Change Your Amazon Password! Now!

Ugh! Don’t have time for this today! Make time, damnit!
Lifehacker is reporting that there is a flaw in older Amazon passwords where “anything after the first eight characters doesn't matter so much. For example, if your password was password1234567890, someone could enter passwordpizza and get into your account all the same.” Granted this only applies to Amazon passwords older than a couple of years, but why take the risk?
Let me also take the time to lecture on creating strong passwords. DO NOT USE: your name, your maiden name, your kids name, birthdate, pet’s name, or any of the rest of that personal information you posted all over your Facebook profile. Duh. Its bad enough that your Facebook profile probably contains all the info needed to reset your passwords (ie. Secret Question: What is your pet’s name), you don’t need to make it your password as well.
Here! I Googled ‘strong password’ for you. Should be some tips there. Don’t use an online program to generate your password either (like that first link).

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