Hack Attack! Eidos and Fox.com Hacked, User and Employee Data Stolen

hack dropsFirst up, Fox.com has been hacked once again. A database of employee user names and passwords. The listing has been published online and affected users with common logon/passwords have also reported edits to their profiles on sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. This attack is being credited to a group known as Lulz Security.

Secondly, Eidos has lost 9,000 resumes as well as the 80,000 user’s data from the Deus Ex: Human Revolution site. PC gamer is crediting this attack to the splinter group of Anonymous that some believe may have brought down the Playstation Network.

*Update* Wired is reporting Square Enix’s statement that “Hackers might have accessed up to 25,000 e-mail addresses and 350 résumés during an attack on game developer Eidos Interactive’s websites”

Finally, there are rumors buzzing that PSN may be hit again this weekend. If you haven’t already gotten a clue, Slappy the Clue-by-4 would like to remind you not to use the same username and password for every site on the Internet.

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