Baby Mama Drama–Back to Business

Wanted to tap-tap about Why Sony Made Me Hack My PS3, but woke up late. Well, woke up at normal time and decided to back to bed, anyway. Hey, its Friday!
Anyhow, Sarah has started her appeal case. 2010 was a good year to wrap my head around this whole thing and try to sort it out. Looks like were back to business now. Except were on the other side. 3rd hand info says were having the same stories aimed at us that were leveled at Baby2’s home (won’t let me see/hold my kid, refuse visitation). More of a perceived threat rather than a real one. None the less, just wanted to put out a “head’s up” in case you start seeing Bizaro versions of late 2009’s drunken blog postings Winking smile

*Edit* Oh, and BG used the potty for the first time last night LOL Very exciting. We couldn't get britches back on her afterwards tho.

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