Recap the beginning of the WWWWI

The World Wide Web War 1™ began this year. About six months ago. You read, you know. Stuxnet, Operation Payback, Wikileaks, Viacom v Google, Google v China, humanity v Comcast, Zeus botnet, US government illegally seizing web domains, Amazon, Paypal, and Vista bow down before Joe Liberman, etc.
Whether or not you are picking a side or sitting it out, EVERYONE needs to know what is going on with the ‘Net right now. Seriously. The fight over who (or no one) controls the future of global communications has started. Wired has an… acceptable recap of this here.

Knowing is half the battle. Welcome to the future. William Gibson was right.

Ed. I'm gonna pull a couple of quotes because you won't click thru:

“A lot of really important stuff happened this year that forces us to begin to think about that there are so many people who depend on private companies to enjoy the fruits of technology,” said Cindy Cohn, the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s legal director. “If the private company stands up for us we have rights, and if it doesn’t, we don’t.”

More than anything, the online protests exposed a generational struggle for the heart and soul of the net. It’s a high-stakes conflict between corporations that have grown fat and powerful off the web over nearly two decades and the first generation to grow up with the modern internet as a daily element in their lives.
Both sides believe the internet belongs to them. If history is a guide, it would be unwise to bet against the kids over the establishment.


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