Hulu Plus Coming To TiVo : It’s Just Like TV… But On Your TV!

Ars Technica is reporting that Hulu has just released Hulu Plus for TiVo systems. Now you can finally get Hulu’s wealth of commercial-ridden, over-syndicated, streaming quality television programming pumped right back into a giant set top box next to your TV for a mere $8 per month.

GUO has to wonder if this synergy between the two worst deals in video subscriptions on the market today could create a deal so rotten, so wasteful, so totally devoid of value, that it could very well crash the world’s markets.

And what of The Children?! Should they have to grow up knowing that that there is even the OPTION, let alone a paid one, of getting Hulu on TiVo? TiVo! TiVo was created to save us from having to watch the crap that’s on Hulu! Hulu was created to shovel off that crap no one watched anymore (thanks to TiVo) onto Internet geeks and college students. Now you can have it all back, at reduced quality, for a mere $8 a month? Woo.

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