Playstation Network Coming Back Up. PSN Lives Again!

zombiePSNReadWriteWeb is reporting that, after nearly a month of silence, PSN is showing signs of life!

"Sony has flipped the switch to bring its Playstation Network back on line, after a lengthy, three-week outage. Sony Corporation Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai said that services would be brought back online in phases, and that first phase was underway.

Hirai said that this would include sign-in for the Playstation Network and the Qriocity music services and online gameplay for PS3 and PSP. Users have to upgrade their firmware and change their passwords before they can log back in to the network."

Twitter seems to confirm it. I'd love to check this out for myself, but there's a sick Baby Girl in my lap doing her best Exorcist impression on my third change of clothes tonight. And to think that just this afternoon I was pondering a change in the "Fanboy vs Fatherhood" subtitle. LOL.

*Update* It’s official! PSN is back! There is a map showing which regions are up and a video announcement from Kaz Hirai on the Playstation Blog here.


  1. It took them long enough to fix this dumb problem. While now there are two things to do now. 1. Make a account with PSN. And 2. Take that you dumb hackers. HA HA HA HA! :)

  2. Congrats! You couldn't have picked a worse time to buy a PS3. LOL!