Death Note Arrives on Nexflix “Exactly as Planned”

If for some reason you still have not indulged in the best supernatural suspense thriller TV show in the past ten years, you now have one less excuse. Death Note, uncut and subtitled, is available for streaming on Netflix. For those of us who like our media free, Death Note has also been streaming on Hulu.

Death Note begins with a young criminal justice student, Light Yagami, who finds the notebook of a shinigami death god (Think: The Grim Reaper’s scroll). Picture someone’s face while writing their name in the death note and they will die. Disgusted at seeing criminals slipping through the cracks of the judicial system, Light takes it upon himself  to become a force of justice.

His actions do not go unnoticed. Mystified by the rash of criminals dying the government calls upon the services of the enigmatic detective L.

What follows is a mind bending game of cat and also cat as Light and L hunt each other in the name of justice. This is THE anime for folks who never touch the stuff.

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