Morning Breakdown

Things went as well as can be expected when feeding a toddler is involved. I remembered everything I needed to get Chloe to day care. I wasn’t even out of the parking lot of the Temple before the tears started to build. I was alone. No one left to keep up the bravado for. It was the first time since this started that I didn’t have someone else to take care of. Just me in the car without a firm destination or schedule to keep. Once I arrived home I figured I could take five minutes to collect myself and start planning the day. Lord knows, there sure was enough crap I had to get done after a couple of days of managing Terror Tot alone.

It wasn’t meant to be. The microwave beeped; Harbinger of Tea. Then the phone joined the chorus. It was Elizabeth. Part of her lung has collapsed. There is a whole battery of tests for her today. She mentioned chest X-rays and a barium test. She had a list of stuff to bring in to the hospital. Sure doesn’t sound good for a her getting out today.

Single Parenting-Day 2

The Mrs’ is looking much better. I’d guess a release tomorrow MAY be within the realm of possibility, but I know NOTHING about medicine. I hope so. Its end of the month and Liz’s file system amounts to ‘Throw everything in a box’.

BG was a teething terror tonight. Gonna have to remember to warn school tomorrow. She also said she misses Grandma. Lemme tell ‘ya, Da Vinci Code has nothing on trying to decipher a 20 month old expressing that thought.

My good driving karma finally gave out. Spent 20 minutes stuck in traffic due to Phillies practice. Pfft! Live sporting events in the 21st century? Give me a break! A practice no less! No wonder certain states want to switch to teaching Creationism. At least go all ‘Cyberpunk Dystopia’ and force the batters to use a lot of drugs while the base… guards have cattle prods.

*edit* Never posted this, eh? Oops! Caught it in time! Ugh, too tired to be sitting here composing emails to DCF Sad smile

Wife Demands Books!

Results are in from a battery of test. Elizabeth has been cleared of all communicable diseases and will be taken out of isolation. She is feeling much better and hungry for her books. She has made due with a newspaper this morning and reported "It was fun, but... you know". She still really needs the O2 mask and talking for any length of time without is... "you know". LOL

This was a big relief. She was being tested for some really scary stuff including Whooping Cough. My fever is also down after a dose of the super antibiotic (Avelox) last night. BG has decided that she likes Altoids. Yes, really. I gave her one to shut her up thinking it would be too intense, but now she has a new favorite snack. Never know what’s gonna fly with that kid. She also really liked putting bow-tie pasta in her applesauce this morning.

Elizabeth is feeling better. They've got the top half of her lungs cleared. She is bored because she was feeling bad and didn't bring anything to do and now feels good enough to do... something. She mentioned her books :) IF she's out of isolation, I'll get her stuff up there. Same room/ph#.

Still no firm diagnosis or release window. She is ordering breakfast, so that's a good sign.

*edit* Shouldn’t have told her I could understand her with the O2 mask on Winking smile She started rattling off a list of stuff for tomorrow. Egad! I’m barely holding on now! That girl worries far too much. Not that there isn’t a lot to worry about, but, damn, this is hardly the right time. One step at a time.   Chloe says  I’m done ranting for now.

Google Searches Now Return Recipes

Yeah, I’m gonna do the usual petty bloggery tonight too. Might help to wind down while dinner is in the over. Should be doing dishes. Whatever.

Check out that new entry on the left side bar of Google! Recipes! Finally, one of the oldest uses of the Internet (or at least AOL) at your fingertips. You can even filter by Yes/No ingredients, cook time, or calories. So, Lou, go find your own dang meatball recipe LOL. I need to post my amazing grilled salmon sauce sometime.

…and since I flew off on a ranting tangent last post:

Thank you all for your support.

Single Parenting-Day 1 Elizabeth Update at Paragraph 4

BG is in bed. Thus ends my first day as a single parent. She’s in good spirits and not showing any real signs of being upset by the situation. That kid is a rock. She’s a little confused as to what to do before bed. It was always a Grandma Snuggle before bed.

Me? I mistyped one digit in a phone number, locked my keys in the house, and forgot my wallet once. All things considered, not too shabby. Still battling my own fever. Could’ve gone better, of course. Got a call from Sis @ 8AM about not communicating what was going on. Can you freaking imagine? Me. Pouring my guts out over the ‘Net day after day for nearly 2 years now. Sheesh! As if I didn’t want to quit before…*rant below

Then there was Chloe’s Mom. She had a trip to the zoo all planed with Liz and Chloe. I told her it was a no-go. Kinda sucks; I REALLY could’ve used a day off. Coming off of all this week tending to a sick baby, and the week before swearing about Baby Mama Drama. Also disappointed she didn’t mention her mom’s condition at all. Sigh.

Elizabeth, obviously, has it the worst. The hospital is still fussing over a diagnosis. She’s in isolation and scheduled for a “blood gas test”. I don’t remember the details anymore, but it sounds very bad.

…and then the phone rang. It was the Mrs. The test went better than expected. They’ve got a real pro that can do it without “as much pain”. She’s still in isolation and they are testing for what would be their fourth diagnosis in 2 days. She sounds MUCH better. Yay! Good news all around.

I’ve been on the phone so much today that the baby has become VERY interested in it. Just what I needed Winking smile At least I have already rigged everything up to be able to update via PC (email/blog) from back when Chloe was first dumped in my lap.

*Rant* You know why Facebook works? Because you go to YOUR page and everyone else’s updates roll in. People are such self centered…metaphorical critters. Sorry. Too tired to do much better LOL. Ironically, that’s also exactly what RSS does but no one can be bothered to do it. Hell, I usually can’t even get people to click a damn button.

Just saw the Mrs. in the hospital. Elizabeth has Pluracy (sp?). It is a highly contagious infection of the lung lining. She is on IV antibiotics and O2 right now. Her color has at least returned to normal, but they are having a hard time keeping the fever down ATM. She's hoping to be released tomorrow night, but I think that's a bit optimistic.

That’s My Girl

I just received a call from the Mrs. in the hospital. She sounds like crap and has “many tests scheduled”.  She was giggling over a new hand scanner. She placed her hand on the device and it read the layout of the veins in her hand. The connected computer instantly presented her name, personal details, and medical history. This new contraption allows the hospital to ID unconscious and unknown individuals.

I told her to make sure my info was scrubbed from their system before coming home Winking smile

Two Steps Back

Its been a tough week nursing BG back to health, especially after all of last week’s Drama. She’s doing great now and returned to school. One step forward…

Elizabeth came home yesterday afternoon after a particularly bad asthma attack. This morning she was sporting a 104 degree fever. The doctor had her come in immediately and sent her back out with pills and a form to get a chest X-ray.

She was so bad, I had to drive. It was a little nerve wracking to sit behind the wheel again. Being the… bohemian that I am, it has been a few years since I’d driven anywhere. At least in a non-virtual world. It was tense, but simple. The Toyota Corolla is a Tonka Toy of a car (and probably the same height). The whole thing feels solid, yet plastic. Its like good Tupperware: You can feel its sturdy and will certainly get the job done, but has no personality. It is the most boring car I have ever driven. And short! The rear view mirror shouldn’t block your view of the road. None the less, it was a breeze. Even the traffic behaved itself.

I was just short of the half-way point of Baby Bath Time when the phone rang. It was the doctor’s office. Elizabeth needed to go to the hospital NOW. His wife, an old friend of my wife’s, was on the way to pick her up so I could stay home with Terror Tot. I rushed through the rest of the bath, but didn’t finish before I heard the front door close.

We were alone.

We soldiered on. I’ve got the nighttime routine down so tight I could do it 3/4th dead. With Chloe in bed less than an hour later, I slipped out front for a quick smoke to collect my thoughts.

What thoughts? Only one escaped my lips: “Well… Shit.”

Make Magazine Details Sony’s History of Killing Innovation

from the blog of Make Magazine:

“In this article, we’ll explore Sony’s long history of going after legitimate innovation, hobbyists, and competition. Sony, we’ve been keeping score. We’re tired of you picking on people who want to program their robot dogs to dance. We’re tired of you suing people who want to run their own software on something they bought. Sony has made so many mistakes with technology choices (Memory Stick, Magic Gate, UMD!), perhaps they’ll end themselves soon enough, but we’d like to think there’s at least someone there would wants to avoid Sony spending its last days sending DMCAs to anyone who tweets “46DCEAD317FE45D80923EB97E4956410D4CDB2C2″.

I couldn’t find one location that documented Sony’s all-out war on makers, hackers, and innovators, so I started my own (and it isn’t pretty). The talented artists, designers, and engineers who work at Sony deserve better, and their customers deserve better.”

My favorite part? Sony suing a hobbyist for creating software to make his Aibo robot dog dance.

Sony. Classy. Now and Forever.

Sony/Police Raids PS3 Hacker graf_chokolo-Responds With Data Upload

Once again the police have been rented by a major international corporation to silence the people. '”Hacker” graf_chokolo had been reverse engineering Sony’s video game console as a no profit, hobbyist project to restore functionality removed by Sony in a system update last year.

graf posted the following update on his blog:

“Guys, SONY was today at my home with police and got all my stuff and accounts. So be careful from now on.”

This was followed shortly afterwards with links to all of his work on the PlayStation 3:

“Guys, i don’t joke, it’s serious.
And to prove it, i kept my word and uploaded all my HV reversing stuff.
Upload it everywhere so SONY couldn’t remove it easily. Grab it guys, it contains lots of knowledge about HV and HV procs.

Here is my HV bible:

So…yeah. A video game machine. Sony is using the legal system to stop common people from tinkering with a video game machine. Common people who were attempting to restore a feature Sony fraudulently removed from a device they paid for.

Stay classy, Sony!

Amazon Prime Now Includes VoD

Amazon Prime was awesome enough with the 2-day shipping and no minimum purchase. Now you get Amazon Instant Video included too! Linky Made the Mrs. change her password, so I can’t test it yet Sad smile

*edit*Didn't matter. You need a PAID Prime account. We have ours on a special promo. I'm rather shocked they even thought of that LOL

All the Colors of the Baby Rainbow

Sometimes people joke, “Ha, ha. At least you don’t have a boy,” when it comes to stories about being peed on. Lemme tell ya, BG has NO problems pissing 3 feet!

*EDIT* The comments should be working. Click 'Refresh' button on the browser and make sure you are clicking on the "# comments"

Today? Worse than yesterday. So, so stupid today. Snake snuck in the house and wouldn’t leave the recliner;  There was a Sprite cannon discharged in the car.; Pharmacy computers were down for 2 hours; Locked keys in the house; Missed a call been waiting 2 weeks for;Putting eye drops in a baby suck; The BlOps problem; Went to mail a package on a day the post office was close; Forgot the shopping list (because of the event of locking the keys in the house). All just gravy when the day starts with a sick, cranky baby at 3:45 AM. Wanted to type this up all pretty and dramatic, but just way too tired. Gonna build a greenhouse in the clouds in Minecraft Smile

Baby’s Sick

Egads. I need a template or macro for this already! Eye and ear infection this time. We’re all exhausted and waiting for the axe to drop from all the Baby Mama Drama last week.

Recap Episode

I just had a sh1tty capper to a sh1tty week full of bat sh1t insanity. Honestly, get me a f@cking book deal.

I need a pick me up, so go look over some of the recent articles I am proud of and tell me how great I am. It would REALLY cheer me up to see that ‘like’ button clicked on some episodes of Ask Grandpop over on YouTube. Thanks Smile

A Boy and His Bomb
The Melancholy of Growing Up Otaku (Best Title Evar!!1)
5 Reasons Why Minecraft Rules (Worst Title Evar!!1)

There! A little something for everyone. Seriously-Ask Grandpop. That thing meant the world to me. Still does. A 6 episode series in 8 parts done in 9 days. What a rush! Can’t quite recapture that. Glad I finished the whole run before release. My little “empty nest” project. LOL. Love the story on the episode numbering.

Nearly all of what is on the front page now is material I’ve produced. While I’m between crazy tech  projects (hacking the PS3 was FAR too easy, LOL), I’ve been trying to work on more “normal” bloggery-type stuff (big tech term there!). It kinda occurred to me that I might be able to make a couple bucks doing this if I can refine my style while keeping my voice. <- See? That’s good stuffWinking smile  That iPhone one looked fairly “pro”. Did it ‘cause no one else on the ‘Net had done it very well! Wanna get around to a couple of anime articles as well. Ramble, ramble…

This concludes today’s installment of Fishing for Compliments.

Hurl Alert: Anatomical Sleeping Bag

Being the lighthouse keeper that I am here, I work for all those little ships out there you guys are puttering around in. Sometimes that means I have to do things that I don’t wanna. Like post this:

You’re welcome, Diane. Ugh. Head on over to Weekly ASCII store for pics and purchasing.

Shadow Boxing–Samurai Style

Combine a live actor with a projector, CG, and one very well rehearsed bit of fight choreography and you get a stage show that must be seen to be believed.

Called, “Sword Dance and Shadowgraph,” this live interactive and computer generated imagery performance was recently filmed in Tokyo Japan, at the The Galaxy Theater in January and was performed by Taichi Saotome.

Grandpa, What Is Jazz?

Four year olds ask hard questions. Chloe hasn’t quite prepared me for the queries of her older sibling. “What is that?” “Shopping bag. Bag for shopping” “Yup” doesn’t quite get you ready for “What’s Jazz?”

I was faced with this very question while prepping plushies for a tea party. Caught on the side of the house farthest from anything I could use to access Wikipedia, I was forced to Wing-a-pedia™ it.

“Jazz is a type of music that emphasizes freedom and experimentation.” That was about as far as I got before being asked to stuff a large teddy bear into a dress.

Next time I’ll be prepared!

Turn iOS4 MultiTasking On and Off with an App

*Note that this requires a jailibroken iPhone or iPod Touch for access to the Cydia app store

ztoggle3Sick of that lag in iOS4 on your iDevice? Losing 20% of your battery life overnight? Fire up Cydia and do a search for zToggle (Its free). Install it and run. Select your make of iDevice from the list and you’ll be presented with toggle switches to enable and disable multitasking and background wallpaper. Flip the switch and reboot. Voila! Welcome back to a faster OS with better battery life.

Tested on a iPod Touch 2G jailbroken using redsn0w with multitasking enabled.

Sony Now Directly Threatening All Its Users

Sony has decided to email anyone who has ever registered a Playstation 3 online the following:

“Notice: Unauthorized circumvention devices for the
PlayStation(R)3 system have been recently released by
hackers for the PlayStation(R)3 system. These devices
permit the use of unauthorized or pirated software.
Use of such devices or software violates the terms
of your "System Software License Agreement for the
PlayStation(R)3 System" and the "Terms of Services
and User Agreement" for the PlayStation(R)Network/
Qriocity(TM) and its Community Code of Conduct provisions.
In addition, copying or playing pirated software is
a violation of International Copyright Laws.
A circumvention device and/or unauthorized or pirated
software currently resides on your PlayStation(R)3 system.
Immediately cease use and remove all circumvention devices
and delete all unauthorized or pirated software from your
PlayStation(R)3 system. Failure to do so will result in
termination of your access to the PlayStation(R)Network
and access to Qriocity(TM) services through your
PlayStation(R)3 system.

This email has been delivered from a send-only address.
Please do not reply to this message. If you have any
questions, contact Consumer Services using the following link:

"PlayStation", "PLAYSTATION", and the "PS"
Family logo are registered trademarks of
Sony Computer Entertainment LLC.
(C) 2011 Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC.
919 E. Hillsdale Blvd., Foster City, CA 94404”

Stay classy Sony!


Tonight I wonder which of my hundreds of thousands of words people may remember once I’m gone. Just on the off chance it might be these:

“Seems that if your a hero but also a whiney asshat people still hate you”

know that its not true. Here’s some Cami (baby1) pics:


Because Its Awesome: Train wreck at Montparnasse 1895

Courtesy of Wikipedia:

File:Train wreck at Montparnasse 1895.jpgGare Montparnasse became famous for a derailment on 22 October 1895 of the Granville-Paris Express that overran the buffer stop. The engine careered across almost 30 metres (98 ft) of the station concourse, crashed through a 60-centimetre (24 in) thick wall, shot across a terrace and sailed out of the station, plummeting onto the Place de Rennes 10 metres (33 ft) below, where it stood on its nose. All on board the train survived, five sustaining injuries: two passengers, the fireman and two crewmembers; however, one woman on the street below was killed by falling masonry. The accident was caused by a faulty Westinghouse brake and the engine drivers who were trying to make up for lost time. The conductor incurred a 25 franc penalty and the engine driver a 50 franc penalty; he was also sent to prison for two months.

NJ Snowpocalypse

Mom sent these on down:


This act of devastation represents an unwarranted attack on our northern colonies by Nature! We must band together and act swiftly to ensure this can never happen again. Turn up your heat AND air conditioning! Remove all catalytic converters from automobiles! Only buy fast food in Styrofoam! Show this weather witch what happens when you mess with America! Spend and waste!

PS3 Hacker Quits. Fears “US DMCA Legalities”.

The author of multiMAN, a program for for ripping and loading PlayStation 3 games to the hard drive, announced in the latest patch notes that this may be the end of the road for him:
“After educating myself, I believe this is my last thread about BM's (ed.Backup Managers) at this time. After doing some research of the US DMCA Legalities, I don't believe it is smart of me to be toying with this any-longer. Since the end-users/coders wanted Lv2 integrated into their program, they have in reality added a DRM circumvention into their program. This is not good for them or anyone else covering these types of applications. This is why Lv2 was a standalone feature (let the end-user decide to pirate or not).”
It seems that Sony’s tactic of suing anyone posting a custom firmware for the device is having some effect on the community.

*Update 2/13* There is a new update for multiMAN that removed emulation for the PS3's Blu-Ray drive. As of 1.16, multiMAN will now require an additional software package to play backups.

Pirated Author on Internet Piracy: “Its People Lending Books”

SUPERAntiSpyware Portable

Most AV software is a sprawling, system invasive mess that requires an internet connection. Fat load of good that does when you system is already munged. “Portable” apps are a nice way around this. Usually involving wrapping a virtual machine around that program and packing the whole package into a single .exe file. The problem is that is a bitch to do and doesn’t always work anyway.

SUPERAntiSpyware Portable to the rescue! From their site:

“Follow the instructions below to download the SUPERAntiSpyware Portable Scanner. The scanner features our complete scanning and removal engine and will detect AND remove over 1,000,000 spyware/malware infections. The scanner does NOT install anything on your Start Menu or Program Files and does NOT need to be uninstalled.
The scanner contains the latest definitions so you DO NOT need Internet Access on the infected system to scan.
The SUPERAntiSpyware Portable Scan is free for personal use.”

I have also put a copy up on Opera\File Sharing\Utilities\

Baby Mama Drama–Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Liz started getting phone calls from up north. Guardians, paperwork, social workers, supervised visitation, morning muster, running Currahee, needing to hyperlink my references so you get the jokes, the lament of not using semi-colons in this list, turn, turn, turn.

One thing has changed. Sarah and John have 2 fewer allies and 2 more “enemies”.

Being patriarch is still very hard. Fortunately, my back is stronger now.

A Boy and His Bomb

Toys are awesome. Not only are they fun playthings for the wee ones, they represent a snapshot of the world.  Art, design, and even function influenced by the zeitgeist of a moment in time.

Look at Star Wars. The classic trilogy features rickety, overly complicated space ships. They are incomprehensible in intricacy and fragile in nature; They are an owner modded Mustang.  Ships from the prequel trilogy feature sleek, enclosed designs. They are secure and insulated; They are of an Apple Computers inspired era.

Now, gaze upon the Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab from 1951:


The set came with four types of uranium ore, a beta-alpha source (Pb-210), a pure beta source (Ru-106), a gamma source (Zn-65?), a spinthariscope, a cloud chamber with its own short-lived alpha source (Po-210), an electroscope, a geiger counter, a manual, a comic book (Dagwood Splits the Atom) and a government manual "Prospecting for Uranium."

Click on thru for more pics and details!

One Year in Baby Pictures

Just looking at the back catalog and it appears that the first crappy webcam shot of BG was from January 7, 2010. Seems I also have one from Jan 8 2011.

and here’s a couple more to choke you guys on cell phones:

You can always check out the whole gallery by clicking on the Baby Girl pic. I don’t take very many pics anymore because BG doesn’t usually want to sit and work on the blog with me these days. Ought to fire her ass and get me a new co-writer!

Who Is Who, and Which Who Is Which? This Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Who Is Who, and Which Who Is Which? This Is Just What the Doctor Ordered: "
Doctor Who Inforgraphic © All rights reserved by bob canada

© All rights reserved by bob canada

You can download a hi-res version of the poster (1800 × 2700) on Flickr

With New Report, U.S. Prepares To Update Outdated Copyright Rules

With New Report, U.S. Prepares To Update Outdated Copyright Rules:

From CrunchGear:

"The wheels are in motion for a much needed update to this country’s copyright rules, but the only problem is that these new rules seem to have been written by the very same people who thrust the DMCA upon us so many years ago. What fun!

The 2010 U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Annual Report on Intellectual Property [PDF here], written at the behest of President Obama, proscribes a number of measures to be taken in order to update American laws vis-√†-vis copyright and intellectual property. On the surface that sounds great: it’s about time we took an updated look at the way copyright works in the country.

But before you get too excited you’d do well to read the introductory letter and the full introduction. Nothing there really screams “updated view on copyright” so much as it does “we’re doubling down on copyright infringement enforcement.” One example: go ahead and search the PDF for the phrase “fair use.” Maybe I’m blind, but I can’t seem to find it. I guess fair use is one of those things that endangers America’s ability to innovate.

Some of the document doesn’t really apply to us here—I don’t recall writing too many posts about illegal online pharmacies—but there are segments that are worth your attention.

Lack of intellectual property enforcement in the digital environment, by contrast, threatens to destabilize rule-of-law norms, with severe effects on jobs and economic growth. Undermining respect for rule-of-law values impacts a range of other policy goals affected by the Internet (e g , privacy). In short, criminal laws and intellectual property laws that apply in the physical world are based on a tradition of rules, checks and balances that must be applied to and tailored to the digital world.

I agree: illegally downloading an album should probably result in a $100 shoplifting fee, and not a several-thousand-dollar lawsuit that ruins your life."

Chloe Appears in Temple Newsletter

It was a small pic I enlarged, so kinda fuzzy. She’s in the back there. Caption read “Our Toddlers made porridge, Yummy! Just like the 3 bears”. The baby on the left is her best friend whose name I never remember. I think the one on the right is Piper as made famous in Ask Grandpop. Dunno who the food critic up front is.

Well, we’re all sick again. Elizabeth’s fault this time Winking smile It was nice not to taste snot for a week.

Happy Football!

Seems that The Big Game is tonight. At least that’s what the party next door and all the men with shopping carts at Publix leads me to believe. So… Happy Football Day!  My money is on the piratesWinking smile

BG could not be more excited about using the potty nor less interested in wearing pants afterwards.

Sony Going Way, Way Overboard on PS3 Hackers -: "Their latest legal move, Sony appears to be issuing subpoenas to several high profile websites. They are doing this in an effort to locate more PS3 hackers. 'They are planning to subpoena various internet sites, including PSX-SCENE, YouTube, Twitter, PayPal, Slashdot, GitHub, and Google in an attempt to locate new defendants such as Cantero, Peter, Bushing, Segher, hermesEOL, kmeaw, Waninkoko, grafchokolo and kakaroto.'"

Really, Sony? Apple had hackers setting up a competing app store and didn't even go half this far.

How To Stop Domain Names Being Seized By The US Government | TorrentFreak

How To Stop Domain Names Being Seized By The US Government | TorrentFreak

"These latest seizures were the final straw for one angry TorrentFreak reader.
“First they came for the Napsters, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Napster. Then they came for the Torrents, and I didn’t speak out because I didn’t use Torrents. Then they came for the file-sharers, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a file-sharer,” the email began.
“And then they came for me and for my sites, and there was no one left to speak out for me.”
These words come from SearchFreak, an internet engineer and chief executive of an Internet business that provides services to millions of users. Outraged at the seizing of domains, in particular those connected to the twice-ruled-legal Rojadirecta, he told TorrentFreak that he’d deliberately built on the famous words of Martin Niem√∂ller to inspire people to stand up for themselves on the Internet."
The list itself is mostly 'don't do business in the US', but at least provides some alternatives to make that easier.

Baby Mama Drama–Back to Business

Wanted to tap-tap about Why Sony Made Me Hack My PS3, but woke up late. Well, woke up at normal time and decided to back to bed, anyway. Hey, its Friday!
Anyhow, Sarah has started her appeal case. 2010 was a good year to wrap my head around this whole thing and try to sort it out. Looks like were back to business now. Except were on the other side. 3rd hand info says were having the same stories aimed at us that were leveled at Baby2’s home (won’t let me see/hold my kid, refuse visitation). More of a perceived threat rather than a real one. None the less, just wanted to put out a “head’s up” in case you start seeing Bizaro versions of late 2009’s drunken blog postings Winking smile

*Edit* Oh, and BG used the potty for the first time last night LOL Very exciting. We couldn't get britches back on her afterwards tho.

NBC Fires Employee Over “What’s The Internet” Video

NBC Ruins The Fun, Fires Employee Over “What’s The Internet” Video: "By now you’ve probably seen the Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel pondering the wonders of the Internet. It’s a bit hokey and of course shows the NBC hosts talking nonsense about something outside of their expertise. Well, NBC clearly didn’t find it as cute as everyone else and reportably fired the employee that uploaded it. Best Buy almost did that once. Remember how that turned out?

NBC went and pulled most of the videos from the Internet."

Hit the top link for full story and copies of the video via Crunchgear. I hope this guy sues NBC's asses off for wrongful termination.

Al Jazeera English Live Alt Link

The site for Al Jazeera English is down.  You can get their live stream via their YouTube channel:

Duty Calls - Free PC Game

Sick of modern day military shooters as I am? Behold Duty Calls! It puts into pictures where words fail. Or does it?  Yes, it does! Now you can skip Medal of Duty: Desert War, and play Minecraft.

*Edit: Holly crap this is real! Sort of. Its a joke, but a real game. From People Can Fly (they made Painkiller), download Duty Calls. Or just watch the video.

Minecraft crashing since Java update–Windows Fix!

Guess if I get folks interested, I need to support it too.

After the last Java update, Minecraft would crash after about 10-15min at random. This was solved by installing an old version of Java from HERE. I used Update 21 (use x64 for 64 bit versions of Windows).

Things just went pear-shaped in Egypt. Its anti- vs pro- government protesters at Tahrir Square with the military standing by watching. Its sad to see the “international community” calling for protestors not to resort to violence. Guess no one remembered that the Egyptian government shut down most communications networks (*'Net and cell phones back on now. Guess they turned it on when they decided not to massacre their civilians after all)

Friendly reminder: “Enemy of Freedom” Joe Liberman is pushing his “Internet Kill Switch” Bill. For the second time.

And since I’m just using this post for miscellaneous ranting, I’ve been meaning to post that 84 of the 97 senators who voted PRO Comcast/NBC merger took Comcast money as campaign contributions. Because there is no conflict of interest between a company that generates the media and a company that distributes the media. Nope. Here’s the proof. Campaign finance reform is only good if we remember to check.
The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Lego AT-AT

Brandon just finished up on the new (Hoth) version of the Lego AT-AT and man, does it rule!


Nice to see someone ‘round here knows how to take good pictures LOL

Preparing for Snowpocalypse

Lifehacker’s got an article up on being over prepared for a snowstorm. Mostly charging your phone then finding other phones and charging them too. Dunno what they’re talking about. Warm today. Even had to turn on the AC for an hour after heating up the house cooking dinner Ahhh. So warm. So how’s Jersey? Open-mouthed smile

U.S. Again Illegally Seizing Internet Domains

U.S. Resume Controversial File-Sharing Domain Seizures | TorrentFreak: "Rojadirecta is an unusual target for several reasons, not least because the site has been declared legal twice by Spanish courts. The site’s owners have previously fought a three year legal battle in Spain, which they won, but a single seizure warrant from US authorities has made this victory pointless.

Without receiving a notification or the option to defend themselves, the site’s domain was seized this morning."

First they strike during a national holiday, now they are acting while "hacktivists" and the rest of the world watch Egypt. Classy.

Al Jazeera English: Live Stream

Al Jazeera English: Live Stream - Watch Now - Al Jazeera English
If nothing else, I'm guessing there is someone in Elizabeth's office would want this link. Might be a big day today for Egypt.
*Note: I did NOT have to install the Real Player plugin. The first flash video window worked fine for me.

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