30mins before the power was back on. Remarkable how fast they get to these things after the Year of 1000 Hurricanes.

I live for this stuff!

Jailbreaking Best Buy's iPad for them. So kind.

Jailbreaking iPad using Nexusone at local Bestbuy Store Aug 4th 2010 from IT Geek on Vimeo.

Tummy Ache

Stomach started hurting last night. Thought I ate too much. Hurts a lot more now. Chloe had some kind of digestion issue last week. Sure am glad there is no apparent connection...
The Reptile Of Choice


Another worker "fell". She landed in the nets they setup around the plant, but died anyway :rolleyes: Foxconn can't even afford good safety nets!

That Amusing Baby Anecdote

Got better.

Chloe begged for her morning nap. Put her down, swapped laundry loads, and got stuff ready for mopping. She was so tired I figured I had at least 90mins. Just as I put the mop bucket on the floor, the house erupted into baby cries. I pushed on, but she stayed up fussing. Threw her bottle in at her didn't help. Had to mop the house to the sweet sound of baby bitching.

Tonight I come in from a break to find Elizabeth cleaning strawberries. The baby is standing behind her in the center of a 4ft. diameter area of stomped on baby-bite-sized pieces of strawberry.

I just grabbed the wipes.


My house went from looking like Comic-Con to looking like Babies-R-Us

Highlander Anime?

So, yeah. Stumbled on this just now: Highlander: The Search for Vengeance - Director's Cut. I only saw the first 10 minutes (certianly holds up to the "quality" level established by the other Highlander movies), but it has Colin McLeod working as a bounty hunter in a post-apocallyptic wasteland. Closer to Mad Max or (especially) Fist of the North Star.

Figured Mom would like to know :)

Angry Later

It occurs to me, here at the (hopefully) end of my nighttime chores, that I don't really have the time to be pissed off about this whole thing ;) I've got entirely too much baby crap to worry about to care if she's going home or not or who got shafted by what. I've got lists of lists to do, to say nothing of the effort it takes to keep up with BG's next evolutionary stage. She's still not talking and her eating habits have been getting worse.

Congrats, its a girl. Again.

Court has just granted us full custody.

So, time to move out or throw the girls out. Decisions, decisions.

Movie DeSynch issues explained

Okay, a LOT of movies run @ 23.976fps (frames per second). This is usually just referred to as 24fps, but can cause some issues w/Blu-Ray playback on certain TVs. Many video codec have been rewritten to now use 23.976fps. The problem is most if the audio codec have not. This leads to video @ 23.976fps while the audio is timestamped @ 24fps creating 0.024 time difference. It is unnoticeable at first, but will cause a movie to be 0.5-2 seconds out of synch by the end as the time difference builds.

This is yet another fine example as to why I don't want to support Mom in copying DVDs :) I told ya this shit was hard!

Guest Blogger Elizabeth

Liz sent me this little story from Jabil. Frankly, I can't get over them making a Corp. customer (A) go to a store for support and (B) wait for 1hr, but this seems more of an anecdote than a gripe, so:

I heard a good Apple story today.

One of our network architects has an iPhone through Jabil. It stopped working and he needed it fixed so he put in a ticket with site IT. Site IT told him that he would need to have Apple fix it and he was given directions to the nearest Apple store which offers "Enterprise Support".

So he gets to the store and is asked if he made an appointment. Which he did not - it is his first time with an iPhone. So he is told that he will need to wait an hour before they can help him. They suggest he walk around the store while he waits. He is really bored so he walks around looking at the iPad and other machines. He decides to switch all of the demo machines to default to or He checked the internet history on the machines - all of them show customers checking Facebook but he saw no other sites being looked at.

While he was lookin around, he hears someone announcing that a woman has bought her first Apple and everyone cheers. He looks over where the cheering is and sees everyone congratulating her. He said it made him think he was at some sort of Christian revival. Almost cult-like.

He says he was almost swallowed up by the Apple cult when he was looking at the iPad. Very good stuff. He couldn't stop drooling.

Anyway after an hour, the Enterprise Support area was able to look at his iPhone. The technician kept telling him it was probably water damage. But this guy knows his iPhone has never been near water. So the technician checks it for water damage and then tells him - no there is no water damage, but they cannot fix it and switched it out for a new phone.

The Jabil Network Architect then escapes without making any of the tempting purchases he has been drooling over and avoids joining the cult.