Editorial : Sony. PSN. E3. Gonna be Awkward…

Sony has some impressive stuff to show this year, same as any other year. As a major platform owner in both the home and portable console market, Sony is one third of E3. Last year they even managed to learn a little style. Without even seeing the light of a single pixel of Uncharted 3, I can tell you that it’s in the running for Game of the Year.

But! …dude… PSN.

Nearly one month downtime. Excess of 100 million user’s data stolen. Sony still won’t/can’t confirm if credit card data was copied. True Story: I went to E3’s web site looking for an official logo and it linked me out to Sony’s usual Playstation site where I saw:sony ps website

How does this not go through your mind. I know everyone is all high on the marketing kool-aid at E3, but jeez, there’s a limit. How do reporters not giggle when Sony unveils its spiffy new online multi-player shooter? There’s one every year! When Sony says “Revolutionary new multiplayer that could only be brought to you by the power of the PS3 and Playstation Network”, how does Brian Ashcraft not spit-take his vodka spiked energy drink all over the guy sitting in front of him?

And what about that new handheld? You KNOW that thing was built to be integrated into PSN a dozen different ways! Don’t think they’ll be marketing that angle quite so much. Then there’s the earthquake, tsunami, and power issues in Japan? How small is the first production run of the NGP going to be?

How do you even get that wide load of baggage through the door? I guess you have two choices: Ignore it; Go head on. Sony is going to have to smile and blush and try to play this whole mess off, or they are going to head their keynote touting the ‘Newer, Faster, Better, More Secure PSN’. It’s a shame Sony’s married to that “cross media bar” interface. This would be the perfect time to roll out a new GUI and at least look like a new network.

What’s Sony’s game plan for E3? I have no idea. Be glad you have your job.

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