Single Parenting-Day 1 Elizabeth Update at Paragraph 4

BG is in bed. Thus ends my first day as a single parent. She’s in good spirits and not showing any real signs of being upset by the situation. That kid is a rock. She’s a little confused as to what to do before bed. It was always a Grandma Snuggle before bed.

Me? I mistyped one digit in a phone number, locked my keys in the house, and forgot my wallet once. All things considered, not too shabby. Still battling my own fever. Could’ve gone better, of course. Got a call from Sis @ 8AM about not communicating what was going on. Can you freaking imagine? Me. Pouring my guts out over the ‘Net day after day for nearly 2 years now. Sheesh! As if I didn’t want to quit before…*rant below

Then there was Chloe’s Mom. She had a trip to the zoo all planed with Liz and Chloe. I told her it was a no-go. Kinda sucks; I REALLY could’ve used a day off. Coming off of all this week tending to a sick baby, and the week before swearing about Baby Mama Drama. Also disappointed she didn’t mention her mom’s condition at all. Sigh.

Elizabeth, obviously, has it the worst. The hospital is still fussing over a diagnosis. She’s in isolation and scheduled for a “blood gas test”. I don’t remember the details anymore, but it sounds very bad.

…and then the phone rang. It was the Mrs. The test went better than expected. They’ve got a real pro that can do it without “as much pain”. She’s still in isolation and they are testing for what would be their fourth diagnosis in 2 days. She sounds MUCH better. Yay! Good news all around.

I’ve been on the phone so much today that the baby has become VERY interested in it. Just what I needed Winking smile At least I have already rigged everything up to be able to update via PC (email/blog) from back when Chloe was first dumped in my lap.

*Rant* You know why Facebook works? Because you go to YOUR page and everyone else’s updates roll in. People are such self centered…metaphorical critters. Sorry. Too tired to do much better LOL. Ironically, that’s also exactly what RSS does but no one can be bothered to do it. Hell, I usually can’t even get people to click a damn button.

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