Google’s ‘Chromebook’ Netbook is Coming! Why Would You Want One?

Google has at long last revealed the production models of its intriguing CR-48 Chromium netbook. Let’s skip all the marketing fluff and jump right into the tech specs and pricing, shall we?

First up is Acer’s offering: The cleverly named Acer Chromebook:

  • Intel ATOM Processor NM10 (1.66Ghz dual core)
  • 11.6" LED (WXGA) 1368x768
  • 1.3 Mega Pixel HD webcam
  • 16GB, Solid State Drive (mSATA)
  • Wi-Fi model: $350; G3: Unknown

Secondly, we have Samsung’s model: The Samsung Series 5 Chromebook:

  • Intel ATOM Processor N570 1.66Ghz (Hyperthreaded dual core)
  • 12.1" LED (WXGA) 1280x800
  • 1 Mega Pixel HD webcam
  • 16GB, Solid State Drive (mSATA)
  • Wi-Fi: $430; 3G: $500

As if the netbook market didn’t already have the stigma of overpromising and underperforming, now we have these new albatrosses. Where is the market for these when a full blown laptop with three times the power can be had for $450 or financed for $20 a month from Dell? Is it the light weight, instant on, and long battery life? If so, there are a couple of 1,000 pound gorillas that would like to have a word with you:


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