Rant : Nvidia 3D Vision Glasses Now Work on YouTube–Still Suck

Picture 128It’s time for the Biannual Charging of the 3D Glasses!

NVidia and YouTube are giving you a great excuse to dig up those old $200 3D glasses you haven’t touched since the last NVidia tech demo! What’s the gimmick this time? 3D videos of NVidia tech demos brought to you in the crystal clear quality only possible by YouTube!
I’m rockin’ the red/blues for this one! Works on all YouTube 3D content. Just push that 3D button:3d button

If, however, you are are currently wondering where all the bits to your shutter glasses setup are, take this link. You’ll need it. This is Nvidia’s press release and has info you may need update drivers or get HTML 5 to talk to your 3D setup. …so, good luck there.

Still charging? Hmm. I’m just gonna take the ol’ school cardboard glasses and check some stuff out. Meet me over by the Resident Evil Trailer when you’re ready.

Still charging, huh? K. Well… I gotta go. I highy recommend that 3D model RC helicopter cam. Good stuff there. I’m just gonna go and watch some 3D now. On any monitor. Or TV. With red/blues.

Ya know, these $0.60 ones look nice. And these are a penny.

All charged! Yay, let’s- Huh? Drivers? Oh, yeah… video driver updates. Oooookay.

Here, I made this for you while I was waiting:

3D was fun for a night! See you next tech demo.

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