Single Parenting-Day 2

The Mrs’ is looking much better. I’d guess a release tomorrow MAY be within the realm of possibility, but I know NOTHING about medicine. I hope so. Its end of the month and Liz’s file system amounts to ‘Throw everything in a box’.

BG was a teething terror tonight. Gonna have to remember to warn school tomorrow. She also said she misses Grandma. Lemme tell ‘ya, Da Vinci Code has nothing on trying to decipher a 20 month old expressing that thought.

My good driving karma finally gave out. Spent 20 minutes stuck in traffic due to Phillies practice. Pfft! Live sporting events in the 21st century? Give me a break! A practice no less! No wonder certain states want to switch to teaching Creationism. At least go all ‘Cyberpunk Dystopia’ and force the batters to use a lot of drugs while the base… guards have cattle prods.

*edit* Never posted this, eh? Oops! Caught it in time! Ugh, too tired to be sitting here composing emails to DCF Sad smile

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