Sony/Police Raids PS3 Hacker graf_chokolo-Responds With Data Upload

Once again the police have been rented by a major international corporation to silence the people. '”Hacker” graf_chokolo had been reverse engineering Sony’s video game console as a no profit, hobbyist project to restore functionality removed by Sony in a system update last year.

graf posted the following update on his blog:

“Guys, SONY was today at my home with police and got all my stuff and accounts. So be careful from now on.”

This was followed shortly afterwards with links to all of his work on the PlayStation 3:

“Guys, i don’t joke, it’s serious.
And to prove it, i kept my word and uploaded all my HV reversing stuff.
Upload it everywhere so SONY couldn’t remove it easily. Grab it guys, it contains lots of knowledge about HV and HV procs.

Here is my HV bible:

So…yeah. A video game machine. Sony is using the legal system to stop common people from tinkering with a video game machine. Common people who were attempting to restore a feature Sony fraudulently removed from a device they paid for.

Stay classy, Sony!

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