5 Evil Things To Do While Playstation Network Is Down

Been dying to try out Portal 2’s co-op mode? Need some new Rock Band songs? Boy are you S.O.L. The worse news is that it’s gonna stay that way for a while. Never fear, the eggheads in the Growing Up Otaku Lulz Lab have painstakingly researched 5 evil ways to take your vengeance.

#5 Jailbreak Your Playstation 3 or PSP

jailbreak_386x375Why not? What’s Sony gonna do? Kick you off of PSN? Your PS3 is going to spend two hours updating and resetting its firmware when the network comes back up anyway. Go nuts! Install a FTP server on it; Play a homebrewed version of Tetris; Heck, install Linux!

#4 Grief Other Players Online

makelovenocraftYou know what’s not fair? Other people are still playing online while you can’t. WTF! Go into free MMOs and spam global chat offering to sell rare items you don’t have. Blast Justin Bieber music through your microphone in Need for Speed World while driving backwards. Offer to water Farmville crops for all your Facebook friends… Then don’t!

#3 Hack Sony

Hacker_d70focus_1It sure doesn’t seem to be very hard. Did you know that the Sony Style store is still online happily selling laptops, TVs, cameras, and even issuing credit cards? There is no down time for people who want to give Sony money, only those who want to use the Sony product they bought.

#2 Buy a Giant TV

samsung-3d-620x462Look at that thing! Wouldn’t that look sweet in the bedroom? You know that certain someone who won’t let you buy it? “No, I didn’t order that. Must have been the hackers. Well, it would cost a fortune to send back. Let’s just keep it.”

#1 Play Xbox 360

xbox v ps3 girlsYeah, we went there! Swear off one uncaring, monolithic, international corporation for another. That’ll show them you’ve learned your lesson. Meet your new boss; Same as the old boss. But firewalled. Hopefully.


  1. XD You play NFS World!?


  2. I did but haven't been back for a while. The Great One still plays a lot!