Things just went pear-shaped in Egypt. Its anti- vs pro- government protesters at Tahrir Square with the military standing by watching. Its sad to see the “international community” calling for protestors not to resort to violence. Guess no one remembered that the Egyptian government shut down most communications networks (*'Net and cell phones back on now. Guess they turned it on when they decided not to massacre their civilians after all)

Friendly reminder: “Enemy of Freedom” Joe Liberman is pushing his “Internet Kill Switch” Bill. For the second time.

And since I’m just using this post for miscellaneous ranting, I’ve been meaning to post that 84 of the 97 senators who voted PRO Comcast/NBC merger took Comcast money as campaign contributions. Because there is no conflict of interest between a company that generates the media and a company that distributes the media. Nope. Here’s the proof. Campaign finance reform is only good if we remember to check.
The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

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