Here is Your World Without Net Neutrality

We’ve talked about it enough. Its now 2011. Time to see the reality, complements of MetroPCS (via Geek.Com):

While so far net neutrality seems to have remained intact, one wireless carrier has taken the decision to test the boundaries in a bid to squeeze more money out of its customers. That company in MetroPCS.

If you want to sign up for a 4G LTE wireless plan with MetroPCS you now have to decide how much content you want access to. For $40 per month you can watch as many YouTube videos as you like and browse the web freely. But if you try and watch a video through a service other than YouTube it will not play because your plan does not cover it.

Here’s the breakdown of the three plans MetroPCs is offering:

  • The $40 service plan offers unlimited talk, text, 4G Web browsing with unlimited YouTube access.
  • The $50 service plan includes the same unlimited talk, text, 4G Web services and unlimited YouTube access as the $40 plan. Additional features include international and premium text messaging, turn-by-turn navigation with MetroNAVIGATOR™, ScreenIT, mobile instant messaging, corporate e-mail and 1 GB of additional data access, with premium features available through MetroSTUDIO™ when connected via Wi-Fi, including audio capabilities to listen and download music and access to preview and trial video content.
  • The $60 service plan provides the same premium features as the $50 plan, plus unlimited data access and MetroSTUDIO premium content such as 18 video-on-demand channels and audio downloads.

Ultimately MetroPCS is only offering a complete Internet experience for $60.

The new plans will initially be offered in Boston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Sacramento and San Francisco. Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando and Tampa will come online at some point this year.

Read more at the MetroPCS press release, via ReadWriteWeb

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