Wife Demands Books!

Results are in from a battery of test. Elizabeth has been cleared of all communicable diseases and will be taken out of isolation. She is feeling much better and hungry for her books. She has made due with a newspaper this morning and reported "It was fun, but... you know". She still really needs the O2 mask and talking for any length of time without is... "you know". LOL

This was a big relief. She was being tested for some really scary stuff including Whooping Cough. My fever is also down after a dose of the super antibiotic (Avelox) last night. BG has decided that she likes Altoids. Yes, really. I gave her one to shut her up thinking it would be too intense, but now she has a new favorite snack. Never know what’s gonna fly with that kid. She also really liked putting bow-tie pasta in her applesauce this morning.

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