Recap Episode

I just had a sh1tty capper to a sh1tty week full of bat sh1t insanity. Honestly, get me a f@cking book deal.

I need a pick me up, so go look over some of the recent articles I am proud of and tell me how great I am. It would REALLY cheer me up to see that ‘like’ button clicked on some episodes of Ask Grandpop over on YouTube. Thanks Smile

A Boy and His Bomb
The Melancholy of Growing Up Otaku (Best Title Evar!!1)
5 Reasons Why Minecraft Rules (Worst Title Evar!!1)

There! A little something for everyone. Seriously-Ask Grandpop. That thing meant the world to me. Still does. A 6 episode series in 8 parts done in 9 days. What a rush! Can’t quite recapture that. Glad I finished the whole run before release. My little “empty nest” project. LOL. Love the story on the episode numbering.

Nearly all of what is on the front page now is material I’ve produced. While I’m between crazy tech  projects (hacking the PS3 was FAR too easy, LOL), I’ve been trying to work on more “normal” bloggery-type stuff (big tech term there!). It kinda occurred to me that I might be able to make a couple bucks doing this if I can refine my style while keeping my voice. <- See? That’s good stuffWinking smile  That iPhone one looked fairly “pro”. Did it ‘cause no one else on the ‘Net had done it very well! Wanna get around to a couple of anime articles as well. Ramble, ramble…

This concludes today’s installment of Fishing for Compliments.

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