Chloe is going “home”

Chloe is going "home". Her biological parent's home. Well, it's not even their home because they've just been mooching. After a few months of visitation, it is all over.

And You May Find Yourself Living In A Shotgun Shack
And You May Find Yourself In Another Part Of The World
And You May Find Yourself Behind The Wheel Of A Large Automobile
And You May Find Yourself In A Beautiful House, With A Beautiful Wife
And You May Ask Yourself-Well...How Did I Get Here?

Talking Heads
Once In A Lifetime

*edit* Just in case you are passing through today, Carl, I wanted you to know that by “not passing judgment” you have allowed my ‘daughter’ to be placed with people who couldn’t be bothered to see her more than twice during her second year of life. Also note that I am NOT afraid to pass judgment. If anything happens to that little girl I WILL BLAME YOU.


  1. I am sorry that you are losing the baby! You really like her and that sucks that you can't be with her all the time any more.

  2. Sorry that ment to say me

  3. Thanks, buddy. Honestly, I am more worried about her being forgotten about in front of the TV eating Taco Bell. At least until one of her parents has a bad day and breaks her arms.

    I told ya being a grown up sucks LOL

  4. I'm so sorry! I simply can't believe the stupidity of the courts.