Two Steps Back

Its been a tough week nursing BG back to health, especially after all of last week’s Drama. She’s doing great now and returned to school. One step forward…

Elizabeth came home yesterday afternoon after a particularly bad asthma attack. This morning she was sporting a 104 degree fever. The doctor had her come in immediately and sent her back out with pills and a form to get a chest X-ray.

She was so bad, I had to drive. It was a little nerve wracking to sit behind the wheel again. Being the… bohemian that I am, it has been a few years since I’d driven anywhere. At least in a non-virtual world. It was tense, but simple. The Toyota Corolla is a Tonka Toy of a car (and probably the same height). The whole thing feels solid, yet plastic. Its like good Tupperware: You can feel its sturdy and will certainly get the job done, but has no personality. It is the most boring car I have ever driven. And short! The rear view mirror shouldn’t block your view of the road. None the less, it was a breeze. Even the traffic behaved itself.

I was just short of the half-way point of Baby Bath Time when the phone rang. It was the doctor’s office. Elizabeth needed to go to the hospital NOW. His wife, an old friend of my wife’s, was on the way to pick her up so I could stay home with Terror Tot. I rushed through the rest of the bath, but didn’t finish before I heard the front door close.

We were alone.

We soldiered on. I’ve got the nighttime routine down so tight I could do it 3/4th dead. With Chloe in bed less than an hour later, I slipped out front for a quick smoke to collect my thoughts.

What thoughts? Only one escaped my lips: “Well… Shit.”

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