Google AdSense Account Disabled For Being Too "Smart"

I had done the unthinkable! I had blundered into a strange ad about a trending topic and channeled the Twiterverse into ad clicks. I was finally gonna earn a buck for all the work I do here!

It wasn’t actually a new or radical ideal. I mean, this is a medium where the latest Geico commercial pulls several hundred thousand views on YouTube, but for my little site buried down here in the toe jam of the ‘Net, it was cool.

Shortly after GUO’s popularity spike started at the beginning of May, I applied for a Google AdSense account. I didn’t actually think I had enough traffic to make any real money, but maybe it could cover the DNS registration and some of the Xtranormal bills. Google doesn’t even provide the most basic of guidelines as to potential income or click-thru rates. It’s a try-and-see kinda deal. AdSense’s terms and conditions also read a little like the rules of Fight Club. It’s even against the program contract to discuss even the vaguest notion of numbers in combination with the name AdSense (spoiler alert: about $0.50 per 2k page views is what a week’s worth of total guesswork and speculation conclude).

I tried it. I saw. I finally had the data that piqued my curiosity. This wasn’t worth the performance hit to the blog nor the page space of the ads. Not for me.

Back in the old days, people understood why the ads were there. It was the hat on the sidewalk in front of your performance. You stayed, consumed your chosen slice of entertainment, and popped open an ad on your way out to your home page to put a nickel in the hat. Now? Did you know it is a violation of the AdSense policies to tell someone to click on an ad? There are a TON more people on the ‘Net now than there used to be who may not know. And what about all those people who need you to shake the hat a bit to remind them? No. I was just supposed to leave that damn hat there in the middle of my Inuyahsa inspired breakdance routine and pretend like it didn’t exist. Pfft! There had to be a better way.

That’s when I saw It. Such a bizarre little ad that I was taken aback.sonyad

Sony had Google ads pointing people to their downtime notice? Well… That’s just freaking bizarre!

Teh Twitterz agreed. In two days Sony Buying Google Ads for Playstation Network PSN Down Time Notification? would double the pageviews of any other post I had ever made here. Ad clicks were in the hundreds! I did it! I turned a commercial into relevant news! I had-


-tripped off every anti-fraud warning known to Google engineers.

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