Cargo! PC game announced

Yeah, I’m gonna bother to write about a game you’ll never hear about again. Why? Because you should see The Void! I’m getting a head of myself here.

PC Gamer has info on Cargo!, the new game from Ice-Pick Lodge and it will probably never see retail in the US. Ice-Pick Lodge first made a game called Pathologic. I’ll review that now:

Gah? Hmm… okay. Okay so this is about- Ow. ow. ow. Ow. OW. Stop it. Ow. STOP IT! F*@k this game! The translation was kinda shaky too.

Then they made The Void. The Color is gone and you have seed some of your own Color then nurture it to grow. Havest the color and feed it to The Sisters to open the way. Not too much! If you run out of color, you die! You also have to fulfill the wishes of The Brothers lest they know you work against them.



Oh, and it seems that feeding the Sisters Color will open the way for they destroyer. or savior. or prior destroyer, now savior? And if you do anything wrong you have to start over because there won’t be enough time or Color to continue. Awesome game! Don’t play it!

So here’s their new game Cargo!


“A short-haired woman in orange overalls and suspenders, meets a god who looks like a giant floating tiki statue. He explains how boredom has prompted him and the others to turn off gravity. Most of Earth’s inhabitants and landmarks have hurtled off into space, and you’re one of the last remaining humans.

In humanity’s place are creatures called Brats. They look like elderly babies, bald and squat, but when you entertain them an element called ‘Fun’ is generated. It’s how you buy back objects from the sky.”

This one I get! I’m not the only one who got a baby dropped on his doorstep it seems. Sing, dance, throw crap around to make the Brats generate Fun so you can get you stuff back out of the garage… er, sky. I’m so in!

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