Morning Breakdown

Things went as well as can be expected when feeding a toddler is involved. I remembered everything I needed to get Chloe to day care. I wasn’t even out of the parking lot of the Temple before the tears started to build. I was alone. No one left to keep up the bravado for. It was the first time since this started that I didn’t have someone else to take care of. Just me in the car without a firm destination or schedule to keep. Once I arrived home I figured I could take five minutes to collect myself and start planning the day. Lord knows, there sure was enough crap I had to get done after a couple of days of managing Terror Tot alone.

It wasn’t meant to be. The microwave beeped; Harbinger of Tea. Then the phone joined the chorus. It was Elizabeth. Part of her lung has collapsed. There is a whole battery of tests for her today. She mentioned chest X-rays and a barium test. She had a list of stuff to bring in to the hospital. Sure doesn’t sound good for a her getting out today.

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