PS3 Hacker Quits. Fears “US DMCA Legalities”.

The author of multiMAN, a program for for ripping and loading PlayStation 3 games to the hard drive, announced in the latest patch notes that this may be the end of the road for him:
“After educating myself, I believe this is my last thread about BM's (ed.Backup Managers) at this time. After doing some research of the US DMCA Legalities, I don't believe it is smart of me to be toying with this any-longer. Since the end-users/coders wanted Lv2 integrated into their program, they have in reality added a DRM circumvention into their program. This is not good for them or anyone else covering these types of applications. This is why Lv2 was a standalone feature (let the end-user decide to pirate or not).”
It seems that Sony’s tactic of suing anyone posting a custom firmware for the device is having some effect on the community.

*Update 2/13* There is a new update for multiMAN that removed emulation for the PS3's Blu-Ray drive. As of 1.16, multiMAN will now require an additional software package to play backups.

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  1. Check it! Real exclusive news! Even the folks posting on the release announcement haven't bothered to read far enough yet to notice. LOL. They'll notice when multiMAN stops getting updated.