Rock Band out to screw you yet again

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is out and it is good (enough) and silly fun. Let us turn our attention to its "smarter", more "adult" sibling.

Pro Guitar mode will NOT be available for future DLC in many cases. When a Pro Guitar track is added to DLC, you will need to pay an extra $1 to get it. Yep, moving up to $3 per song.

It should be well known that owning Rock Band on anything other than a X360 is dumb. The PS3 gets off hand support 4-6months late and the Wii... Just don't ask. The Wii versions of Rock Band games are usually just flat out insulting (except Beatles Rock Band). How will Rock Band continue this tradition of neglect? No keyboard bundle for the PS3. Shocking...not.

Track import from RB2 has not been announced other than the fact that it will exist. No pricing (expect $10-$15) and no list of exportable songs (expect to loose 5).

While there is a mode similar to GH's "party mode" it will not allow you to drop in/out except between songs and you cannot mix/match hardware. Standard band or bust.

Changes may still come, but don't hold your breath. On the upside, I have a large RB library and am looking forward to an engine update. Still would like to see a less...geriatric song list tho.

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