Deal? Velocity Micro Cruz 7” Android Tablet $79.99 on Woot has the Cruz Reader as their deal of the day for $85 after shipping. The Mrs. actually bought one of these quite some time ago using her Border’s Rewards’ points. Out of the box, this thing isn’t going to do a whole lot for you. It has a resistive touch screen, Android 1.6, painfully slow performance, and no access to the official Android store. The good news is that after trying out several different firmware loadouts from Slatedroid, I was able to turn this little guy into a halfway decent Android platform. Video playback is still screwy, but all of the other problems were corrected. If you’ve got money to burn… well, actually just wait. It’s going to be raining cheap android tablets by Christmas.

*Note: seems to be down as of this writing.

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