Planning on Watching the Royal Wedding Live Online? You Probably Shouldn’t.

Estimated online attendance for the wedding is around 400 million. Provided YouTube could support that many connection (spoiler alert! It can’t), the estimated bandwidth required is about 800 million megabits per second. That’s if it’s streamed at 720p. Even taking that resolution down to 25% will still be an enormous strain on the modern Internet.

Still interested? has a wonderful guide on what to watch and where.

Space Shuttle Endeavor Sent to Space Station to Deliver… Legos?


Yep. Thirteen Lego sets will be delivered to the ISS for use later this year as part of Lego’s Bricks in Space program to investigate how simple machines react in microgravity. Details at Lego education.

…and I thought finding them in the carpet was hard!

Net Neutrality Refresher Course

Because this stuff is important! Do you want the Internet as it is now, or the Internet to become like cable television?

Also, I’ve been babysitting Cami, Chloe is teething, and most of my creative energy is being poured into my next YouTube series. But net neutrality is important, too!

The FCC Wants to Regulate the Internet

Don't Understand Net Neutrality? Here's a pic!

Here is Your World Without Net Neutrality

Sony’s PSN Hacked to Pieces

From Geekdad:

“Last week, Sony announced a security breach to its PlayStation Network & Qriocity services. Sony took those services offline and they remain offline at this time. Today, in a post on the Playstation blog, Sony announced the depth of the breach and it is pretty close to a worst-case scenario. Names, addresses, birthdates, emails and passwords have been snagged and it’s possible that credit card numbers, expiration dates and security questions and answers were taken too.

If you frequently reuse a password, it’s time to get to work. Be cautious in the days to come for scams. Sony has provided other tips and suggestions in their blog post.”

Thanks Sony!

PSN Totally Suspended! - Day #4 - We are re-building from the ground up! - PSX-SCENE: Ahoy!

PSN Totally Suspended! - Day #4 - We are re-building from the ground up! - PSX-SCENE: Ahoy!: "Latest Update for PSN/Qriocity Services
Posted by Patrick Seybold // Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

We sincerely regret that PlayStation Network and Qriocity services have been suspended, and we are working around the clock to bring them both back online. Our efforts to resolve this matter involve re-building our system to further strengthen our network infrastructure. Though this task is time-consuming, we decided it was worth the time necessary to provide the system with additional security.

We thank you for your patience to date and ask for a little more while we move towards completion of this project. We will continue to give you updates as they become available."

Neitzche Gets a Comedy Manga? Nihilism Ho!

Business Jump announced it is launching a new comedy manga series entitled “Tonari no Zarathustra-san” starting May 2nd. The title translates to “My Neighbor Zarathustra”. This new comedy will explore the world of German existential philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and author of “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”.

So… Yeah. I love that the Japanese accept anime and manga as legitimate entertainment mediums ripe for the exploration of topics beyond what America would publish in cartoons or comic books, but this one really made me do a triple take. I really don’t know what to make of this.

Fortunately, the art department here at Growing Up Otaku does:manga-joke

Special Report: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

British Royal Wedding Streamed Live via YouTube

It’s a well known fact that the Brits only have the royal family to give American tourists something to gawk at when they come. Now you can save yourself the plane ticket and, just like everything else worth experiencing in life, catch it on YouTube!

From the YouTube BlogToday, we’re thrilled that the Royal Household has just announced that footage of the entire ceremony will be live-streamed on their official YouTube channel:

The live stream will begin at 10:00a BST (9:00a GMT, 2:00a PT, 5:00a ET) on Friday, April 29, and will follow the wedding procession, marriage ceremony at Westminster Abbey and balcony kiss. Alongside the live stream, The Royal Channel will also feature live blog commentary of the event to give timely updates and insights as the day unfolds. For those of you in different time zones, the footage will be reshown in its entirety directly following the event and will be available in full on the site to view afterwards.

State of the Homestead Address

BG started having a rash. It probably the new medicine. The Mrs. is allergic to sulfa drugs too. Shame. That stuff was working better than any other med we’ve used. The doctor’s office already has a new script sent over waiting for us. Hallowed be thy Internet.

Elizabeth is doing well. She even took the morning baby shift. She starts working half days on Monday. Here’s hoping we’re not going back to getting bronchitis every 2 weeks…

I’m back on track with my thyroid meds. Looks like I had been missing every other day or so the last couple of weeks. Sure didn’t help my mood. Strange, low thyroid levels used to make me calmer. Guess there’s a pretty big difference between low and zero Winking smile I still miss the old Super Thyroid levels tho.

Love, Marriage, and Choice

Here’s a link to another Xtranormal cartoon I made. Sorry, I cannot imbed this right now. This one is for a contest and the rules state that it cannot be distributed. They really kinda tied my hands on a few aspects of the Movie Maker this time, so it’s not quite as polished as I’d like, but I think it came out nice. Hopefully getting back into writing some comedy will break me out of the rut of being a mopey little SoB Winking smile

Special Report: RIAA Sues Elementary School Children

It is long past due for another Growing Up Otaku Special Report!

Free PC Game: ACTUV Tactics

Welcome to Ender’s Game.

Ready to work for the US military? That’s not the game. That’s the reality.Preview of the simulator

DARPA has released a free submarine game in an attempt to crowd source new submarine tactics. They are offering a free download of ACTUV Tactics, based on Sonalysts Combat Simulations’ Dangerous Waters in a hope that civilians can discover new techniques for anti-submarine warfare. ACTUV features online leaderboards and the ability to submit your game data to DARPA for analysis.

Get the game and more information here.

Your Best Buy Reward? Spam!

It seems that tech superstore Best Buy doesn’t have the technical know how to send their own email. The retail giant has apparently contracted the marketing firm Epsilon to handle such a technically challenging task.

Epsilon… Epsilon… Where have I heard that name before?

Oh, yeah! They were the guys who were just hacked and had an undisclosed number of email address stolen from their database. Best Buy’s response? To email their users with a link on how to keep your data safe. “Don’t give your email address to Best Buy” is not on the list.

Who Needs Retail?

One employee at a closing Borders store makes a compelling argument for the existence of brick-n-mortar shopping.

via The Comsumerist

Love for the Tweet

Yeah, I know. After all the complaining I’ve done about how restrictive Twitter is, this is probably the last place you’d expect to find some love for the ol’ Fail Whale. Let’s do it anyway!

You know what I love about Twitter? It’s honest communication. It’s not some missive you spend days pouring over, filling each line with meaning and subtext. It’s quick, single thought communication. It’s open. It’s passionate. It is real. It’s where the way we talk meets the way we write. It is something I’ve always strove to convey in my own writing; The stream of consciousness. It is people talking rather than a person lecturing. It is beautiful and it is ugly.

It is us.