Growing Up Otaku’s Game of the Year 2010

I know you know no one knows better, you know? So, no breakdown, no pussyfooting, no list or separation or platform bias. Games are games. American or Russian, Xbox or iPhone, Digital or cardboard. This is GUO’s Game of the Year!

Minecraft – PC (website)

Unless you were a 4chan member with a shiny new Low Orbit Ion Cannon, no other game this year has been able to spark the imagination like Minecraft. Just doodling in 3d or running for your life from creepers, Minecraft provides an experience that harkens back to the glory days of PC gaming. Nearly infinite in possibilities, Minecraft tells you nothing. And then punishes you for your ignorance. Or not! Enemies are disables with one click when you create a new, random world so you can build with blocks in peace forever. Wanna import the deck plans of the Enterprise and have a look-see? Done. Build an 16-bit computer. Yep. Minecraft lets you play your way.

Also, it WORKS. So many games every year do not. BIG games. Multi million dollar games. Broken from the get go. Minecraft tells you up front that it is not done (and, in fact, only reached beta status last week) yet it is still not the technical train wreck of Fallout or the busted multiplayer of Call of Duty. Yep, Minecraft, created by ONE GUY, has fewer technical issues than the billion dollar grossing CoD:BlOps.

Runners Up: Bayonetta, Carcassonne for iPhone

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