“MaMa? Yes!”

Chloe asked a lot about Grandma today. I let her talk on the phone to her for a while. While I was cleaning up dinner, I saw her in the Forbidden Chair trying to work the phone. Oddly enough, she found the redial button and was calling back. I had to hang it up for her. Elizabeth couldn’t talk anymore due to a coughing fit earlier. I managed to distract her for the rest of the evening.

After reading our bedtime books, she wanted to see the computer. I let her up in the chair so we could take our blog picture. When looking at the video capture, she seemed to have an idea. Chloe remembered we could video conference. I tried to pacify her by putting a still picture up, but she wasn’t buying it. I told her we would see her soon.

Its… upsetting. All the more so with DCF circumstances being what they are.

Tune in next time for more all new Growing Up Otaku – The Final Chapter

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