Ask Grandpop–Where Babies Come From

**episode 3 of 6**

When B.G. wants to know where babies come from, its up to Grandpop to explain The Birds, The Bees, and The Peanut Butterfly Effect.

This was the big one. Technically the second episode. After struggling thru 2 rewrites of the Charlie Brown download, this is where it all came together. I knew I had… something, but this was the first time I could truly SEE what I had. This was also where the Mrs. came around. There were some problems getting the… stranger jokes to work, but YouTube came to the rescue with the 1st episode of Burns&Allen. For the first several minutes of this show, George Burns does a bit on how to be a Straight Man. It saved the Peanut Butterfly Effect and brought Storks back from the cutting room floor.

Whatever you do, odds are someone has done it before. And better.

After this episode, I decided to create the into/outro. I felt it deserved it. I then reworked Charlie Brown AGAIN and thought about doing an ongoing series.

I’ll blab some more on Thursday’s release of Ask Grandpop – Behind the Beard


  1. The vid is defaulting to 720p on my PC. if your connection sucks, try lowering the resolution in the bottom right or click on the YouTube watermark and try watching on their page.

  2. Where on Earth are you getting these ideas and thanks you for that video. Now i know where babies come from.

  3. LOL. Too much Monty Python's Flying Circus maybe ;)

    This actually took a very long time to write. I know the line about Homeland Security went through at least 5 different versions that I hated (and were a good bit "darker").

    Thanks for commenting, too. I've actually been a little down about hearing... well, nothing. You made my night :)

  4. OMG you now have Brandon believing babies come from peanut butter sandwiches!! That's going to be a tough one to unexplain at the right time. LOL

  5. Unexplain what? I've done a lot of research and BG is proof! ;)